FOX33The greatest challenge of life is the morning decision to wake up late and compromise with your looks or be the rise and shine baby. Selecting what to wear when u r already late is another hurdle every girl has to overcome. All you need to know is it’s about time to utilize those black staples in your wardrobe. Miraculously Body Slimming and  easily put together outfits basically defining a girl’s life saver.

Next this is where your printed hijabs come handy especially those cotton material which do not require iron. A WIN-WIN situation for all.




All you need to assemble this quick as a fox outfit  is black leggings, top, and a jacket. If all black seems too gothic for you, go for a neutral color cardigan. The possibility for accessorizing this particular outfit is just endless, you can never go wrong with black. Blue, green, red or orange all goes well with the beauty of black.

Click here, to see my 15-second no pin, hijab style which is perfect for those long shopping hours or tiring walks.

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