5 Ways To Survive Writer’s Block

Writer’s block – inevitably every content creator’s biggest nightmare. Your creative mojo unexpectedly embarks on a ridiculously long vacation and refuses to hand you inspiration on a golden platter.

The other day I helplessly stared at a blank computer screen unable to frame a proper sentence for my blog (you can imagine the frustration level). On the same day, my rather impatient brother accused me of being too uptight, well I wanted him to eat a decent toasted sandwich (thank you very much for being a good sister) and he was running late (again). But his statement did strike a cord!

I had a fun conversation with myself which went something like this “You’re holding on too tight to get that perfect article even before you touch a keyboard. Loosen Up Sister!”

Believe me, it’s a formula for disaster if you start writing with an intention to get everything just right at the first step (pure stupidity!). I find myself doing it sometimes, and later on hitting my head against the wall thinking: “When are you going to learn Rahma?”  Before exploring some solutions, here is why Writer Block magically befalls upon the best of content creators.

  1. Lack of ideas.
  2. You have great ideas, but not enough content – Lack of Research
  3. You have ideas & content, but unable to communicate your thoughts –Perfectionism

If you’re a regular blogger, this hustle is not new and your passion for writing wobbles under the gun. Therefore, I decided to share some useful tips based on my experience to tackle this combat like a badass storytelling pro.


Creativity is slightly delicate, to get that motor running fast without any harsh brakes, we need to feed it with new ideas, revamped old thoughts, maybe odd fantasies (and that’s how golden eggs are delivered, lol!). The obvious choice is reading more – visit your favorite blogs or pick up your local newspaper & magazines (and by that, I mean a cosmopolitan where surprisingly I find pretty cool ideas relate to Dubai & its Epic lifestyle spectrum). 

Why not travel to a different world with a new book by your favorite author? Stick to stand alone novels only, you might get pulled into a demanding series!

Not a fan of reading? Visual content (maybe a TED talk on youtube) or experiment with a quirky mood board (Honestly, Pinterest is so unappreciated around this part of the globe) can also brew up some freshness during a breakdown. 


Sometimes a distraction free zone instigates originality when your eyes are NOT fixed on the phone seated right beside your laptop and notifications building up your anxiety slowly. As a blogger, I can safely say, we are obsessed with our phones, forever anxious about emails and fixated on social media. In fact, I took good 3 hours to jot down all points for some articles, something easily achieved in 1.5 hours, if I wasn’t in a back and forth combat between both the screens. A strict workflow delivers, no seriously, download that chrome extension now (and block out all social media sites) and focus on one task at a time – be more productive for 50 mins with 10 mins break.


As I mentioned before, high expectations with the first draft is a complete Nada! Sometimes, agonizing over the perfect first line or an impeccable introductory paragraph blocks creative thinking. Write as if you’ve already introduced the idea and don’t be afraid to get the good stuff rolling out first, then later come back to frame it. Before you realize, you’ll have a completed post that’s only missing an intro.

Do not act as an editor from the start, be a writer –  draft plenty and edit finally.


Sometimes to get those golden eggs, you need to let go and move on to something new. Rather than relying upon comfort food, jumbo caffeine shots and ‘Netflix & Chill’ because you can’t write, direct your positive energy on something productive, revisit older blog posts, correct links & tags, basically revolve your task around some blogging affairs!

End of the day: ‘You didn’t give up on your blog, instead pampered your little baby!’

Stay attached to your blog always! It’s not going to help if you put yourself down for having a block. It happens to the best of writers! So just take a break and have a KitKat (haha!)


Prior to working on a new idea, it’s always good to gain some insights, read a few articles on it – research is the key. Before your fingers do the work, exercise your brain in the relevant topic. 

While brainstorming ideas, some prefer to scribble down points on a paper, I find recording my thoughts & research (one-on-one imperfect conversation with my readers, no heavy vocabulary, no grammatically correct sentences – a simple conversation) considerably useful. My first draft is a voice over which then gets converted into text and later checked for grammatic/spelling errors. Sometimes a blank page gets filled by a simple chat with yourself. 


When can you expect the best work from a writer? Most probably when he/she is feeling! You see, creativity operates broadly in conjunction with your emotions. An angry writer can pen down some sincerely moving posts (hence, my Behind the scenes of Dubai work life post) while a cheerful, happy & content one (in my case, a tummy filled) blogger can bring out their creative mojo with a favorite cup of coffee and a clean desk. 

Writing is a passion, but I take my two year old blog as an open book Literature exam, where each new post is better than the last one in terms of my writing style. I constantly try to learn the difference between passive & active style, adverbs &adjectives and more importantly how to find my voice in between all this commotion. 

Cheers Dubai,



2017 hijabi fashion trends with rthijabstyles rahma talwar - red tag fashion dubai store collaboration (4)Every time styling an outfit and prepping for an appearance comes into the picture, my mind runs a tag team tournament between realistic fashion inspo, my current mood and the amount of time & effort I’m willing to put in, that particular day. Let’s break it down to a simple math of 30min – complete makeover session for an event, a 10min Ronde Vu if I’m going to the mall or meeting a friend and a 2min quick outfit change (PJs to anything decent visible) to pick mom up from office. No greater pleasure than chauffeuring her around town (right).
Bloggers talk about ramp walks & fashion magazines a bit too seriously like…well, their best friends. Don’t get me wrong I adore the whole new take on Modest/Hijabi Runways shows (Hijabi hills aka Ruba Zia’s latest collaboration with D&G, Damn! I hear a glass being shattered somewhere) but it’s not something I could replicate and be comfortable in.
Though I call myself a fashion blogger, I don’t blindly follow trends, I carefully pick out my favorites and mold them into something modern-modest. Lately, my inspiration board is covered by local Instagram fashionistas & content creators who understand hustle and associated with Dubai’s steaming heat without risking style. Agreed, we all value our comfy cotton sun dresses & fabrics, (honestly this summer I purchased so many fabrics from Tissura Store)  but some trends got me quite excited this year.

Flare Sleeves

This year is all about letting your sleeves slay the fashion game. Those baby blue & white Bell sleeves, kimono sleeves or even the frill ones (just like an umbrella) are featured everywhere online and can be found basically anywhere. And there you go! As a hijabi, we don’t have to worry about layering with these long sleeves. The best thing about this shirt is that it’s super versatile and under 50AED (from Red Tag)! Yes, I’m always nervous to wear white (too clumsy), but who can beat a 50Dhs white shirt?
2017 hijabi fashion trends with rthijabstyles rahma talwar - red tag fashion dubai store collaboration (8)

Skirts + Stockings

Back in the day, I never fully enjoyed the Hi-Low skirts rave, because I refrained myself from stockings. This particular pink skirt took a back seat in my closet for almost 2 years but recently, modest fashion divas began rocking below the knee pleated skirts again and my skirt got a second life. Doesn’t a hot pink skirt with black velvet boots scream the perfect combination?


Bomber Jackets

Are you somebody who is into street style? Are you a fan of pastel colors? In my case, I love both! So you can imagine my jump when I got this unique one of a kind vintage looking bomber jacket (btw on a sale for just AED 52). So there I was. At Red Tag Store, completely obsessed with this 90s piece even before I tried it on.
You see, both black & rose gold are my kryptonite, I always go searching (splurging) for them and this particular piece reminded me of the famous Youtube Twins, Niki & Gabi. I mean it has Gabi’s punk, don’t give a damn kinda attitude and Niki’s elegant classy vibes.
Total Outfit Budget:
  • White Top: Red Tag Fashion, 49 Dhs
  • Skirt: H&M, 30 Dhs
  • Ankle Boots: JollyChic, 65 Dhs
  • Bomber Jacket: Red Tag Fashion, 52 Dhs
  • Jewelry: Lovisa MiddleEast
A hijabi lifestyle issues a standard guarantee of NO ‘bad hair day’ (kinda epic for #lazygirls like me) but we do go great lengths to carve out a modest outfit once we step out of the house (Mix -matching your hijab with the dress is a real struggle, my friend!)
On a closer inspection, while writing this blog post, I realized all these trends have resurrected from the gorgeous era of the 80s and 90s. Customized denim jackets to colorful mirrored glasses, ruffles to fishnet stockings, street and runways are bringing back trend from our parent’s beloved retro years (how cool is that?) and we get to spice them up with our creative mojo.
What about you? Have you tried these trends? If not you should totally give it a try!
With warm hugs!!

Glam Up with Gosh Makeup Part 2

Gosh Makeup Review Mineral Powder Shopping Haul contour kit foundation plus 008 honey gosh arabiaGood Morning Girls!!

So let’s just brighten up today with a beauty review! Gosh is recently all over the blogosphere and continuously praised by Dubai Beauty Gurus, the makeup line coming from Denmark limits the chemical ingredients and focuses more on a flawless smooth skin with Paraben-free, fragrance-free & cruelty-free ingredients.

In my last beauty post aka Glam Up with Gosh MakeUp I told you guys, I will be reviewing some awesome sauce Gosh Products (the products they used for my makeover), which Oh My Gosh are the best thing in the beauty world. If you’re looking to fill your makeup bag without breaking the bank – you should really pick up a few GOSH products.

“Did you know that GOSH were an almost completely vegan friendly beauty brand?”

Gosh Makeover Dubai Beauty Review UAE Youtuber Vlogger 0.jpg

GOSH Cosmetics Foundation Plus+ 008 GOLDEN TAN

The new highly concentrated foundation formula is designed to give full coverage and honestly, at first, I was quite disappointed with size but you’ll need only the tiniest amount to cover a full face. The formula is easily blendable and gives a dewy hydrating finish. With my dry skin going worse this summer, this formula with ingredients like hyaluronic acid and algae, basically allowed me to wear makeup without any flakiness and still had a nourishing long lasting finish.

GOSH Mineral Powder 006 HONEY

I hate wearing makeup during summers, it’s just not for me, but when I want to look somewhat presentable,  I typically reach for this baby. Now I never tried a mineral powder before and didn’t know what exactly it did. But this ‘powder‘ is so lightweight and as you start applying it to your skin it becomes almost cream like giving you that wonderfully smooth finish. – It’s actually pure magic 😝

Gosh Makeup Review Mineral Powder Shopping Haul contour kit foundation plus 008 honey gosh arabiaI really appreciate the packaging & seal, you can control how much powder comes out and even close it completely while traveling.

GOSH Contour’N Strobe Kit 002 MEDIUM

It’s quite a basic kit and perfect for beginners or girls looking for a natural everyday look. Plus the packaging is quite strong & handy, I have often thrown it in my purse when in a hurry and no scar whatsoever. The texture is extremely soft and blends on the skin.

Gosh Makeup Review Mineral Powder Shopping Haul contour kit foundation plus 008 honey gosh arabia

Contour: It has two shades (shimmery & matte) I use the lighter shade on my forehead and nose while the darker one to define my cheekbones.
Blush: Often, I ignore applying a blush, in the fear of having pink clown cheeks but The dusty rose pink shade looks super natural on my skin tone.
Highlight: Going with the natural look, the highlight has just the right amount of shine. But if I do have time, I rather apply my liquid highlighters.

GOSH Giant Pro Double Liner 001 BLACK

Gosh Makeup Review Mineral Powder Shopping Haul contour kit foundation plus 008 honey gosh arabia

Now the only reason, I picked up this black beauty was because the makeup artist used it so flawlessly on me during my makeover. But oh my god, though the formula is so good & rich in color, it’s so hard for me to apply it with accurate precision. Again, this product is quite traveling friendly, as you use the kajal as an eyeshadow for smokey eye and the liquid pencil liner for the perfect winged cat-eye (only if you can master the sorcery of jumbo pencils) 

GOSH Eyebrow Pencil 05 DARK BROWN

As I mentioned in my last post, I’m really bad when it comes to taming my eyebrows. But I’m quite surprised with this one, I usually use powder but frankly, a pencil is way easier and precise for a beginner like me. Since this eyebrow pencil is waterproof, it stays all day long and I don’t need a touch-up! Plus, Looks super natural and gives a soft look to the eyebrows.

Personally, in my opinion, the brand is worth every penny, from foundation to eye product one better than other. And if you are looking for a good skin base – premier, foundation, concealer & powder, Gosh maybe a bit pricey but the different textures & number of shades it has, you are bound to get the perfect one for you.


Disclaimer: The products mentioned in this article were sent to Rt Hijab Style’s author by Gosh. However, this is a press release, aiming at the promotion to a wider audience. No compensation was provided in any way for the publication of this post by Gosh  or any other company.


   Until, Next Time, Love Rahma

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Bookish.ae review online library in dubai uae bookstagramHello Stylers,

As a content creator & lifestyle blogger, my work demands to be in front of the screen almost 10-12 hours a day .For years I vouched for EBooks, as they were easy to carry on my phone, readily available to download & super affordable. But my eyes & soul can’t take another minute of digitalizing my favourite pass time. So my long lost love for physical copies was renewed by a recent find in Dubai Digital market. Oh the Irony, my solution to digital detoxification was found on an online podium.

Bookish.ae review online library in dubai uae bookstagram

Introducing ‘Bookish.ae’ an online library that delivers your favourite books at your doorstep. In all certainty, I’m against splurging on physical copies which are read once and come to be a decoration piece at your bookshelf. Instead, a library offers an economical experience and if it delivers directly to your door, what’s the harm? #LazyGirlHacks

My every single visit to a bookstore ends with me walking out the doors empty handed but a mental checklist of hundred books to read, yet never spending a dime on a physical copy. Most books are generally priced between 40 to 50 AED at bookstores, which made me love bookish.ae way more. Bookish.ae provides an affordable membership starting with AED 49; each plan has a different number and types of books you can rent each month. So now instead of one, I get to read plenty within a month for the same price.

Check out these step-by-step instructions on how to join Bookish.ae.

Last month I subscribed to their Book Lover Membership which costs AED 99 for 6 months or AED 119 per month in which you can avail unlimited books per month (4 books at a time), a free joining gift on first delivery & membership program invites.

Though my ideal choice is young adult rom-com, this time I played around with my selection and rented out different authors & genres. And oh bouy I was surprised, in a very positive way. My first delivery included the following books

Bookish.ae review online library in dubai uae bookstagram

What I know for sure by Oprah Winfrey
Safe Haven by Nicholas Spark
The Cinderella Moment by Gemma Fox
Harry Potter and the Cursed Child by J K Rowling.


Affordable memberships with free home delivery
More than 5000s books  to choose from covering different genres & authors including ones from India & Middle East.
You don’t have to return a book at the end of the month as long as your membership is still active, and there are no late fees or due dates.



Unfortunately, they only Deliver in Dubai – The only con I could find after testing the service for one whole month.

Final Verdict

Hands down, this is the best innovation made for a book lover and lazy girls. Plus, with so much being digitalized, a physical copy brings in a sentimental value,  the way the pages feel in your hands, the rich scent of paper, the way they wear over time and gain character.

Bookish.ae review online library in dubai uae bookstagram

For more information, visit the Bookish.ae website or email them on info@bookish.ae for queries.




Living in UAE, you are overthrown by alternatives for Friday Plans particularly the options available for lavish brunch with family. Yet, when I received an invite from Downtown Palace, I was downright excited! Why may you ask? Though 21 years in UAE, it was my very first time visiting Traditional Arabic Architectural Palace known for its Award Wining luxurious Middle Eastern themes.

Ewaan Restaurant Review in Dubai Downtown Palace Hotel Zomato UAE Food Blogger Dubai Foodie Friday Buffet Brunch Arabic Traditional Cuisine

As we entered through the beautiful royal doors, the sumptuous spread at Ewaan left us astonished as ever. The buffet was mainly filled with over 200+ Arabic & Oriental dishes with live cooking stations. Brunch begins at 1pm and is usually jam packed with the hotel guests as well as the residents of UAE. Despite this being one of the busiest brunches that we have attended, the tables were not crammed together so we felt like we had a little bit of space and privacy amongst our dining group.

Ewaan Restaurant Review in Dubai Downtown Palace Hotel Zomato UAE Food Blogger Dubai Foodie Friday Buffet Brunch Arabic Traditional Cuisine


Ewaan Restaurant Review in Dubai Downtown Palace Hotel Zomato UAE Food Blogger Dubai Foodie Friday Buffet Brunch Arabic Traditional Cuisine Meat LoverEwaan Restaurant Review in Dubai Downtown Palace Hotel Zomato UAE Food Blogger Dubai Foodie Friday Buffet Brunch Arabic Traditional Cuisine Meat LoverThis mega-brunch is all  about the live cooking stations shockingly serving everything a meat lover wants, from Chicken to Duck, Fish, Lobsters, Veal & beef also a Sushi station you had it all under one roof. You are definitely spoiled with countless choices of meat.

The cooking station continuously grilled meat as per your liking & served it as hot! With various sauces & dips to try with. Focusing on the Arabic Traditions, the food flavours were mild but they did offer chilli sauce for the Indian Spice lovers too. The Pasta station has always been my favourite & at this particular one, I asked the cook to add veal on to my pink pasta sauce which turned out to be a perfect combination.

You know it's a big hot shot restaurant when the buffet includes the finest artisan selection of cheese & bread. After a…

Posted by RT Hijab Styles on Wednesday, October 19, 2016


Ewaan Restaurant Review in Dubai Downtown Palace Hotel Zomato UAE Food Blogger Dubai Foodie Friday Buffet Brunch Arabic Traditional Cuisine

Venturing into the dessert section, you will be left delighted with Arabic sweets particularly the popular Umm Ali. Another surprise for the inner child in you would be the live cotton candy station, chocolate fondue & crepes. Plus, you can help  yourself to mini modern dessert like chocolate, mango mouse & all flavours of cheesecakes.

Before making your way out do ensure that you stop by the outside terrace for outstanding views of their swimming pool – the perfect way to end such a luxurious brunch.

Ewaan Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Friday Brunch: 1.00 am to 4.00 pm



Happy Weekend to all !!! Don’t you just love birthdays?! I definitely do, that special attention and pampering by others is just out of the world. What if you could experience a glimpse of that extraordinary feeling every month. Why are you waiting for others, let BOX THERAPY pamper you like never before this month. Receiving gifts is adored by all girls, and so an element of excitement filled the room as I held the box in my hand and advanced to unwrap.Trust me, their boxes are an explosion of total awesomeness resolving around a mind-soothing theme each month. Unlike, other subscription boxes, BOX THERAPY discloses detailed information about their past boxes which are truly a bundle of joy. It may seem a tad bit expensive, as each box is AED 162 yet the content truly are worth AED600 and more. From Beauty to home decor, fashion to nutirtion, box therapy is an aid to your mind, soul and heart.

Click here, to register today for the November Subscription Box today, you can even fill up a detailed lifestyle profile, so all the contents are according to your preferences and tastes.


Generally, all my online purchases are delivered to my home directly so that after an exhausting day I have something to get excited about other than my bed. As always, BOX THERAPY perfectly justifies his month’s unique Autumn inspired theme. The moment I saw their info card all I could think was Falling leaves, seasonal candles, hot pumpkin spice lattes and fuzzy socks and I was so happy to see my blue box of delights. Without further ado, I give you BOX THERAPY OCTOBER 2015 Edition:



‘Nivea Sensitive 3-in-1 Micellar Cleansing Water’


In every beauty blogger’s life, on some pleasant yet extremely rare occasions we come across a product which deserves our utmost appreciation and to honour these splendid beauties, I have created a whole new category of Product of the Month. Each month you will be able to add one new product to your wish list as cutting through to reach the top spot will not be any easy.


Once you set foot in the business world, coordinating office attires can be an awfully demanding chore for many. The term ‘Professional’ is much wider in scope than those expensive corporate suits and stilettos whereas in reality it signifies a smart, refreshing and feminine look.

Build up an entire formal wardrobe at the very beginning could be a pricey affair, perhaps a smart decision to invest in a few basic staple pieces like blazers, pants and a pair of stylish yet comfy heels is ideal. Besides emphasis on making more use of items present in your closet – the only trick is ‘how’ to style them modestly. Just a few tweaks here and there to how you pick your office wear is all you need to make an ever-lasting impression.

Five Modest Office Wear Looks



Look 1 – Statement Necklaces

I could never opt for a complete black look, colors defines my personal style. Therefore, I ended up deciding to add a darker berry shade pants and accessorized the look with black lace heels, a printed hijab and the most-favored element of the season – a chunky statement necklace.





Five Modest Office Wear Looksa

Look 2 – Neutrals

When bored of those dull blacks and blues, go for the refreshing whites. No formal pants? Why not use those cuffed pants hanging in your closest or just folded your lose fit colored pants and tuck in your shirt from front and let it out at the back for modest covering. Minimizing the accessorizes to a watch and matching hand bag displays an effortless outcome.






Wear Jumpsuit to Officea


Look 3 – Jump Suits

A solution to a comfy and relaxing attire is that jumpsuit in your wardrobe, they are more useful than you think. Toss on a blazer and some high heels to accomplish a cozy rock-chic look. It’s often said to refrain from any kind of animal print at workplace but as per me a little animal is always fine.






Modest Office Wear Looka

Look 4 – Skirts

If the non hijabi folks rock a mini skirt, then we shall be the brand ambassador of maxi skirts at business meetings. Select the less flowy and layered maxi skirts, tuck in your button-up shirt and finish it with a skinny belt. Steer clear of any vibrant color moreover keep it simple with black, greys and neutrals only. Throw in a complimenting blazer or cardigan and statement necklace to take your style up a notch.






Modest Office Wear Looka

Look 5 – Dresses

In lieu of those boring blazer and pant combos everyday, make an entrance to remember with a tasteful selection of simple knee-length dress. Incorporate a cardigan or blazer, leggings and kitten heels and you are done. An easy going semi-formal look especially for teachers.


Eradicate that false perception of formal wear being monotonous and restricting. In the current scenario an office attire is only an extension of your personal style combined with the conventional norms expected at an office. Ensure your ensembles displays modesty, elegance and current fashion trends represented by those stylish accessories. Always try finding out new styles to keep your office look innovative, warm and delightful. Unless you experiment, it will always be boring and regular.


One of my favourite combinations to wear any time of the day is Navy blue and White. I have often noticed that hijabs within darker shades of blue go really well with brown skin girls. In this particular outfit, all I did was jazzed it up a notch with few long black and grey pearl chains.

#TIP During summers try wearing sleeveless flowy tops and use no snag hijab pins to attach a shirt or cardigan to the top on both sides of your shoulder.




Plaid shirt Forever 21
Lace Top Forever 21
Jeans Being Human
Necklace Ebay
Hijab I love modesty

For more outfit ideas & hijab tutorials follow me on Instagram @Rthijabstyles