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We (Bloggers!) are super guilty of trying to pose all natural with those crispy white bed sheets. While trying to attempt the cliche (casually spreads candy wrappers), I soon realized how unrealistic it is to capture a #PicturePerfect moment on a bed. You seriously need a team of professionals from adjusting your dress to the natural lighting, everything is super planned (and fake!). Truth is between those perfectly white background minimalistic photos and not-so candid OOTDs, we are hiding a camera roll full of failed attempts and a folder of best editing apps on our phones.
Bloggers are no extraordinary royals! We love documenting the best scenes on a screen, pack four outfit changes for a day and eat cold food for a delicious looking flatlay. Seriously! As a blogger, you learn the art of unrealistic story telling! (All my life never once did I own a complete white bed sheet set, my mum knows I’m a clumsy mid night eating snacks kinda girl).
And talking about food…
Let’s focus more on the Unicorn Candy!
Today’s sponsor for this post is the team behind German Candy – a fantasy box for every sweet tooth. A couple ( Natascha and Mark) within German borders now shares their homeland’s authentic finest confections internationally (btw, bonus: free shipping!). I adore the whole concept of subscription boxes, how amazing is to get a surprise delivered to your door step each month. Their box is completely packed with both savory and sweet treats, from an original German favorite: puffed chips to Unicorn island inspired sour gummy worms ( a personal favorite), chewy caramel toffee to salty bbq crunch peanuts. Basically, a massive stock of Munchies!
Here is a detailed list of everything that came with the May Geman Candy Subscription box with full description. It costs around 23 Euro (approximately 99Dhs) per box (international shipping included) which is quite similar to all food subscription boxes in UAE market currently.
Thank you for a taste of Germany in Dubai!
Cheers Dubai!



Sticking to my newly found for long cardigans here is another simple yet sophisticated OOTD inspiration. Adding a flair to this monochrome knee length cardigan which I picked up randomly from Jennyfer, I decided to with a red top with silver details running down the middle and abandon my all time favourite black jersey hijab with a brown cotton hijab with red tassels.

Learn to create this DIY tassel hijab here.

Here is a simple hijab tutorial to recreate this trendy Turkish Hijab style within few seconds.



Modest outfit idea with long cardigan and turkish hijab styleModest outfit idea with long cardigan and turkish hijab styleModest outfit idea with long cardigan and turkish hijab styleModest outfit idea with long cardigan and turkish hijab styleModest outfit idea with long cardigan and turkish hijab styleModest outfit idea with long cardigan and turkish hijab style


Box Therapy January 2016 Review


Another month, Another Blue Box of Delight – Yes that’s what I call my Box Therapy Subscription. A blue gem which never fails to blow you away although this time, it had an extra oomph factor to it, maybe coz it’s my BIRTHDAY. 

So last month, I kept babbling about how the boxes weren’t personalized enough, nevertheless, Box Therapy started off 2016 with a BANG, if you like me I’m sure you had an “Oh My God” Jump in the Air moment and NO, I’m no exaggerating. Being a sucker for customized gifts, their ‘Live for today’ butterfly bracelet was custom-made with my initials RT and went perfectly with my logo. Anything beyond this was just an icing on the cake for me. Click here, to read my reviews on their past boxes. 



Highly unlikely of them, Therapy Box missed the boat for December and I welcomed my Blue Box of Delight yesterday afternoon. If you are unfamiliar with Box Therapy, it is a deluxe subscription box in UAE endeavoring to provide therapeutic solutions to your oh-so stressed mind & soul. Click here to know more about this subscription box and my previous review.

Admittedly, I am a bit unconvinced if this month’s box was worth the hype or my excitement, for a year-end box I assumed an extra festive and personalized touch – ’emphasize on the PERSONALIZED’. The box in itself was not extremely joyful or shouting out ‘Happy New Year’ as I wanted. Off the top of my head, a colorful wrapping paper instead of the boring gray, a personalized greeting card or a more customized Daily planner would have been icing on the cake.



Never the less, December’s therapy box included the following products:


Organization Kit

  • 2016 Annual Calender: I just love how each month portrays a different season and you can choose to add your favorite pictures to personalize it your liking and change them whenever your prefer.
  • 2016 Reve du Soleil’s Journey Daily Planner: A planner is the most crucial aspect of a blogger, as I mentioned a bit more customized planner would have made my day. Anyhow this one goes directly into my purse, and surely would be my life saver throughout this year.

Gardening Kit

  • Petunia Seeds and Gardening Pot: Now this is something I am going to have fun doing with my colleagues. Plus petunia seeds smells like HEAVEN !!!

Fashion & Beauty Kit

  • Spongette: I’m a huge fan of konjac sponges, so trying out a new brand of sponges is going to be really interesting for my skin. However, I doubt if this could come even a tad bit closer to my fondness for konjac sponge.
  • Lovisa Earings: Though Lovisa has some seriously beautiful collection, this pair of red earrings was not upto my standards, it seemed very cheap and fragile.



*Disclaimer:  The subscription featured in this post is purchased with personal funds. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Box Therapy or any other company.