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Good Evening Stylers,

So What can be more satisfying than finding a piece that screams your soul inside out?  This gorgeous A/W shirt has ‘me’ written all over it, honestly, I couldn’t hold my excitement when I got one of a kinda plaid shirt delivered at my desk. So not only is this my ideal pattern for this season, but also the cotton flannel fabric is the perfect to snuggle up in, during a movie or date night. Rather than the more obvious red plaid shirts, I just love to twist my ensemble around the shades of navy blue & military green. I love flannel prints & embroidered fabric from Tissura.

I knew this shirt deserved a part on my blog when I turned it around.  It has “University of Bloggers” printed on, I couldn’t believe my eyes or my luck. I was beyond thrilled to collaborate with Splash Fashion to showcase their new collection highlighting Bloggers and Vloggers.

I know my fellow bloggers are already going GAGA on this unique totally relatable fashion hit. Perhaps, now you know where to find it?

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Until Next Time,
Love Rahma


Last Minute Valentines Day Hacks For Single Girls in UAE

last-minute-valentines-day-hacks-for-single-girls-in-dubai-uae-ajmanValentines is overrated, a statement many single folks stand by this time of the year and while other love doves are fantasising what to wear on the fancy red hot dinner date, people like me just want to pass this day with a little bit of grace and mouthful of chocolates. Why? Because the red roses and massive teddy bear stamped all across social media are again going to be heartbreaking. Furthermore, the single girls climb up the ladder of craziness with their Anti-Valentines party pictures, which sometimes are just painful spiteful for the anxiety driven group.

So, if you are single, anxious to go for a girls night out and of course on a tight budget. I got you ladies covered up. Okay! in all honesty, I never celebrated this so called Loveday with a boy but I do know how to get through this without being a sore loser. Here is a lisr of amazing things you can do under 100 AED.

last-minute-valentines-day-hacks-for-single-girls-in-dubai-uae-things-to-do-alone-on-valentines-day-watch-movie-with-friends-on-du-tuesday-vox-cinema-uae-dubai-free-movie-ticket1. Movie Date Night
The easiest way to spread some cheer this V-day is a movie night, especially because it is Du Tuesday at Vox cinema and let’s take a minute to be thankful for this awesome campaign. Action (Return of Xander cage) to horror (Ring 3) we have plenty to select from, if your date is a kid why not the  Lego batman Movie. Into Hindi movies? Jolly LLB 2 looks super interesting!!
Location in Ajman: Vox City Center Ajman
last-minute-valentines-day-hacks-for-single-girls-in-dubai-uae-things-to-do-alone-on-valentines-day-ice-cream-and-tim-hortons-coffee-cold-stone-evening-date-with-friends-on-a-budget-using-entertaine2. Coffee or Ice Cream Date
If you really are in a money crunch and love chatting hours with a bestie, this is perfect and who doesn’t like coffee and ice cream in the cold weather? So my recent personal favourite combo is Tim Hortons and Cold Stone mainly because I can buy one get one free offer with my entertainer app.
last-minute-valentines-day-hacks-for-single-girls-in-dubai-uae-things-to-do-alone-on-valentines-day-show-kindness-celebrate-v-day-with-poor-tumblr-donation-charity3. Share an act of kindness
Looking to gain some rewards and a fun time? Become a Santa Claus by dividing your budget (ex: 100AED) into 5 or 10 groups (ex: 20 or 10AED) and make cute little pouches filled with chocolates and candies. Next, you roam around town and hand it over to someone in need. And if you have a friend by your side it is double the fun.
last-minute-valentines-day-hacks-for-single-girls-in-dubai-uae-ajman-spa-tumble-manicure-pedicure-pink4. Spa Day out
What girl doesn’t want perfect nails? A great way to enjoy V-Day is a mani-pedi appointment with your mum. Let’s be real, we all love our spa days. If you are alone, why not opt for a massage instead some great places offer within the bracket of 100 AED.
Mani-pedi: 85 per person in Nayomi Salon
Swedish Massage only for AED 87 with a groupon at Body & Soul Health Club Ajman
last-minute-valentines-day-hacks-for-single-girls-in-dubai-uae-things-to-do-alone-on-valentines-day-ajman-dubai-shesha-place-ideas-mint-grape-shisha5. Chill at Sheesha cafe
Nothing really beats chilling out in a cool lounge with a ridiculously beautiful view, soft lighting and the refreshing Grape-Mint shisha vibes. Head to Ajman Beach for a variety of great cafes with a touch of traditional Arabic cuisines or if in Dubai, Bertin Bistro offers one of a kind Sheesha flavours.
last-minute-valentines-day-hacks-for-single-girls-in-dubai-uae-things-to-do-alone-on-valentines-day-netflix-chill-and-chocolate-tumblr6. Chocolate and Candies
Every year I indulge in some luxurious chocolates on V-day because why not? Forget about your diet & NETFLIX AND CHILL with a box of your favourite dessert, maybe Cinnabons or Thai Icecream?
Best Dessert Parlour in Ajman: Yum in Tum, House of Chocolate and Curlberry Arabia
last-minute-valentines-day-hacks-for-single-girls-in-dubai-uae-things-to-do-alone-on-valentines-day-dinner-date-tumblr-lunch-with-mum-tumblr-inspired-luxury-hotel7. Dinner Date with Mum
Spoil your mum this V-day with her favourite cuisine within your budget. Do some much-needed research on zomato to find perfect spots for a mother-daughter date. Recently my mum and I found Chicken Tikka on Ajman Beach which serves amazing Chicken Fajita as Sizzler for AED 30 only.
last-minute-valentines-day-hacks-for-single-girls-in-dubai-uae-things-to-do-alone-on-valentines-day-in-home-spa-tumblr-lush-bath-tub-bubble-bath-tub-lush8. In-home Spa
Sometimes you can’t make efforts to go out and don’t have the energy to deal with people. Basically, you need an Anti-human VDay solution, get those favourite beauty masks out, a lush bath bomb, warm cup of tea and your favourite book. Spend a good amount of time in your tub with hot water and bubbles all around.
last-minute-valentines-day-hacks-for-single-girls-in-dubai-uae-ajman-girl-driving-car-tumblr-things-to-do-alone-on-valentines-day9. Long Drives with podcasts
For some reason, no one understands why I like taking long drives alone. I can see how from an outsider’s perspective it might seem like a lonely endeavour, but actually a much-needed disconnection from the world. Instead of music, I love listening to podcasts on my way to places. I recommend “Brendon.com” for motivation or “East India Comedy” or “All India Bakchod” for comedy.
Bonus 10: If you feel lonely, why not DM me, we can have a Quick chat.

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Slay it 2017 – Birthday Edition

slay-it-birthday-edition-modest-fashion-dubai-blogger-uae-model-hijabi-desi-blogger-delhi-blog-RED COAT splash fashion olive color hijab boy friend jeansMy fashion sense has always been something between two extremes – Glamorous Diva or Fashion Disaster. I don’t fall into the category of comfy casuals. Either I go all out with matching outfit, on fleek makeup and high heels or I became a raggedy monochrome disaster with panda eyes and slip ons. But I feel 2017 is the year of breaking the rules.slay-it-birthday-edition-modest-fashion-dubai-blogger-uae-model-hijabi-desi-blogger-delhi-blog-RED COAT splash fashion olive color hijab boy friend jeans

slay-it-birthday-edition-modest-fashion-dubai-blogger-uae-model-hijabi-desi-blogger-delhi-blog-RED COAT splash fashion olive color hijab boy friend jeansslay-it-birthday-edition-modest-fashion-dubai-blogger-uae-model-hijabi-desi-blogger-delhi-blog-RED COAT splash fashion olive color hijab boy friend jeansslay-it-birthday-edition-modest-fashion-dubai-blogger-uae-model-hijabi-desi-blogger-delhi-blog-RED COAT splash fashion olive color hijab boy friend jeans

“I shall Slay thee with my closet.”

January always feels like the chance to start fresh. Insert FASHION RESOLUTIONs

1.Indulge in Solid Colours

Over the year, I’ve bulked up my wardrobe with quirky patterns & fusion of vibrant colours. Instead, I wanna go crazy on colours like blush pink, caramel & rusty green.

2.Buy fewer things of better quality.

I’m all up for investing in strong statement pieces like Trench Coats, Ankle Booties or Vintage Purse which can stand alone or with a killer outfit.

3.NO to the Lazy Baboon zone

In 2017, I’m letting the Lazy bird go. You never know who you bump into a random shopping trip to the mall. So, I challenge myself to step out of my comfort zone & messy PJs and improve my Fashion Game on a daily basis.


slay-it-birthday-edition-modest-fashion-dubai-blogger-uae-model-hijabi-desi-blogger-delhi-blog-RED COAT splash fashion olive color hijab boy friend jeansslay-it-birthday-edition-modest-fashion-dubai-blogger-uae-model-hijabi-desi-blogger-delhi-blog-RED COAT splash fashion olive color hijab boy friend jeans

Outfit Details
| Pants: Splash Fashion | Coat: Splash Fashion | Top: Iconic | Shoes: Vans | Rings: Lovisa | Hijab: Carrefour |

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nayomi-beauty-salon-review-ajman-spa-uae-beauty-blogger-1Earlier this week, I made my way to Nayomi Beauty Salon in Ajman, located on Ground Floor of City Life Mall, Al Jurf to try & test their New Paraffin Treatment & the Oxygenating Facial. Popular for their ravishing Nayomi lingerie collections, the beauty salon is nothing less than a Princess Paradise. The elegant baby pink & white interiors are an additional touch to their Princess ideology.

With my Salon visits getting extremely limited because of my hectic work schedules, I knew I should use this review the right away! I needed some Silent self-pampering time away from all the worries of life and the gorgeous Nayomi Salon accommodates these wishes perfectly– it truly is a hidden gem.

Nayomi’s salon has an impressive range of options and treatment rooms dedicated to professionals who work their magic beautifully. If you’re looking to pop in for a hair treatment, full pledged makeup look or a mani-pedi Nayomi has it all.  You’ll also be pleased to know that Nayomi has a hidden, relaxing spa area to enjoy for facial & massages. And another room assigned for hair removal services.

nayomi-beauty-salon-review-ajman-spa-uae-beauty-blogger-2The cashier and waiting area as we got into the salon looked professional, neat and chic But I was immediately struck by Nayomi’s enormous colourful and quirky Nail Polish Collection contrasting really well with its white/pink decor.

My Treatments

Facial Treatment: (350 AED) After accessing my facial conditions, my Beautician ‘Mira’ suggested the Oxygenating Facial and further explained its benefits. In my case, my skin is dehydrated so I’m really glad that this treatment gives full hydration and promotes cells repair to my skin. The treatment room follows their Princess ideology and also comes with spa relaxation music & beautiful scented candles so you can be sure to fully relax and rejuvenate during the 1.5 hours facial.

Nayomi Beauty Salon  Review Facial Ajman Beauty Blogger UAEWhat I love about their trained specialist was she firstly confirmed with me whether I would like to know the treatment & products going on my face as the process continues or I would prefer a silent facial. Her hands were profoundly magical and I dozed off a couple of times during the treatment. She also gave me a complimentary hand massage while the Thalgo serum & masks were doing a wonderful job on my skin. The end results were shiny as hell, I was left with a glowing skin with a bit too much oil than I like, but after a few minutes the oil sink in beautifully.

Manicure & Pedicure: (150 AED) While I sat on their Pink Princess Throne drinking my lemon tea, the ladies  began with a thorough hand and foot wash, scrub, massage and continued their magic on my nails with filing, cutting, buffing and perfecting.  For my nails, I wanted to try a nude polish by OPI which suggestively would last me 15days.

Nayomi Beauty Salon Manicure Review Ajman Beauty Blogger UAEParaffin Treatment: (180 AED) Analysing my cracked heels, the girls suggested for their Popular Wax Treatment, The hot paraffin sits around your hand like a glove, and it feels really nice, warm, and oily! She wrapped both my hands & feet in a plastic bag and then into a washing mitt. After about 10 minutes my hands started feeling cold, which was the indication that the paraffin has cooled off and it was time to remove it.As she disclosed the bag, it left a nice layer of oil on the hands & feets, which she massaged in for a bit. The oil gets absorbed slowly, but it doesn’t leave any unpleasant feeling like when you use body butter on your hands.

The treatment definitely did wonder for my cracked heels, they were so soft & looked shiny smooth. Out of all the treatments, this particular one was my favourite and highly recommendable. <3

My overall impression for Nayomi Beauty Salon, its staff & treatments is highly positive. I’m definitely going back there for another treatment in the future especially for a back massage by Mira which costs just 100AED for half hour.There is no doubt that Nayomi provides professional, high-quality services in the most lavish, fun atmosphere.


Latest fashion trend making a buzz across the hijabi downtown is the contemporary long cardigan. How to style and wear to find the true bohemian, Coachella inspired kimonos to Abaya depicting floor length maxi cardigans or oversized chunky knitted woollen ones is the hottest news in the modest blogosphere. This post would be focusing the former and tips on the latter will be up soon.

Traditionally a layering staple, this super popular hijabi street fashion trend is turning heads around at every corner today. Ruling my wardrobe from last winter, these playful gems can be dressed up or down with a blink of an eye. Here are my personal favourite outfits I created with this exciting piece of clothing and my top 3 styling tip.

1. Three Color Rule: Sticking to the colour limit is always the safest bet but don’t be afraid to play around with colours, either with neutrals & monochrome tones or bright summer shades, color blocking is so in trend.

Hijabi Outfits Dubai Fashion with Long cardigans (8)Hijabi Outfits Dubai Fashion with Long cardigans (10)Hijabi Outfits Dubai Fashion with Long cardigans (21)
Hijabi Outfits Dubai Fashion with Long cardigans (12)Hijabi Outfits Dubai Fashion with Long cardigans (11)SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESHijabi Outfits Dubai Fashion with Long cardigans (5)SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES
2. Accessories can be your best friends in turning any ordinary boring attire into high street fashion. Perfect for a night out on the town or a black tie party, Statement Necklaces glams up any outfit without feeling like too much. In all seriousness, vintage jewellery that looks like it’s been robbed right off of Queen Mumtaz’s neck is very in right now.
Hijabi Outfits Dubai Fashion with Long cardigans (13)SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESSimple Eid Hijab OutitSimple Eid Hijab OutitModest outfit idea with long cardigan and turkish hijab styleModest outfit idea with long cardigan and turkish hijab style
3. Let your shoes do the talking: Footwear can play a huge role, converse tennis shoes have a more cute, hipster vibe while silhouettes are all about confidence, sexy and elegance.

Red Romance Maxi Skirt Hijabi Modest Style Outfit in Dubai RThijabstyles Rahma TalwarRed Romance Maxi Skirt Hijabi Modest Style Outfit in Dubai RThijabstyles Rahma TalwarSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESHijabi Outfits Dubai Fashion with Long cardigans (6)
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Never underestimate the power of a bright pink lipstick.

Top 5 pink drugstore lip shades for Dubai summers by UAE makeup artist and Indian beauty blogger from brand Rimmel London, Bourjois Paris & Nyx Arabia

If you’re reading this now, odds are you’re asking the same question, “What is that perfect shade of Pink?” The weather is getting warmer, which means it’s time to pack up the dark vamp toned lipsticks and switch back to bold bright shades. All my pinks, coral & neutral lippies are stored for summers as the sunny weather really brings out the pigment. My favourites run the down from 79 Dhs to 32 Dhs, these easy to find picks have got you covered this season in full swing! Next time you hit the drugstore hope you get the perfect pink.

Top 5 pink drugstore lip shades for Dubai summers by UAE makeup artist and Indian beauty blogger from brand Rimmel London, Bourjois Paris & Nyx Arabia
Drugstore Pink Lip Shades in Swatches

Top 5 pink drugstore lip shades for Dubai summers by UAE makeup artist and Indian beauty blogger from brand Rimmel London, Bourjois Paris & Nyx Arabia

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lipstick – 05 Ole Flamingo: Usually I stay miles away from Hot Pink lippies, but this soft matte deep pink gem is my exactly kinda fuchsia. The soft, velvety formula & incredibly intense pigmentation of Bourjois Lipsticks hits the top of my chart every single time. The sponge doe-foot applicator attached to it makes application super easy & precise. Unlike the others, this Velvet Matte range does not dry out the lips, or exaggerate cracked lips. The beauty of this shade is you can easily carry out for a daytime look as well, with a gentle swipe and build up the colour for a bold pretty pink for night time.

Rimmel London Lasting Finish Matte by Kate Moss – 103: The colour is perfect during the day time, especially if you are looking up a daily wearable shade for the workplace. Finding a good neutral shade for Brown skin can be frustrating, the nude-pink matte lippies, is just enough pink to give a little pop of colour to my lips. The staying power is fairly decent, but you will need to reapply every 2-3 hours. As for the texture, initially, it is somewhat moisturising but leaves an unappealing grainy residue after few hours.


Rimmel London Lasting Finish Matte by Kate Moss – 106: Though being from the same range, the texture is so different; it has a slightly satin finish contradicting the name itself. But the fun raspberry, pink-based red shade looks so attractive on any skin tone. It has a floral fruity scent, but this does not last more than a few minutes. You can experience minor bleeding if you do not use a good lip liner.


NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream SMLC 11 Milan: First and foremost this particular colour looks different from person to person depending on the skin tone. On me, it is a bubblegum pink, with a bluish undertone. The scent of NYX matte liquid lipstick range is phenomenal, vanilla buttercream cupcake on your lips is like a dream come true. Out of the lot, these are super affordable, but usually, sell out pretty fast, so grab them straight away. The unique formula is creamy mousse-like however feels like a very light additional layer on your lips (the only drawback). I top this lippie with San Paulo for a slightly dark shade, which looks so good on Brown Indian Skin tone.


NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream SMLC 08 San Paulo: Trying out new Nyx lip creams are always on my wishing list and this particular shade has been on my favourites list for a very long time mainly because it looks gorgeous when the rest of the face is with minimal or no make-up. The texture is like soft, light whipped cream and it feels like dessert on the lips! This product would certainly be worth repurchasing. The colour is a beautiful, warm plummy rose shade which is very rich and highly pigmented. Plus the price is right!

Until next time, Much Love

Rahma Talwar

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“Friday it is all that we wait for”

Kempinksi Ajman

We all have that one Friday booked for the family day out, am I right? ‘Friday Brunch’ is gradually becoming something of a tradition in Dubai, away from all the office drama, discovering new locations & exploring intriguing cuisines – that’s where Kempinski Ajman comes into the picture. Serving 5 different authentic cuisines featuring live cooking stations, an open bar and endless delicate desserts at their Friday Garden Brunch could be the panacea for the entire week’s exhaustion.

Beautifully designed to entertain the needs of all family affairs, an extravagant Friday Garden Brunch on the grassy gardens of Kempinski Hotel Ajman by the palm trees and shimmering private beach could be the highlight of your upcoming Friday. Relaxed, chilled out Picnic vibe with wooden tables & umbrellas seems perfect for families while you get to enjoy live music, your little ones have their own party at the Kids play area, swimming pool & live cooking station for ready to make cotton candy & pancakes.

Starting indoors from Cafe Kranzler filled with all the appetisers & desserts, the brunch goes all the way outdoors with individual live cooking stations for Indian, Chinese, Arabic & Italian cuisine along with a Barbeque Station serving jumbo prawns, cod fish, chicken tikka, steak, lamb chops basically anything you ask for.

The Barbeque Station also offers a variety of sauces, dips & grilled vegetables (corn, tomatoes, pineapples and even baked potatoes).


The Arabic station was packed with all traditional yumminess I grew up eating – Shawarma, Keebeh, Cheese Rolls & Foul Medames.


The Indian cooking station had to be my favourite. The chef was so jolly & enthusiastic, he definitely brings on a smile. And oh my goodness the food was extremely satisfying. You get Biryani, Murg Makhani, Dal & they make the cutest Naan Bread in their portable Tandoor.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESNext was the Asian station headed by authentic Chinese chefs & we got to try Dim Sum & Duck Spring rolls for the first time – Not a huge fan 🙁

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESLastly, the Italian station was fun filled, where the Chef showcased ready to make spaghetti & served various sauces as per your likings.

Now can we take a moment to appreciate Cafe Kranzler’s head pastry chef who delicately designed such intricate selection of desserts! The selection was HUGE and I took around 10 minutes picking out everything I desired yet ended up leaving sad that I couldn’t have them all. My favourite one was surely their soft & mouth-watering mango & raspberry mini tarts.

Another Visit?

Hands down, one of the best brunches I have ever been to. I would love to spend all my Friday afternoon at Kempinski trying out the countless desserts with my friends & family. This is one place you’ve got to go when you want to eat your heart out, you fall in love with the atmosphere & to all my Dubai folks this is the place to come for a quick getaway.

Cafe Kranzler Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Timings: Every Friday, 1 pm – 4 pm

Brunch only (excl. beverages): AED 185

Beach and brunch (excl. beverages): AED 250

Brunch with selected beverages, spirits and beach access: AED 290

For reservations or for further information, please contact Kempinski Hotel Ajman at +971 6 714 5582 or at culinary.ajman@kempinski.com.