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As a kid, I remember my mom always had an Aleo Vera plant around the house but never understood why she kept this ugly & prickly looking thing. Until I became more fascinated with DIY beauty projects and read more about natural home remedies for skin care.  The powerful medicinal aloe vera plant contains a soothing translucent gel that can be applied directly on wounds & burns to heal. This gem offers countless benefits for your body.

What do with ALoe vera gel? Do it yourself hacks for face & body

So today I call myself a huge Aleo fan and I do have an extensive amount of Aleo Vera Toner & Moisturizer, however extracting the actual gel directly from the cactus-like leaves is a very painful & hated task by my pretty fingers. So when I received the 95% Dermal Aleo Vera Gel from My skin choice which featuring Top Korean brand, the DIY fanatic within me couldn’t contain her excitement. After months of tried & tested DIY projects, these are my personal favourite ways to use Aleo Vera Gel.

Overnight FaceMask

Aleo is a magical gem used to heal acne, blemishes & irritated skin. With no scent & incredibly soothing properties of the gel, it makes a great sleeping facemask. Apply a generous amount onto your face for a younger, glowing skin in the morning.

What do with ALoe vera gel? Do it yourself hacks for face & body

Eye Makeup Remover

When my stock of Bioderma Makeup Remover is over, my go to item to get those racoon eyes off is a drop of aloe gel onto a cotton ball. With a slight swipe across the eyes, with no harshness or irritation, it removes the steadiest waterproof mascara. For a better result, mix equal portions of coconut oil & aloe vera gel for a gentle & effective makeup remover.

Refreshing Face & Body Mist

Ever since I came across this recipe at Free People there was no turning back. This 10-minute recipe makes such a natural, soothing solution to all the summer worries. You just need a cucumber, lemon, aloe gel & rose water to make this mist. Learn how to make it here

Eyelash conditioner & Brow Gel

Combine equal proportions of Aleo gel & olive or castor oil to enhance your lashes & brows using a clean mascara wand, making them shinier and fuller looking. Tidy your those messy eyebrows with aloe vera without getting your brow hair too sticky.

What do with ALoe vera gel? Do it yourself hacks for face & body

Treatment for Blisters 

Aloe vera is a natural anti-inflammatory, so it will relieve the redness and swelling a blister causes. It will begin healing the skin quicker than just putting a bandage over the area. Reapply until the area is healed. Prevent blisters from the start by using aloe gel on your ankle and toes before wearing tight shoes or heels.

Hair Mask & Conditioner  

Summer is the time when your hair needs the most attention, Aleo vera with all it’s nourishing & anti-bacterial properties cures itchy scalp. Aleo gel by itself is a great overnight hair mask for extra shine. For deep conditioning & preventing hair fall mix two tablespoons of aloe gel & olive oil with one tablespoon of honey and leave the mixture for 30 minutes prior to your hair wash.

To cure dandruff add few lemon drops or tea tree oil to aloe vera gel and apply onto your hair once or twice a week before wash.

Body Scrub

When it comes to exfoliating, nothing is better than natural brown sugar or sea salt DIYs. My current personal favourite formula is 1/4 cup of brown sugar, one tablespoon of aloe gel and 1 or 2 tablespoons of coconut oil. The anti-bacterial properties of aloe vera help fight against body acne & harsh blemishes.

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What do with ALoe vera gel? Do it yourself hacks for face & body



Sticking to my newly found for long cardigans here is another simple yet sophisticated OOTD inspiration. Adding a flair to this monochrome knee length cardigan which I picked up randomly from Jennyfer, I decided to with a red top with silver details running down the middle and abandon my all time favourite black jersey hijab with a brown cotton hijab with red tassels.

Learn to create this DIY tassel hijab here.

Here is a simple hijab tutorial to recreate this trendy Turkish Hijab style within few seconds.



Modest outfit idea with long cardigan and turkish hijab styleModest outfit idea with long cardigan and turkish hijab styleModest outfit idea with long cardigan and turkish hijab styleModest outfit idea with long cardigan and turkish hijab styleModest outfit idea with long cardigan and turkish hijab styleModest outfit idea with long cardigan and turkish hijab style




It’s about DIYSs for me when It comes to scrubs, it feels so much better when you know exactly what’s going on your skin. Plus, who doesn’t like to save their money and use homemade stuff. I tried out three different recipes to match up to Lush Lip Scrubs. Seriously 60AED lip scrub vs entirely homemade lip scrubs, I will always place my bets on my creation.

Christmas is coming soon and your bank balance is gonna reduce to zeros by the end. So many gifts for so many people. Try filling up your loved ones Xmas socks this year by making these lovely lip scrubs for soft kissable lips. It’s great for your mother, friends or even girlfriends (additional points for such a thoughtful gift)


Once you have entered the extravagant world of beauty and fashion, you instantly realize that makeup brushes are so essential to get those well-defined and precise makeup looks. However, we often tend to neglect the significance of after-care of these brushes. A prime reason behind breakouts is that nasty little brush lying on your vanity which you regularly use without proper cleaning. We cleanse our face at least twice on a daily basis, but how often do we show such love and affection towards our brushes?

On countless occasions, we might have skipped this process and even opted to use our fingers for application just because brush cleaning is an annoying task and the thought of hurting our precious brushes is painfully scary. In addition, brush cleansers and those new in market Sigma brush cleaning mat are just overly priced. Recently, I came across an easy DIY to create both of these items helping you to safely clean your brush.


Items you need:


The season’s most prominent fashion highlight are the gorgeous and elegant tassel hijabs. And, if you are anything like me with heaps of hijabs falling off your wardrobe or not ready to spend on one more expensive hijab. You are at the right place my lovely ladies, these DIY tassels can spike up an old hijab in just few minutes,

All you need to make Tassel HijabsItems Required

  • An old Hijab/Scarf
  • Embroidery floss/Yarn/Cords
  • Needle Threader
  • Clear Nail Polish
  • Big eye Needle
  • Scissors
  • Card Board/Fork
  • Measuring Tape

Optional: Beads and Chains

Based upon the length preference of your tassel you can either use a fork (for mini tassels) or a cardboard cutting (to create longer tassels)

To get started cut a 8 inch (Purple) and 15 inch (Yellow) embroidery floss each. The former which will be used to attach the tassel to your hijab while the latter will be wrapped around the tassel.

Method 1 Using Fork

Make tassels using a fork

Start wrapping the embroidery floss over the fork as shown in the picture. I ended up wrapping it 50 to 60 times for a fluffy thick tassel.

Remove the wrapped embroidery floss from the fork and with the help of scissors cut the middle. Next tie a knot in the middle of your tassel using the purple thread.

Create your tassel by folding it in half and wrapping the yellow thread around the tassel a few time about a half inch from the top. Apply a drop of clear nail polish on the knot tied with the yellow thread and trim off the excess.


You no longer have go and shop for a vest instead use maxi hijab (Maxi scarfs which large in width too). This is a temporary solution as you can use them as a hijab and vest any day, especially in summers . You can use different prints and sizes to pump up your look. In addition, if you are wearing skinny jeans you could use this to cover yourself and make your outfit modest yet fashionable. Get the look in three easy steps.


You can make a pretty inexpensive Hijab pin holder using stuff already in your home. This is a great way to organise your pins and making sure you do not misplace them.

All you need is IMG_20150705_023147

  •  Sponge
  • Any fabric
  • Cutter or Scissors
  • Fabric Glue, Super glue
  • Stapler
  • A box
  • Thumb pins
  • Ruler and Marker