9 Mobile Apps We Love (And You Should, Too!)


Being a content creator is not a job you can turn off at 6 pm, it’s fascinating, highly planned lifestyle, that I’m still getting used to even after one year on field. As a blogger, digital marketing specialist and more so an Instagram addict, I’m 24/7 behind the screen of my laptop or mobile. Yes ! I’m one of those lame girls who bump into you in a mall while reading something on her phone.

“To step on to the success ladder, we all need to bring out that famous #GirlBoss hustle.”

My life is a constant juggle between my mobile phone and agenda. Writing, editing and publishing a blog post can be a daunting task in itself, but when blended with a full-time job and studies, you sometimes feel like an exhausted lifeless baboon. Burden of multitasking often overpowers your productivity.

In this post, we are going to unfold my handy dandy mobile apps list that gives me a power boost to stay ahead in the blogosphere and just makes my daily chores easier while on the go.

top-mobile-iphone-applications-used-by-bloggers-in-dubai-9-iphone-apps-most-popular-in-uae-best-app-iphone-used-by-instagram-influencer-to-schedule-and-plan-instagram-feed-tumblr-pink-theme-planoly-in1. Planoly

Now, this baby is my latest discovery and a powerful tool for all my Insta fanatics. Planoly helps to plan & schedule your visual Instagram feed days or even months in advance. Why I love this App? One, you upload bulk images and two, the Drag & Drop feature lets you fiddle around your feed just the way you like it before posting.

You can also track and reply to your comments directly from the app. Plus, it has a monthly calendar which shows all your existing and scheduled posts. The free version of this app allows a maximum of 30 posts to be scheduled which it doesn’t post automatically. Quite a bummer. Planoly sends you a push notification at the scheduled time.

Price: Free for 30 posts; AED 32 for unlimed posts.

top-mobile-iphone-applications-used-by-bloggers-in-dubai-9-iphone-apps-most-popular-in-uae-best-app-for-music-in-iphone-tubidy-download-youtube-videos-in-iphone-for-offline2. Tubidy

My lifelong complaint with Apple.Inc is the level of difficulty when you want to transfer music files from a Windows laptop to an iPhone. And my god, I hate operating iTunes. This is a dream come true app for those who are tired of the entire iTunes mess. Tubidy is an offline alternative free video downloader via Youtube.

It has an inbuilt user-friendly search engine connected to Youtube and Soundcloud, you can watch the videos online to download them for later. The beauty of this app is you can choose the quality to video, to save more memory you can select from 240p and for high quality, you can download in 1080p. Unlike youtube, this app doesn’t shut down the audio when you lock your screen. Hurray!!

Price: Absolutely Free 

top-mobile-iphone-applications-used-by-bloggers-in-dubai-9-iphone-apps-most-popular-in-uae-best-app-to-stay-up-dated-with-your-favorite-tv-series-tv-show-time-app-iphone3. Tv show Time

When it comes to my Tv shows, I’m hands down a loyal fan who watches all shows on the same day. This gem has made a permanent place on my iPhone mainly because it tracks all my favourite shows and lets me know on which episode I left off and the dates of upcoming seasons.

Another exciting highlight is the whole community where passionate followers of all different kinds of shows interact with each other, vote on polls and even upload creative memes.

Price: Free !!! 

facetune-top-mobile-iphone-applications-used-by-bloggers-in-dubai-9-iphone-apps-most-popular-in-uae-instagram-influencer-best-photo-editing-apps-whiten-background-tool-best-app-for-selfies4. Facetune

Every blogger, YouTuber or Instagram influencer raves about this particular photo editing app because it magically enhances your ordinary snaps to KIM Kardashian’s picture perfect level. Ever see a picture on Instagram and wonder how their skin looks so smooth and eyelashes on fleek? Facetune has a smooth & details option. The former hides all imperfection and the latter highlights all the right places.

Another pretty decent feature is the whiten tool; which doesn’t need any explanation I guess. Great for taking out stubborn yellow tones on white backgrounds & removing small shadows. If you are into black-white-grey insta feed or a selfie lover, this app is a MUST Have.

Price: Only AED 21 

typimage-top-mobile-iphone-applications-used-by-bloggers-in-dubai-9-iphone-apps-most-popular-in-uae-typographics-fonts-used-by-famous-youtubers-alisha-marie-font-designs5. Typimage

Every time I need to create a banner for my blog posts or a contest picture for Instagram, I freak out with the different font design, size & colours. It took me hours to finalise a text image. Finally, ENTERS … Typimage a powerful typography generator that beautifully turns your text into amazing typographic designs with zero design skills needed.

There’s is an option to add the text design onto your or web images, solid colour background or just create transparent PNG text images. It is a quick fix to replicate your favourite Youtuber’s thumbnail designs.

Price: Free, but cost around 7 AED to remove the watermark.

top-mobile-iphone-applications-used-by-bloggers-in-dubai-9-iphone-apps-most-popular-in-uae-coinkeeper-iphone-app-to-handle-your-finance6. Coinkeeper

Managing your finances is a pretty darn hectic job but a relatively important one. Believe it or not, I use Coin keeper from the moment I started to earn. A week before my salary is due, I spend the most time with this app in which I segregate my monthly payments in different expenses columns which you can rename and also set a certain monthly budget to spend on so called ‘luxury items’.

Price: Free !!! 

entertainer-top-mobile-iphone-applications-used-by-bloggers-in-dubai-9-iphone-apps-most-popular-in-uae-buy-one-get-one-free-dubai-offers-for-burger-king-krispy-kreme-texas-free-food-best-app-for-fo7. Entertainer

As a blogger, there are times we have to make our life more exciting for content, YES we all do that. Instead of our regular restaurant & favourite spas, we purposely try out new ones. Entertainer lets you make the best of life in UAE with Ah-mazing offers on anything and everything, you just name it.

How this app works? You buy the yearly package once and you get over 1k Buy one get one free offer for dining, attractions, leisure activities, health & fitness and hotel accommodation across 40 destinations worldwide. I applied for the package just one week back and I have used it on Booba Tea, Tim Hortons, Krispy Kreme, Burger King, Kozma & Kozma Spa.

Price: Free !!! But the packages cost around AED 400. 

top-mobile-iphone-applications-used-by-bloggers-in-dubai-9-apps-most-popular-in-uae-canva-beginners-guide-to-make-social-media-posts-and-magazine-covers-best-photo-editing-and-graphics-by-instagramm8. Canva

Probably the most popular and used graphic designing site out there by Instagrammers, bloggers, and photographers is Canva, a sleek and powerful app that acts as an alternative to Adobe Illustrator for rookies. A mobile app in conjunction with the site just came up and OH MY GOD, I’m super thrilled.

You do not need to feel as though in order to have great photos on your Social media, you need to learn Photoshop. Canva has an inbuilt collection of separate professional templates for all social media sites according to their dimensions,  which you can easily tweak to your liking. But it’s most than SM posts, you can design highly sophisticated & creative Magazines, invitation cards, flyers, posters and even your Resume with very limited graphic designing skills.

Price: Free !!! 

top mobile iphone applications used by bloggers in Dubai 9 iphone apps most popular in uae tide foucs app divide your time in 25 mins work and 5 min free best iphone apps9. Tide

Wanna get some work done? Change your procrastination to productivity? Tide is your go-to app. It’s a straightforward and extremely simple app with no unwanted distractions based on the popular time management method, Pomodoro Technique,  Basically, you divide your time into a 25-minutes fully concentrated periods, separated by 5-minutes short breaks. Tide lets you dedicate your time exclusively to one task at a time accompanied by sounds of the natural environment which make it super easy to identify when 25 mins are over and you don’t need to constantly check your phone.

Price: Free and super effective. 

Please don’t think you HAVE to buy these apps, I’m offering my personal opinion to those of you who asked for it. These little babies make my life easy, fun and organised.

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