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5 Ways To Survive Writer’s Block

Writer’s block – inevitably every content creator’s biggest nightmare. Your creative mojo unexpectedly embarks on a ridiculously long vacation and refuses to hand you inspiration on a golden platter.

The other day I helplessly stared at a blank computer screen unable to frame a proper sentence for my blog (you can imagine the frustration level). On the same day, my rather impatient brother accused me of being too uptight, well I wanted him to eat a decent toasted sandwich (thank you very much for being a good sister) and he was running late (again). But his statement did strike a cord!

I had a fun conversation with myself which went something like this “You’re holding on too tight to get that perfect article even before you touch a keyboard. Loosen Up Sister!”

Believe me, it’s a formula for disaster if you start writing with an intention to get everything just right at the first step (pure stupidity!). I find myself doing it sometimes, and later on hitting my head against the wall thinking: “When are you going to learn Rahma?”  Before exploring some solutions, here is why Writer Block magically befalls upon the best of content creators.

  1. Lack of ideas.
  2. You have great ideas, but not enough content – Lack of Research
  3. You have ideas & content, but unable to communicate your thoughts –Perfectionism

If you’re a regular blogger, this hustle is not new and your passion for writing wobbles under the gun. Therefore, I decided to share some useful tips based on my experience to tackle this combat like a badass storytelling pro.


Creativity is slightly delicate, to get that motor running fast without any harsh brakes, we need to feed it with new ideas, revamped old thoughts, maybe odd fantasies (and that’s how golden eggs are delivered, lol!). The obvious choice is reading more – visit your favorite blogs or pick up your local newspaper & magazines (and by that, I mean a cosmopolitan where surprisingly I find pretty cool ideas relate to Dubai & its Epic lifestyle spectrum). 

Why not travel to a different world with a new book by your favorite author? Stick to stand alone novels only, you might get pulled into a demanding series!

Not a fan of reading? Visual content (maybe a TED talk on youtube) or experiment with a quirky mood board (Honestly, Pinterest is so unappreciated around this part of the globe) can also brew up some freshness during a breakdown. 


Sometimes a distraction free zone instigates originality when your eyes are NOT fixed on the phone seated right beside your laptop and notifications building up your anxiety slowly. As a blogger, I can safely say, we are obsessed with our phones, forever anxious about emails and fixated on social media. In fact, I took good 3 hours to jot down all points for some articles, something easily achieved in 1.5 hours, if I wasn’t in a back and forth combat between both the screens. A strict workflow delivers, no seriously, download that chrome extension now (and block out all social media sites) and focus on one task at a time – be more productive for 50 mins with 10 mins break.


As I mentioned before, high expectations with the first draft is a complete Nada! Sometimes, agonizing over the perfect first line or an impeccable introductory paragraph blocks creative thinking. Write as if you’ve already introduced the idea and don’t be afraid to get the good stuff rolling out first, then later come back to frame it. Before you realize, you’ll have a completed post that’s only missing an intro.

Do not act as an editor from the start, be a writer –  draft plenty and edit finally.


Sometimes to get those golden eggs, you need to let go and move on to something new. Rather than relying upon comfort food, jumbo caffeine shots and ‘Netflix & Chill’ because you can’t write, direct your positive energy on something productive, revisit older blog posts, correct links & tags, basically revolve your task around some blogging affairs!

End of the day: ‘You didn’t give up on your blog, instead pampered your little baby!’

Stay attached to your blog always! It’s not going to help if you put yourself down for having a block. It happens to the best of writers! So just take a break and have a KitKat (haha!)


Prior to working on a new idea, it’s always good to gain some insights, read a few articles on it – research is the key. Before your fingers do the work, exercise your brain in the relevant topic. 

While brainstorming ideas, some prefer to scribble down points on a paper, I find recording my thoughts & research (one-on-one imperfect conversation with my readers, no heavy vocabulary, no grammatically correct sentences – a simple conversation) considerably useful. My first draft is a voice over which then gets converted into text and later checked for grammatic/spelling errors. Sometimes a blank page gets filled by a simple chat with yourself. 


When can you expect the best work from a writer? Most probably when he/she is feeling! You see, creativity operates broadly in conjunction with your emotions. An angry writer can pen down some sincerely moving posts (hence, my Behind the scenes of Dubai work life post) while a cheerful, happy & content one (in my case, a tummy filled) blogger can bring out their creative mojo with a favorite cup of coffee and a clean desk. 

Writing is a passion, but I take my two year old blog as an open book Literature exam, where each new post is better than the last one in terms of my writing style. I constantly try to learn the difference between passive & active style, adverbs &adjectives and more importantly how to find my voice in between all this commotion. 

Cheers Dubai,


Be Retro at Roxy

roxy cinema box park review rt hijab styles 3
Photo Credits: The ultimate guide for women in Dubai – She Wants Dubai 💕
Growing up we were crazy movie lovers, you know those insane families with a pre booked weekly cinema visits. Of course, I’m talking about a mystical time in UAE when tickets were as cheap as AED 15 and kids below the age 6 were honored with free entries. (Oh wow, how the time has changed) In fact, the whole IMAX, 4Dx, 3D choices (for good or worse) has remodified movie experiences altogether. Yet, I still believe in the magic of rusty old conventional 2D movies 📽
Now imagine a movie theater tricked out like an old school Retro boutique, with stunning vintage movie-themed decor, classic ticket booth, epic 70s and 80s movie posters at every corner (even the washrooms) and those legendary red seats & curtain (more like the luxurious red paradise of leather). The off screen magic did strike a cord, and I had to check out this place.
If you have been following my vlogs for a while, you know that not too long ago, I had a lavish date with my mom in Dubai from a 4 hour brunch at Carnival By Tresind which I featured on the #GuiltyPleasures Column ((lol I totally just made that up) to watching Beauty & the beast at Roxy Cinema, Box Park.
roxy cinema review blogger movie buff empire movies dubai uae
Believe me, all it takes to be in my good books is blankets and pillows. (lol, I’m such a couch potato 😚)
roxy cinemas
Vintage Ticketing Booth
roxy cinema box park review rt hijab styles 2
Photo Credits: Times out Dubai !
So what makes the perfect movies experience?
Personally, I think it’s a combination of a ‘Paisa Vasool’ (money worthy) entertaining movie, a relaxing adjustable seat with ample armrest (believe me, sharing is not caring in this particular case), pillows, and blankets are just icing on the cake but if you tell me I get to order snacks from the comfort of my seats. My answer? “Please take my money” 💰
I got to be honest, it felt amazing to experience the delightful gourmet menu, retro ambiance and a blanket (oh God, the amount of time I sneaked in a quilt in an obvious fluffy tote bag is quite embarrassing) while watching one of the finest actress ‘Emma Watson’ sing and dance along Disney’s live-action remake of Beauty and the beast.
The experience is unlike anything else! I’m surprised myself to admit this but watching movies in such a lavish place is quite pleasing. Of course, the oozing margarita pizza and hot nacho cheddar cheese box were something that made this small town girl extremely happy (You may ask why I call myself that, and the answer is quite simple though I live in the ever so busy UAE, unlike the crazy city life of Dubai, I was raised in the peaceful less crowded city called Ajman, which draws complete tourist like vibes).
Overall we loved our experience at Roxy Cinemas. I totally recommend it if you’re looking for a piece of Retro Culture in Dubai. And if you have second thoughts, my partner in crime who happens to be a Desi Mum approves of this lavish splurge (AED 99/per person)
Of course, it’s not your everyday place to watch a random movie but definitely a spot to create lovely memories with your better half but make sure you select a good movie with real high ratings.
If you want to check out the live reaction to this epic retro bar, check out my youtube channel, please!
Cheers Dubai!


Glam Up with Gosh MakeUp

Ever since my teenage years, I’ve always been intimated by high-end brands and stuck to drugstore makeup lines, last year when a Denmark originated brand started creating a massive buzz in the blogosphere because of it’s ll natural ingredients which mean they’re Paraben-free, fragrance-free & cruelty-free, I went ahead with making my own purchases and fell in love with it’s seaweed collection.

Earlier this month. I got contacted to have a makeover done by them, and if you watched my vlog, you know your girl, had the best time of her life.I have the ugliest eyebrows in the history of mankind, (due to religious reasons I don’t get them plucked) bushy & untameable, or that’s what I thought. Until Gosh’s makeup artist did the magic and I had the honor to use #EyebrowsonFleek on my Instagram. 😍

Gosh Makeover Dubai Beauty Review UAE Youtuber Vlogger ggGosh Makeover Dubai Beauty Review UAE Youtuber Vlogger fDuring my visit to the Lifestyle store in Mall of Emirates, I got to know more about the brand and their awesome range in foundations, premiers & mascaras. Truth be told, when a brand offer makeup premiers to suit all 3 skin types (dry, oily & combination) it deserves all the shootouts & crazy fan following. Also, the mascara line up by huge, each one did something special & different.

I was suggested products which would go well with my dry skin, and to my surprise, Argan Oil was a promising ingredient in most. I walked out the store with a few products and hopefully, I will be reviewing them soon.

Until, Next Time, Love Rahma

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Lush Hair Lab Review

When someone asks me what I’m interested in, “besides fashion & beauty” my go-to answer is ‘branding’. Ever since my college days, I loved serious meaningful conversations about those cult favourite brands, of course, it made me sound smart too. And ‘Lush’ was definitely at the top! Most of my research on key marketing terms- CSR, Word of Mouth, A/B Testing, was backed up by the examples of this particular brand.

Lush City Walk Hair Lab Review Free hair treatment - Dubai beauty blogger - uae hijabi stylist - best hair care shampoo conditioner and hair oil treatment for hijabi rehab shampoo review gift lush boxLush City Walk Hair Lab Review Free hair treatment - Dubai beauty blogger - uae hijabi stylist - best hair care shampoo conditioner and hair oil treatment for hijabi rehab shampoo review

I fell in love with Lush, right from the moment I heard about it on Zoella’s youtube channel, visited the store later that week and there was no going back. Lush is known for the rigorous staff training on how to treat the visitors as a family and you feel that core value & passion throughout the employees, even in the way they treat you. With all honesty, instead of forcing down a purchase, they love to educate you about the brand & its products, a reason why you leave the store with a generous chunk of samples.

Recently, I went down to the New Lush Store at City walk, which apparently is also the biggest one in the Middle East to review an interesting idea – Lush Hair Lab. Loving the brand and its history so much, I couldn’t help myself but decided to go for a quick shopping spree on their valentines collection before hitting the lab.

Lush City Walk Hair Lab Review Free hair treatment - Dubai beauty blogger - uae hijabi stylist - best hair care shampoo conditioner and hair oil treatment for hijabi rehab shampoo reviewLush City Walk Hair Lab Review Free hair treatment - Dubai beauty blogger - uae hijabi stylist - best hair care shampoo conditioner and hair oil treatment for hijabi rehab shampoo reviewLush City Walk Hair Lab Review Free hair treatment - Dubai beauty blogger - uae hijabi stylist - best hair care shampoo conditioner and hair oil treatment for hijabi rehab shampoo review

Lush City Walk Hair Lab Review Free hair treatment - Dubai beauty blogger - uae hijabi stylist - best hair care shampoo conditioner and hair oil treatment for hijabi rehab shampoo review
Massage Bar

Lush City Walk Hair Lab Review Free hair treatment - Dubai beauty blogger - uae hijabi stylist - best hair care shampoo conditioner and hair oil treatment for hijabi rehab shampoo reviewLush City Walk Hair Lab Review Free hair treatment - Dubai beauty blogger - uae hijabi stylist - best hair care shampoo conditioner and hair oil treatment for hijabi rehab shampoo reviewLush City Walk Hair Lab Review Free hair treatment - Dubai beauty blogger - uae hijabi stylist - best hair care shampoo conditioner and hair oil treatment for hijabi rehab shampoo review

“Fancy having a professional wash and blow-dry, trying exciting new products or even a henna application? You can have a luxurious hair treatment and fight animal testing by visiting the Lush Hair Lab”

Hair Lab is a relatively new concept where you can experience the products on spot and get instant results. It is an entirely complimentary process, inviting you to test out new products or enjoy a truly pampering hair-washing experience. Decorated with reclaimed wood and white ceramic tiles among Basins & hair styling equipment where clients can have their hair washed, dried and styled on the go. At the far end of the small, no door room, a tiny shelf holds all the products in use.

Lush City Walk Hair Lab Review Free hair treatment - Dubai beauty blogger - uae hijabi stylist - best hair care shampoo conditioner and hair oil treatment for hijabi rehab shampoo review

Lush City Walk Hair Lab Review Free hair treatment - Dubai beauty blogger - uae hijabi stylist - best hair care shampoo conditioner and hair oil treatment for hijabi rehab shampoo review
Hair Lab
Lush City Walk Hair Lab Review Free hair treatment - Dubai beauty blogger - uae hijabi stylist - best hair care shampoo conditioner and hair oil treatment for hijabi rehab shampoo review
Also, you can try out Henna to colour your hair, which is a no chemical process.

Each treatment at the hair lab starts by an in-depth consultation with your hair technician about the condition of your hair, how you like to wear it day-to-day, and what type of results you are looking for. And mind you she is not satisfied with a simple answer like ‘Glowing shiny hair’, she wants to know all the dirt – itchy scalp, hair fall and so on.

Next, she picked the perfect products to use on my hair & went in a detailed explanation about which ingredients are used in the products and the benefits I shall reap.

Lush City Walk Hair Lab Review Free hair treatment - Dubai beauty blogger - uae hijabi stylist - best hair care shampoo conditioner and hair oil treatment for hijabi rehab shampoo reviewI was given the choice of hot oil treatment or a deep conditioning hair mask, while I have been relying upon Jasmine And Henna Fluff-Eaze to revamp my hair from 2016 January, so we started off with something new – a hot hair oil treatment with Damaged packed full of extra virgin olive and Rich and conditioning Organic Avocado Oil.  Again following the solid shampoo & conditioner bars, the product was actually a small 20g block of serum on a wooden stick which you have to melt with boiling water. How cool is that?? Especially when you get to be a queen and the work is done entirely by someone else. My hair technician massaged the vanilla infused oil on my scalp for a good five minute, oh but the oil hardens up quickly, giving you a slight headache.

Secondly, we jointly picked up Rehab, just like the name suggests, it’s a rehabilitation centre for your vulnerable destroyed hair. Rehab is a thin, runny shampoo with extracts of tropical fruits like Papaya, Kiwi & Pineapple juices, vegetable oils and stimulating peppermint which cleanses your hair in depth. Rehab was my personal favourite during summer 2016, it detangles hair and you can afford to skip the conditioner once in a while, especially when you are running late. However, with personal experience, this shampoo on its own doesn’t give any shine or glow to hair.

We finished off with Rehab’s partner in crime, Lush Retread Conditioner, a super-smoothing cream with seaweed, yoghurt, cantaloupe melon and jojoba oil to give seriously sad hair its shine back.The smell is not off-putting and stays on the whole day (this is a pro if you like are into fruity scents).  Retread thankfully contains no silicones or the majority of horrible ingredients you find in regular conditioners.

Lush City Walk Hair Lab Review Free hair treatment - Dubai beauty blogger - uae hijabi stylist - best hair care shampoo conditioner and hair oil treatment for hijabi rehab shampoo review

VERDICT: Lush hair care range is my personal preference among the store, especially because of the amazing outcome. I’ve always selected Lush products after a thorough understanding and a detailed discussion with the staff, they genuinely want to help you, and your only work is to tell them exactly what you are looking for. They are termed as ‘Lush Experts’ for a reason. And the Hair Lab is one step forward to assist you in your purchase by showcasing the results then and there. The only thing I was quite sceptical about is why the Lab doesn’t have a door, being a hijabi it was quite a No No for us.

Appointments run on a first come first serve basis at Lush City Walk, but you can definitely call & book a date on 045608509

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So I’m totally in love with the “Open Sleeves” trend, be it blazer or dresses, this iconic cut sleeve definitely ups your fashion game without any efforts. Featuring another unique piece from my Modest Forever Series, living up to the name, thankfully the dress comes with attached white full sleeves under, so you can avoid wearing an inner. Perfect material for summers to stay on point with your diva avatar.
As winter with winter knocking doors of Dubai, another fashion favourite bound to be all over the place is anything and everything made of velvet fabric. Wearing this summer favourite in winter with a tad bit of improvisation with my purple velvet cardigan robbed from a friend’s closet.
Modest outfit idea rt hijab styles | rahma Talwar | Dubai hijabi fashion modelModest outfit idea rt hijab styles | rahma Talwar | Dubai hijabi fashion modelModest outfit idea rt hijab styles | rahma Talwar | Dubai hijabi fashion modelModest outfit idea rt hijab styles | rahma Talwar | Dubai hijabi fashion modelModest outfit idea rt hijab styles | rahma Talwar | Dubai hijabi fashion model
Until next time,
Love Rahma <3
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Sticking to my newly found for long cardigans here is another simple yet sophisticated OOTD inspiration. Adding a flair to this monochrome knee length cardigan which I picked up randomly from Jennyfer, I decided to with a red top with silver details running down the middle and abandon my all time favourite black jersey hijab with a brown cotton hijab with red tassels.

Learn to create this DIY tassel hijab here.

Here is a simple hijab tutorial to recreate this trendy Turkish Hijab style within few seconds.



Modest outfit idea with long cardigan and turkish hijab styleModest outfit idea with long cardigan and turkish hijab styleModest outfit idea with long cardigan and turkish hijab styleModest outfit idea with long cardigan and turkish hijab styleModest outfit idea with long cardigan and turkish hijab styleModest outfit idea with long cardigan and turkish hijab style


With Eid being just around the corner, scheduling Salon appointment is a top priority at every girl’s agenda. With the ongoing rush at beauty salons, I prefer to book my treatments way ahead of time, but not having a go to salon often puts me in a very tricky position.

My Wellbey jounrey reivewRecently I came across Wellbey, a handy new website that is the gateway for you to discover new salons and services dotted around the city at the click of a button. Though currently, Wellbey is a massive directory of service providers in UAE, Jordan and Qatar, soon it will be launching there in house online booking platform and mobile application.

My beauty regime begins days before Eid and includes a relaxing facial, fancy mani-pedi, stylish henna design and a soothing massage. But the only dilemma is where to go?

My Wellbey jounrey reivewSo having discovered this new platform I hopped onto the Wellbey user-friendly website on my mobile to look for answers. All you need to do is enter your preferred service and nearby area and in a matter of seconds you get a choice of salons with user reviews. Each salon is also ranked on prices, making it easier for you to select the services under your budget.

All thanks to Wellbey’s quick interface, you get the contact information of each Salon with all treatments it offers in a jiffy. I tend to avoid online payments as much as possible, so booking appointments via phone calls are my safest bet. I was able to find some really great spa & salon near to my office courtesy Wellbey, so the last few days of Ramadan, you all know where I shall be found.

I’m eagerly waiting for their mobile application launch and with that said, you will have countless beauty treatments just a click away.

Wellbey Dubai Salon & Spa Website ReviewWrite a review on any of the listed Salon & Spa and get a chance to WIN AED 1,000

Stay tuned to my Instagram & Snapchat to see the backstage action of my pre-EID beauty regime.


O.K so this is a post that has been waiting for a long time to be posted. On my recent Instagram post, many of you ladies wanted to see a modest lookbook for summer. So here is my successful merge in 7 different ways between style with modesty. I put this outfit together that would look great for a casual lunch date or even a night out. I’m usually into loud prints and bright colors so this is actually quite a big change for me.

Hijabi Style Inspiration & ideas for summer outfits
Modest Look Book for Summer 2016

Looking through this post, I hope you get inspired to try some of these outfits yourself. As summer is already saying a Bright & Sunny Hello to all in Dubai, my outfits would have more of pink, blues & white vibe throughout the post, but black is an essential for me in all seasons.

Pink Blue Hijabi Outfit combos
Sunny Pink Palm

Harem pants style for hijabi
Harem Connections

Modest Formal Hijabi Outfit in Black
Simple in Black

Denim Jacket Hijab Style
Leopard Love

Hijabi Outfit to wear at Ice Skating Ring
Skaters Paradise

How to style printed pants in modest manner for hijabi girls
Printed Pants & Blue

Printed Pants with sky blue hijab style
Cozy Casuals

If you wanna see more of these lookbook kind of posts, comment below to let me know !! And for more ideas & inspirations follow me @Rthijabstyles on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter.


Much Love !!

Rahma <3


61201525With a half an hour’s drive from Ajman lies the Centro Sharjah Hotel, the perfect place for a stress-free getaway that goes easy on the pocket. The hotel isn’t that hard to find, adjacent to Sharjah International Airport & somewhat hid away from the rest with tall trees &  lush green surroundings , it is a Tourist &  Google Map Friendly Hotel.

C Taste Top ViewMain Lobby AreaUpon entering the hotel, you are left mesmerized with high ceilings and a beautifully designed lobby with palm trees – a local touch for all my tourist friends. I may add the sitting area & decor is truly very comfy & an inviting place especially with all its free Wi.Fi. Though the check-in time was at 2pm, we arrived at tad bit late and the whole process was smooth as butter. Good Start to a Great Weekend!

Apparently working two jobs with all your soul, drains out your energy. So not being close to any mall or hyped up landmark was a huge relief for me and my mother. I loved how we got to enjoy a weekend  away from all the home chores, idiotic office drama & fast pacing city life without having to travel far away.

Our Class Studio

Plasma TvAs soon as we walked into our room, we let out a huge sigh. I was expecting quite a little, and so was completely floored by the neatly organized room on the fourth floor with an impressive view of their outdoor pool & playful greenery through the floor to ceiling window (my favorite part of the entire room).
Classic Studio of Centro Sharjah Hotel
The inviting bed
The white sheets of Hotel beds have something special, you instantly want to dive into them right away. The room was designed so elegantly, especially keeping in mind the needs of a frequent business man. We had a Queen sized bed with the coziest blanket (additional ones can be requested any time) along with side tables mounted with magazines & Rotana Articles & guides.

Living Area
The Cozy Living Area

Throughout my stay, I was mounted on their beautiful soft L-shaped Couch in front of their 32 inch LCD TV. The TV channels offered were too boring for me, so I ended up connecting my laptop to it.

Study Table
The View from Fourth Floor
WiFi is charged at AED 55 per day in rooms and the speed is quite impressive, to be honest. For all my free hoggers, you can access the internet in lobby for FREE!!
Complimentary things you get at Centro SharjahPantry Area
Kitchenette with complimentary coffee/ tea making facilities & mini fridge
Washroom with a gorgeous magnifying glass

Steam Shower and Towels

Being a three-star hotel, I knew hoping for a Bath Tub was too much, but the bathroom was quite impressive, with some very basic toiletries along with their Tropical scent Vegetable Soap. You also get a hairdryer, magnifying mirror (now this a basic necessity for me) and bathroom telephone.

 Night Life at Centro

View of C Taste Restaurant at Night
Later that night we decided to get downstairs for dinner a tad bit late, I could feel the entire mood & ambiance went from warm & cozy to sassy & dazzling with all its intricate lighting. Heading over to C-Taste, an all day dining restaurant with live cooking station offering buffets for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Sunday – Italian, Monday – Indian, Tuesday – Mediterranean, Wednesday – BBQ night, Thursday Seafood & Friday – International
Lucky for my mum, it was their seafood special that night – fresh from the sea right on your plate.

Private Seating Area at C Taste

Seafood Buffer at C Taste

I was thrilled with the variety of seafood salads to choose from, cocktail shrimps to Calamari Salad, if you are a seafood lover, this is ‘THE PLACE’.
Calamari Salad

CrabStick Salad

SeaFood buffet at C taste Sharjah
Octopus Green Salad

SeaFood buffet at C taste Sharjah
CousCous Shrimp Salad

SeaFood buffet at C taste Sharjah
Cold Cream Shrimp Salad

Cocktail Shrimp Salad
For mains, it was a bit of mix between Arabic & Indian. Not being a huge seafood fan, I directly attacked the Chicken Briyani but it lacked the raw authentic spices and the Arabic cuisine was way too mild for me. I got my hands on some baked beef lasagna which was pure cheesy goodness.
C Taste Seafood Buffer
Live Seafood Cooking Station

Grilled Sherry Fish with Lemon Sauce
But what won my heart was their live cooking station and friendly chefs, I asked them for something spicy and that’s exactly what got delivered to my plate.

C taste Seafood Buffer Selection
Desserts Selection at C Taste Dinner Buffet

C taste Seafood Buffer Selection
Sweet White Rasgullas for Indian Sweet Tooth
My eyes were stuck at the dessert counter from the very start. The fresh fruits were rather refreshing & the Gulab Jamun & Rasgulla quite addictive.

C taste Seafood Buffer Selection
Banana Pudding

C taste Seafood Buffer Selection
Cheesecake topped with Strawberry Sauce

C taste Seafood Buffer Selection
Deconstructed Rocky Road
And what’s a better way to end our sweet encounters than a Deconstructed Rocky Road in a Cup.

C.Taste - Centro Sharjah Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Outdoor Facilities

A fresh new day started off with a tour of the hotel. I woke up really early to get better pictures of their outdoor facilities. The swimming pool is not so big, but really refreshing & soothing. I ended up sitting on the couches and reading a book for a while in the quiet.
Outdoor facilities of Centro Sharjah Hotel at Rotana
Lawn alongside pool for children to play
Outdoor facilities of Centro Sharjah Hotel at Rotana
Outdoor Seating Area

Outdoor facilities of Centro Sharjah Hotel at Rotana
Sitting Area by the Pool
Outdoor Jazcuzzi At Centro Sharjah of Rotana Hotels UAE
Outdoor Jacuzzi

They also offer a Jacuzzi located near the swimming pool itself but was a huge bummer as they only have single medium sized one usually packed with guys. But my disappointment was instantly covered with relaxing Sauna room they have for females separately.

Outdoor facilities of Centro Sharjah Hotel at Rotana
Gym with Thread Mills

Another thing I was really impressed with, was their Gym, which actually had state of art training machines, rather than just few basic treadmills. Kudos to Centro!!

Breakfast Buffet at C Taste

Restaurant Review of C Taste Centro Sharjah by Rt Hijab Styles
Make your own Foul Madamas

Again I was at C-Taste for my breakfast which ended up being a feast of morning delights. For your sweet tooth, you could select from fresh fruits to freshly made pancakes, jams, multiple cereals, muffins & mini donuts.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESWhile for a savory touch, how about live cooking station dedicated for custom made eggs?

C Taste Breakfast Buffet at Centro Sharjah Hotel
Fluffy Pancakes

C Taste Breakfast Buffet at Centro Sharjah Hotel
Zatar & Cheese Croissants

C Taste Breakfast Buffet at Centro Sharjah Hotel
Personal Favorite Potato Wedges

C Taste Breakfast Buffet at Centro Sharjah Hotel
Traditional Arabic Breads with Zaatar & Cheese

Fruits in Centro Sharjah
Collection of Fresh Fruits

C Taste Breakfast Buffet at Centro Sharjah Hotel
Cheese Cubes & Turkey/Ham Slices

Centro Sharjah Hotel Review Dubai
Different Types of Breads

A quick shoot out to the Manager down at C-Taste, who was so sweet to all the kids and kept ensuring all the guests had something to drink. After a heart filling breakfast with a full tummy, I went back to my room for a quick nap before we had to check out which was at 12pm.

C Deli Restaurant in Centro Hotel
Centro’s innovative 24 hours take-away dining

We asked for a cab which was at our disposal the moment we stepped out of the elevator. Overall our stay at Centro Sharjah is one word was ‘Relaxing!!’ From the friendly staff, to exciting facilities, mouth watering food to comforting queen bed, all summed up to be a perfect Mother-Daughter Getaway.

Centro Sharjah Hotel
Al Dhaid Road
Near Sharjah International Airport
For hotel booking and current promotions, please visit Centro Sharjah’s official website:  www.rotana.com or contact # 06 508 8000
Disclaimer: The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Centro Sharjah Hotel, Rotana or any other company. The stay & meal were offered complimentary for review purposes, however, no compensation was given. 


“As long as there’s Pasta & Chinese food in this world. I’m Okay! “

The smell of shrimps, sizzling hot noodles and steamy soup is all you need to make you go from ‘FINE’ to ‘AWESOME SAUCE’. Growing up I was fortunate to be a part of  UAE, a culturally diversified country where incorporating different cuisines to your daily meals is somewhat a tradition. Every nook & cranny has a Chinese, Arabic, Indian & Italian restaurants – meaning every weekend we got to try something new.

Last week, I got invite to Nom Nom Asia, a Cafe style Asian restaurant inspired by South-East Asian street food culture, serving both Chinese & Thai. The graffiti walls & quirky hashtag chopstick logos does catch your eye in an instance.


Nom Nom Asia is tucked away in Barsha 1, quite an isolated location but the trusted old GPS gets you there with no problems. Atmosphere wise, it is not overly flashy and has  a very calm, subtle ambiance with the tables packed near to each other in a line very cleverly – exactly what you want from a Chinese restaurant.  The only thing I didn’t like was PAID PARKING.


We were greeted by the founder/owner himself Vivek, who very beautifully explained how they select fresh seafood & meat on a weekly basis and vegetables are handpicked thrice a week themselves. The guy is very tech-friendly and I think that’s why Nom Nom Asia is so hyped on social media. We went on a Monday evening for a dinner, though the restaurant wasn’t crowded, delivery orders were back & forth the whole night. The Menu is compact yet a bit complicated offering over 108 dishes in veg,  chicken, fish, prawn, tofu & beef.

As for the customer service, our servers got the food onto the table so quickly ‘Kudos’ !! 


We started off with their complimentary Prawn Chips accompanied with the authentic Chinese Trio – Soy sauce, Vinegar & Chilli Sauce.  Along those we sipped their Signature drink – Thai Ice Tea served in cute mason jars, perfect for hot summers days in UAE.

Next, I ordered my  go-to comfort foodSweet Corn soup – you can never go wrong with it.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESFor starters, we got their Pepper Chilli Tossed Chicken – a signature dish of Nom Nom Asia recommended by the Chef himself, and what a delight it was to eat!  Crispy Dynamite Prawns – we got this thinking of Dynamite Shrimps of PF changs, at the first look I was utterly disappointed as you get jumbo prawns & their in-house sauce separately. But I have to give them, their Dynamite Sauce is a Million bucks if you are a fan of spicy get their custom made Dynamite Sauce, however, the prawns were quite flavourless.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESAs you continue eating, you quickly grasp that it’s an Indo-Chinese restaurant, not the traditional authentic Chinese! But they do serve ‘Have Sum Dim Sum Platter’ – an authentic Chinese dish consisting Steamed Chicken Dumplings, Spring Rolls, Siu Mai & Wontons.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESFor Mains, we got Nom Nom Chicken Fried Rice (Quite Normal), Hakka Noddles (Must Try) & Smokey Sizzling Hot Plate – Chicken with a blend of veggies marinated in ginger juice & garlic butter, bean sprouts & spring rolls. Nah !! The Hot Plate was my least favourite, basically because the Chicken was too hard to chew & the flavors were too mild. Also, we were served their Kung Pao Chicken & Dragon Chicken Sauce, to me both tasted quite same but were deliciously mouth watering.


SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESLastly, we had our hands on their Best Seller Dessert – Fried Ice Cream – sweet breaded scoop of vanilla in a warm crispy shell sprinkled with crushed almonds & chocolate sauce. It tasted as fabulous as it sounds & looks! Maybe the most heavenly & addictive desserts ever made!


The best feature about them would surely be their affordable prices. You could eat your heart out under 100 AED easily with such great portions. This restaurant is perfect for takeouts – if you are interested in trying Indo-Chinese & Authentic Thai food enjoyit at the comfort of your home.


I might visit back to steal a bite of their divine Fried Ice Cream. Well as for the food, my friends & I already got their Thai food  home delivered few days ago and it was too darn good & very authentic. (I would prefer to get takeaways from NOM NOM) !! Nom Nom Asia also does catering and delivery.

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Address: Barsha Oasis Building, Opposite Al Maya Supermarket,Barsha 1

Telephone: 04 3929322

Opening hours : 11:15 AM to 3:45 PM and 5:50 PM to 10:55 PM

Website: www.nomnomasia.com

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Nom Nom Asia or any other company. The meal was offered complimentary for review purposes, however, no compensation was given.