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Good morning lovelies! I’d like to start this post by giving out a big warm cozy bear Hug to every single one of you for all the love that I’m getting lately on my Instagram. I never imagined that girls would care about my opinions and the fact that we are 21k strong on Insta in just two years of knocking content, is surreal!

That said, let’s get down to business with today’s beauty post provoked by Dubai’s horrible heat! Following one of my favorite desi mom’s advice — i.e; not to play with products that go on your face, I play awfully safe during summers. NO winged eyeliners, NO cut crease, NO crazy brands & experiments and a complete NO to the whole contouring dilemma.

Just to give you an idea about my definition of ideal skin for summers:

Natural-Matte Finish: I’m so not a fan of dewy makeup looks, I love a matte face with quick arched eyebrows, a pop of color on lips and maybe a highlight.

Perfect blend: With combination skin type (Oily T-zone and Dry/flaky on cheeks & chins) I prefer a skin care regime with minimum items that suit perfectly my skin type and strikes a hydrating finish.

Quick & Long Lasting: Hustling around the busy streets of Dubai, I’m not the one with super long makeup routine, I need something that lasts from day to night with minimal to NO touch ups.

SPF anything: I learned it the hard way, but sunscreen is super important even for brown skin like mine, but most lotions are super tacky and silly. Hence, I spray ons.

So how do I achieve it?  My routine is limited to few items (in fact, just seven simple steps) and is stuck to only one brand – Clinique. (Another desi mum advice! You see, my mum loved this brand for years and as they say like mother like daughter!)

clinique dubai marina mall new store in uae review clinique haul best products from clinique review beauty blogger dubai rthijabstyles rahma talwar review (1)Step1: Wake Up Duty! Starting off my morning with their Sonic Deep Cleansing brush (Though this purchase was heavy on my pocket, it handles my black heads wonderfully and also stopped those terrible breakout sessions) and extra gentle cleansing foam. Lately, I’m loving foam cleansers, because they are perfect for dry skin yet doesn’t leave your face dehydrated.

Step2: Moisture Everything! I tend to have a love-hate relationship with mosituzers, hence, I favor moisturizing water based gel which hydrates my skin enough without being too tacky or sticky.

Step3: Natural MakeUp All the Way!  I am no makeup guru or anything but I know what I like. To me, I can spare extra money, on a long lasting full coverage – light weight foundations — Beyond Perfecting Foundation which doesn’t cause breakouts and clog my pores. Apply some mascara for dramatic eyelashes and a pop of color using Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm and I’m done for the day!

clinique dubai marina mall new store in uae review clinique haul best products from clinique review beauty blogger dubai rthijabstyles rahma talwar review (1)Step 4: Sun Protection! I realized the importance of SPF once I started driving and saw an insignificant shift in my skin color. This oil free SPF 30 Body Mist is perfect for those last minute “oops, I need to apply SPF” moments.

Step 5: Take it Off! Returning after a hectic day, all I want is to crash on my bed yet with little energy left in me, I head off to my washroom for an effective night time routine. To me,  a makeup remover should quickly remove all traces of waterproof makeup with few swipes. And I did notice, a little Clinique’s Take the day off remover goes very far one does the entire job using only one cotton pad.

Step6: Night Time Sleepy Time! A freshly cleaned face is all I crave for a peaceful sleep, plus a fixed night care routine actually tackles acne problems too. I match my cleansing brush with Clinique’s Anti blemish solution cleansing foam. Technically all anti-acne related treatments leave ur skin super dry so restrict its use to once a day.

clinique dubai marina mall new store in uae review clinique haul best products from clinique review beauty blogger dubai rthijabstyles rahma talwar review (3)Step7: Miracle Happens! You know those nights when suddenly a pimple shows up and an important meeting is scheduled next morning (you might feel crying!). I found a perfect solution – Clinique Clearing Gel, a spot treatment which does wonders and you see true results within a night.

Super happy that they finally opened up an independent store in Dubai Marina Mall! The price? Well as everything good, the prices are super high but a flawless skin needs a stable investment.

Cheers Dubai!



SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESFor a while now, Konjac Sponge is one of the most talked about product on my blog. Last year in November, Tish Tash introduced me to Konjac Sponges and ever since they have been an obsession. I never looked back and these sponges became an essential in my everyday skincare routine. This probably the longest overdue post that I’ve ever had.

After using this little squashy miracle whole-heartedly for 3 whole months, I think I’m qualified to say ‘Konjac Sponge is a Miraculous Must Have for Everyone”. My intrigue level was quite HIGH when I first received the ‘6 WAVE GREEN CLAY BATH SPONGE’ for oily and blemish-prone skin and just one week later I ordered the ‘KONJAC FACIAL PUFF SPONGE FRENCH GREEN CLAY’ for my face.

What Does the Konjac Sponge Do?

Konjac Sponges feels like a soft textured bouncy marshmallow which gently exfoliates and cleanses your face and body. The provide a much more precise and intense cleansing when compared to using just your fingers. These mineral-rich sponges draw out impurities and toxins leaving a smooth fresh and toned complexion. These incredibly gentle radiance-enhancing sponges give you an instant glow and unlike harsh scrubs, it leaves your skin hydrated and extremely healthy looking.


How Do I Use the Konjac Sponge?

When you first open the Konjac sponge package, it’s a solid rock – certainly doesn’t look like something you’d put on your face. The whole idea is so fascinating to me, a solid rock expanding into a soft gentle sponge double the size, as you soak it in water.


These winter mornings I used konjac sponge with my Derma-E or my Murad Clarifying cleanser for a deep cleansing. Whereas at nights, I remove my makeup with Body Shop’s Camomile Cleansing Oil and use my wet and soaked konjac sponge without any additional cleansers in circular motions around my face and neck to remove dirt and impurities.

Then I rinse my sponge again and gently press it between my palms to squeeze the excess water and hang it up to dry. Never twist or  wring out your sponge, this will tear the fibers and cause its life to end faster.

How To Care for Your Konjac Sponge?

The biggest pain with Konjac Sponge is taking care of them or you will end up shortening their life and no one wants that. Your Konjac Sponge needs to be replaced every 2-3 months depending on how you take care of it, which is quite affordable according to me.


Before and after each use, rinse well your sponge and squeeze out excess water by pressing gently the sponge in your palms instead of twisting. And leave it to completely dry between uses by hanging it in a cool dry location or else it smells fishy.

I usually disinfect my sponge every 2 weeks by placing it in boiling water for few minutes or you could even place it in micro-wave for 5 minutes.

Final Verdict

Konjac Sponge is one product you have to try yourself for a few days consistently to see the difference. The Bamboo charcoal konjac sponge is said to be perfect for acne prone skin, and I can swear that over the past two months of using this gem, I can see my acne marks lighten up, giving an additional glow and silky smooth feel to my skin tone.

Priced at 75 and 95 AED for facial and body sponge respectively, these are quite affordable and convienet for traveling as well.

Konjac Sponge is 100% natural and made from pure edible vegetable roots. What I love about this sponge is that it is 100% Biodegradable and 100% Colouring Free.

logo konjac-280x280

To know more about Konjac Sponge visit their website or follow them on facebook | The Konjac Sponge Co. Sponges are now available for him or for her in Holland and Barrett, The Organic Café, Make Up Etc, Basharcare.com, Glambox.me and Thebeautyfloor.com


Disclaimer: The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of When Masks or any other company.



For those of us who blog part-time rarely think about the money associated. It’s the blogging perks that really make our blogging journey worthwhile and among that is encountering new brands & falling in love with them. I’m new to the Lovage Fan Club but a very loyal member after I tried their  Uplifting Collection – Macaron Box.

For those who don’t know, Lovage Cosmetics is a Dubai-based cosmetics and personal care brand which instantly turns around your mood and allows your mind to travel through a relaxing road of exquisite aroma. It takes you back to essentials, what’s better than pampering yourself at home instead of those lingering tedious trips to the spa. With a wide range of natural care, for skin, hair, and mood handmade locally in UAE- Lovage Cosmetics has become my number one brand for this month majorly for its premium collection replicating moods important in our stressful lives – Uplifting, Relaxing, Energrzing& Refreshing – each handmade with fusions of rich natural oils and enticing fragrances. Out of which I tested out Macaroon Box Uplifting Body Oil & Body Wash.

In addition to their Sets in Mood range, I also was fascinated with their wide natural soap collection and the exclusive herbal Essence from Earth range.


As someone who is very selective of body lotions, trying out a Body oil for the first time I expected sticky and greasy finish. But I was delighted to be treated to a most amazing surprise, this Body Oil from Lovage Cosmetics has become my go to product espcecially after shaving my legs. The scent is utterly fantastic–not too heavy and definitely not too feminine. It’s more like a sweet, herbal blend that’s just delicious. Ingredients like bergamot, restoring clary sage and jojoba are oh-so moisturizing.

But what totally sold me is how it feels–enriching but not at all greasy, fast-absorbing and refreshing in its texture.


I love taking a nice hot shower, and nothing makes it more exciting than luxurious body wash and scrubs when it comes to aloe vera nothing captures my heart more. Just like the Body Oil the scent is very relaxing and candy-like, so I always leave my bathroom feeling like I’ve been to a spa.

Lastly, their prices are quite affordable for the most part, and the range of products is quite extensive.

My birthday is knocking at the door and I could never forget about you beautiful ladies who made my year so wonderful, so Lovage Cosmetics and RT Hijab Styles would love to share an amazing Giveaway and discount code with all you lovely ladies.

Visit their wesbite and at the checkout simply enter the code RT1040 to get a straight 15% off. However, this code is not valid with any other promotions.

And what about winning an exclusive Macaron Box gift set and starting off your year with an exotic pampering session. All you need to do is

Follow @RthijabStyles on Twitter and Instagram and leave a comment on my Instagram Contest Picture or on this blog about your 2016 New Year Resolution.



Lovage Cosmetics can be found in Dubai Festival City, Ettihad Mall Dubai and Dalma Mall Abu Dhabi. Also, now you can order online at Lovage website and follow them on Facebook for more information.


Disclaimer:  the opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Lovage Cosmetics or any other firm. This competition is open to residents of GCC till 15.01.2016 and the prize for this giveaway has been sponsored by Lovage Cosmetics.
***The 15% promo code cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.



Body Shop Must Haves UAEWhen I received November’s Glambox with a cheekY little discount voucher for Body Shop, glimpses of an empty wallet was all I could see. I desperately needed a refill for my Tea Tree toner; with that came the right opportunity to test out some new products on their shelves.

What I didn’t realize for a very long time was the fancy treatment Body Shop’s staff gives their customers, I was thrilled to see a staff member constantly at my disposal, advising me products as per my inquiries. She unquestionably was the most well-informed sales lady – from the prices to each product’s key ingredients.

Further on, this comes as no surprise to girls who make regular visits to Body Shop that the staff member insists on a facial massage. I’m so glad I took the chance, she used all the Best Sellers for the facial, leaving my skin calm and with an instant glow.

Kudos to the Sudan-based BODY SHOP Staff member ‘Alla’  of Ajman City Center for such a heart-warming welcome and for one of a kind facial massage”. 


Body Shop Must Haves UAE

OILS OF LIFE – INTENSELY REVITALISING FACIAL OIL: I never tried a facial oil before so trying it for the very 1st time turned out to be a luxurious experience. The oil is very relaxing and light weight on the skin, the most excellent feature of this product is the smell – earthy and natural, as I said it gives you a feeling of a deluxe spa treatment. Though it’s on the pricey range @170 AED, for me, this oil has become a necessity mainly because of how it makes me feel.

Body Shop Must Haves UAE


ALEO CLAMING TONER: I have this fascination with Aleo vera which drew my attention to this Toner. As it is made for sensitive skin and alcohol-free my expectations from this one was pretty high and may I tell you it certainly lived up to them. As the title mentions “calming”, this toner is soothing without any irritation or tingly feeling, unlike the tea tree oil toner from Body Shop. Brownie points to Body Shop for not adding any kind of smell to this gem. AED 59


CAMOMILE SILKY CLEANSING OIL (AED 64): The hype of this product has been all over the Internet for a few years and I complete understand why, using an oil based cleanser is so comforting on your eyes – no irritation no raccoon eyes. Even the waterproof mascara and long lasting makeup items starts to come off instantly, leaving your skin clean and hydrated.

TEA TREE OIL FACIAL TONER (AED 45): You know my love for this toner, if you have been here from the start though it is tingly on your skin, it definitely is proven to reduce by acne and blemishes. Click here to read my review.

GLAZED APPLE BODY & ROOM SPRAY: I picked this green magical holiday themed fragrance at the clearance for only AED 49. Though it doesn’t last longer than 2 hours, I’m a huge fan of this Green Apple – Sweet Candy – Refreshingly Yummy Fragrance in general. This one is so perfect for kids and people with sweet tooth.

*The only complaint I always had with Body Shop is they never displays their prices, ultimately making my shopping experiences a tad bit annoying. 


SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESBody Shop Must Haves UAEBody Shop Must Haves UAEBody Shop Must Haves UAE

So what are you opinions on the body shop? What are you FAVOURITE products that you recommend that I try out for myself? Let me know in the comments below! Thanks for reading!


*Disclaimer:  The product featured in this post is purchased with personal funds. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of ‘The Body Shop; or any other company.


blueeeBB creams have swiftly spread across all beauty market — from cult brands like Benefit to the best drugstore brands. And even us beauty bloggers (who are overly critical in their job) are always excited about the new releases in the bb cream product line. Garnier released their +SPF 50 UV Protection BB Cream in UAE in Summer 2015. I had high expectations from this particular product given how happy I was with Garnier’s Miracle Skin Perfector  which was my ultimate favourite product throughout the final year of my university.