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Growing up we were crazy movie lovers, you know those insane families with a pre booked weekly cinema visits. Of course, I’m talking about a mystical time in UAE when tickets were as cheap as AED 15 and kids below the age 6 were honored with free entries. (Oh wow, how the time has changed) In fact, the whole IMAX, 4Dx, 3D choices (for good or worse) has remodified movie experiences altogether. Yet, I still believe in the magic of rusty old conventional 2D movies 📽
Now imagine a movie theater tricked out like an old school Retro boutique, with stunning vintage movie-themed decor, classic ticket booth, epic 70s and 80s movie posters at every corner (even the washrooms) and those legendary red seats & curtain (more like the luxurious red paradise of leather). The off screen magic did strike a cord, and I had to check out this place.
If you have been following my vlogs for a while, you know that not too long ago, I had a lavish date with my mom in Dubai from a 4 hour brunch at Carnival By Tresind which I featured on the #GuiltyPleasures Column ((lol I totally just made that up) to watching Beauty & the beast at Roxy Cinema, Box Park.
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Believe me, all it takes to be in my good books is blankets and pillows. (lol, I’m such a couch potato 😚)
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Vintage Ticketing Booth
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So what makes the perfect movies experience?
Personally, I think it’s a combination of a ‘Paisa Vasool’ (money worthy) entertaining movie, a relaxing adjustable seat with ample armrest (believe me, sharing is not caring in this particular case), pillows, and blankets are just icing on the cake but if you tell me I get to order snacks from the comfort of my seats. My answer? “Please take my money” 💰
I got to be honest, it felt amazing to experience the delightful gourmet menu, retro ambiance and a blanket (oh God, the amount of time I sneaked in a quilt in an obvious fluffy tote bag is quite embarrassing) while watching one of the finest actress ‘Emma Watson’ sing and dance along Disney’s live-action remake of Beauty and the beast.
The experience is unlike anything else! I’m surprised myself to admit this but watching movies in such a lavish place is quite pleasing. Of course, the oozing margarita pizza and hot nacho cheddar cheese box were something that made this small town girl extremely happy (You may ask why I call myself that, and the answer is quite simple though I live in the ever so busy UAE, unlike the crazy city life of Dubai, I was raised in the peaceful less crowded city called Ajman, which draws complete tourist like vibes).
Overall we loved our experience at Roxy Cinemas. I totally recommend it if you’re looking for a piece of Retro Culture in Dubai. And if you have second thoughts, my partner in crime who happens to be a Desi Mum approves of this lavish splurge (AED 99/per person)
Of course, it’s not your everyday place to watch a random movie but definitely a spot to create lovely memories with your better half but make sure you select a good movie with real high ratings.
If you want to check out the live reaction to this epic retro bar, check out my youtube channel, please!
Cheers Dubai!


05 Undeniably Best Restaurants in Dubai That Deserve a Shoot Out

Yes! I’m often offered free food.
Yes! I’ve gained weight during the past one year.
And Yes! I love trying out new Restaurants.

Food blogging – an insane delicious adventure discovering some of the best in Dubai, probably some perfect fits for foodies which deserve a shootout. I surely have ticked off ‘Try new cuisines’ from my bucket list. I travel to the gist of Middle East fields with Authentic Arabic feasts to legendary Mughlai dishes of Northen India, from artistic Chinese Supper to fascinating seafood delicacies, but always falling back to my home country’s traditional recipes, I can never deny my soft corner for spicy Indian treats.

So for this post, I thought of a little throwback to my favorite eatery in Dubai, a quick guide to Dubai’s best. A list of my 5 top go-to spots while a guest is in town or a deluxe dinner for special occasions in on the agenda.

1.Mint Leaf of London
Cost: AED 350 for two people (approx.)
Cuisines: Indian, North Indian

If the view & location doesn’t give you a royal wave, the attendants surely will. Mint Leaf of London is based purely on the foundation of a lavish elite dining experience. From the eye pleasing ambiance to the intricately crafted menu, the restaurant puts ahead a regal touch to everything. If you are looking for a luxurious dining to dazzle a special someone, then Mint Leaf’s heartwarming atmosphere, aesthetically tasteful Mock-tails & Supremely fashioned Entree is the answer. Forget about your money & enjoy the luxurious experience at this innovative Indian restaurant combining the best of both worlds – classic & progressive.

2. Nom Nom Asia
Cost: AED 125 for two people (approx.)
Cuisines: Chinese, Thai, Asian

Nom Nom Asia, a Cafe style Asian restaurant inspired by South-East Asian street food culture, serving both Chinese & Thai. The graffiti walls & quirky hashtag chopstick logos does catch your eye instantly. The Menu is compact yet a bit complicated offering over 108 dishes in veg,  chicken, fish, prawn, tofu & beef. The best feature about them would surely be their affordable prices. You could easily eat your heart out under 100 AED with such exceptional portions. This restaurant is perfect for takeouts or delivery too.

Also, recently they launched a beautiful heartfelt initiative, where Nom Nom Asia feeds a free meal to unemployed individuals at their Karama Branch.

3. Pizza Express @ Jazz
Cost: AED 200 for two people (approx.)
Cuisines: Italian, Pizza

Anyone who knows me will know how overly obsessed I am with pizza. With so many Pizza outlets, why this particular one? In terms of cost, Pizza Express stands right in the middle junction. The menu has an array of new and interesting flavors every season, as well as exciting new dessert options which deserve a try. Coupled with a smooth and classy soundtrack delivered daily from our world class musicians, An elegant and intimate venue with an upbeat atmosphere – the New Jazz@PizzaExpress covers up all love doves.

4. The Melting Pot – Box Park
Cost: AED 300 for two people (approx.)
Cuisines: European, American

Revolving around the wild fondue experience, ‘The Melting Pot’ offers a premium fondue cooking styles and a variety of unique entrees, salads, and indulgent desserts. Honestly, the whole concept of sharing the hot fondue with others on the table is so intriguing & beautifully enhances your entire meal. This is one restaurant which I’ve gone back over and over again too. Plus, the super-hyped ‘Big Night Out offer basically a four-course meal for two only for AED 349 is worth every penny.

5. Tresind
Cost: AED 500 for two people (approx.)
Cuisines: Indian; Molecular Gastronomy

If you would like to really impress someone, Tresind’s unique concept & fine dining approach sets the mood for you. Executive Chef Himanshu Saini explores a new take on some of the most popular Indian street & traditional dishes with Molecular Gastronomic presentation while the helpful staff aids your understanding of what’s going on along the cloudy Nitrogen gameplay. Honestly, each dish served at this restaurant had thumbs up from me and my friends. Though it comes down to a pricey range, I believe a little extravaganza is always good at occasions.

Until next time, Much Love

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A glimpse of what I thought, when an invitation to try out the very first fondue restaurant based in the Hipster district that is BoxPark Dubai, landed on my email. Yes, you read it right, the international cheesy melty goodness has opened doors in UAE market since mid-2015. Revolving around the extravagant fondue experience, ‘The Melting Pot’ offers a premium fondue cooking styles and a variety of unique entrees, salads, and indulgent desserts.

The very essence of Melting Point is to have interactive & fun time with others on your table sharing an uplifting pot of hot fondue, which makes it the ultimate destination of “Yumminess”. A sensible & cost effective decision would be to go with their four course menu option, which allows you to select a themed set menu of one of each of the four sections (cheese, entrée, salad, and chocolate), expertly chosen specifically to complement each other as you move joyfully from one to another.


As they say, the first impression is the last, the ostentatious venue was a total love at first sight for me, but mind you Box Park at Al Wasl Road, Jumeirah has some of the most lavish eating houses with exclusively intricate designs you will ever see (though parking area could be a real pain). Melting Pot is quite a big & spacious restaurant, with seating areas inside & out, we could also choose their hidden seating arrangement for more privacy too. With warm yellowish lighting tone & green leafy interior it creates a warm earthy, inviting atmosphere. Every table is completed with a built-in glass stove tops where the fondue pots are heated and ready to start the fun!



You are welcomed by the staff with such a beautiful smile and the most friendly ones I have come across. As you take your seat, your assigned waiter greets & introduce themselves  in the most heart-warming gesture. Unfortunately, I can’t recall his name, but I love when the staff is so well informed about the menu & help you out with the orders.



It was time to start the dipping process, for our cheese course, my Indian spicy insights were on fire & we ordered the FIESTA Cheese – A blend of cheddar cheese with non-alcoholic beer, jalapeno peppers & salsa. Although you really can’t go wrong with any of them, FIESTA cheese was so flavorful & creamy served along with white & brown bread cubes, raw veggies (baby carrot & cauliflower), nachos and apple cubes.

I never expected to eat “Apples” dipped in cheese and by the way, it was the best thing on the table. The bread was crunchy enough, just the way I like it. Though the veggies are not seasoned you could ask your waiter for different seasonings too.

My biggest regret would be not trying out their main course dishes which looked impeccable & astonishing (but I had a very heavy breakfast). And jumped directly to their desserts which to be honest I’m craving till today. We got the Mint Chocolate Chip Fondue which came with a distinct aromatic fragrance which melted my heart away.


As promised by the waiter this was the best part of our dining experience. Your preferred chocolate fondue comes with a mixed platter of assorted fruits, marshmallows & pastries. To be specific you are served with 2 pieces of pineapples, dates & melons, 4 pieces of strawberries, 1 small square of brownie, 1 small square of cookie dough, 2 small squares of soft pound cake and finally two different seasoned marshmallows. Each flavor sensation better than the last, it’s a great, decadent end to any fondue feast.

For a sugar lover like me, this was truly the most overwhelming part of my lunch journey at The Melting Point, I just wanted to have it all. My favorite was the cold brownie and hot chocolate combination and even the strawberries blended so well with green mint chocolate fondue.


 I agree, some might find it a tad bit expensive and at the first instinct, the food portioning may look insufficient. But believe me, the creamy fondue makes it an extra hard task to finish off the entire platter in one sitting.  If you don’t want it to be so expensive, instead go for the cheese or the chocolate fondue alone. Also, a more cost effective way would be to go for a BIG NIGHT OUT special offering four course meal for AED 349 for two, perfect for couples.


Absolutely!!! Melting Point is must go, especially for people who have never experienced a fondue restaurant before. The whole concept of sharing the hot fondue with others on the table is so intriguing & beautifully enhancing your entire meal. It is perfect for couples for an easy chilled out date, as for me, I have already marked a day to take my mom out on a date at this restaurant.


The Melting Pot Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Address: The Melting Pot, Boxpark, Al Wasl Road, Jumeirah 1

Telephone:  +971 434 310 20

Website: www.meltingpot.ae

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Skye & Walker or any other company. The meal was offered complimentary for review purposes, however, no compensation was given.