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6 Reasons To Try This New Hotel In Ras Al Khaimah

Acacia hotel review ras al khaimah by lifestyle blogger rahma talwar rthijabstyles (2)Another Weekend, Another Staycation! Why not play #TouristInMyCity Again?

If you love water adventures have a taste for navigating through different cities, Acacia Hotel, RAK is the place to go! This swanky new 4-star hotel under Bin Majid Resorts & Properties has the most amazing deals for a perfect weekend this summer. Our trip was in celebration of my brother’s 25th birthday, so taking pictures took a back seat (poor blogger me!).

Our stay was an all inclusive package, which I highly recommended because at the entrance we were greeted by a big envelope filled with different coupons & discounts.

Check out time already? Bye Bye @binmajidhotelsandresorts ✨

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1. All inclusive drinks: You can pamper your self and enjoy your entire time with a glass in one hand. From Hot Beverages (Coffee & Tea) to Cold Fizzy Drinks & various type of Alcohols, we had access to all 24/7. Pretty Cool!

2. Water adventures: With an all inclusive deal, you not only get to enjoy Acacia’s outdoor pool but also receive Beach access, Water slides & go Kakking coupons to use in Bin Majid’s Resort property – Beach Hotel, 10 minutes away from the hotel.

3. Sheesha fans: Acacia’s outdoor pool is the ideal perfect spot for you to soak up the sun, sip on the free amazing cocktails all day long & appreciate your holiday with a sheesha pipe. Though the setting is perfect for Sheesha lovers, unfortunately, only 3 flavors of Sheesha might annoy some (including, my brother!)

4. No Fights over Remote: I dunno about you, but I always end up fighting over TV in hotels (Ironically, I prefer laptops to watch stuff at home!) It was a nice surprise that our room had two set of TVs yet somewhat weird that we couldn’t find a flat Iron (That’s such a huge disappointment for someone like me, who is so particular about her perfectly ironed hijabs)

5: Affordable prices: A relatively new addition to RAK, the hotel offers super inexpensive all inclusive deals for adults & kids. You can find some great ones on Cobone or Groupon starting from only AED 250.

6. Free WiFi: What makes me furious is when luxury hotels for the sake for “Free WIFI” offer super crappy slow speed ones in return for your personal information (Emails & Mobile No, where they bombard you with useless deals over the next few months). Thankfully, Acacia (was different) facilitates decent WiFi speed without any privacy interruptions.

Any Drawbacks? All our meals were set at Al Nakhla Restaurant and honestly, the food was nothing to rave about or had anything new & exciting. Again, the pastry selection at Garden Brew Cafe was boring & similar to the desserts offered for lunch buffet at Al Nakhla. However, we did come across a promising Japenese Restaurant – Okura in the basement which we may try on our next visit. Plus, Hamra Mall is just 10 minutes away so food was not a major issue for us.

Location: Al Jazirah Al Hamra – Ras al Khaimah
Social: Instagram / Facebook / Twitter
Website: https://www.binmajic.com/acacia/rak
Phone: +971 7 235 2233

8 Reasons to be at Aloft Al Ain

Dubai’s staycation scene is getting more and more popular by the day and people actually make an effort to plan a weekend trip to other Emirates to spend this precious time with family and be a tourist in another city!

The latest addition to to the up-and-coming Hazza Bin Zayed Stadium development is the superbly high-tech Aloft Ain! Away from the hustle of city life, with amazing food & rooftop infinity pool, here are 8 reasons why your next weekend trip should be at ALoft Ain.

1.  Your bank balance stays happy!

Not only will you have comfortable and stylish lodgings at an affordable price of AED 270/per night but you can save money with affordable meals at Olive Tree restaurant.


2. Hip & Happening!

Aloft is super funky and stylish, with the color play in room decor – vibrant pillows & carpets to snooker table at the reception. Entertainment all day long is guaranteed in this colorful vacation spot.

Why Not? Pose with the billard table 🦄 #FashionBlogger 🦄

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3. Every blogger’s DREAM- Tech Savvy Life

Not only is the WiFi free all day long, it even works in Elevators at super fast speed! You can turn control all lights with one single switch conveniently located just beside your bed. Plus, rooms are equipped with bedside USB chargers.

4. Customize your meals

Though the food option is limited to a large extent at Aloft, you can find plenty of eatery around the place to fill up your cravings. Olive Tree is an all day dining restaurant with an international menu (easily customizable) to keep everyone happy –  Traditional butter chicken, Arabic shish tawook and Indo-Chinese inspired noodle box.

5. I’m a Water Baby

How cool is an infinity pool? Though I don’t swim, I love the entire vibe at the rooftop, it’s not overly crowded and has ample space for you to lie down, soak up some sun while catching up on your favorite book. (Current Reading: Fall Away Series by Penelope Douglas)  

Just Keep Swimming #🏊🏼‍♀️

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6. Oh! The Landscapes and Attractions

Grab a bite at the rooftop Cafe and enjoy the best of Al Ain — Jebel Hafeet from your seat. Planning to do something Touristy? Al Ain Equestrian Club & Al Ain Zoo is the perfect place for families to bond. 


7. Insta-Worthy Shots

Hazza Bin Zayed Stadium Community is not fully jam-packed which in blogger terms means: “Time for a photo shoot!” The colorful vibes around the hotel makes it the perfect backdrop for your Instagram feed.

8. You will never feel bored!

The staff comes from 33 different countries, each with a fun adventure story. The entire team is super friendly and makes your stay so much more exciting. (My Mum and the Head Chef at Olive Tree hit it off so well and we went on with sharing some amazing stories.) Aloft Ain even set up cupcakes in our room as a special welcome gift.

It's Cupcake o'lock 🎂 Welcome Gift by @aloftalain 🎁

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Location: Hazza Bin Zayed Stadium Development, Al Towayya, Al Ain
Social: Instagram / Facebook / Twitter
Website: https://www.rotana.com/dubai/amwajrotana
Phone: 03 713 8888




Magical deep blue water of world’s largest aquarium #DAUZ

dubai-aquarium-and-underwater-zoo-with-rahma talwar rthijabstyles dauz dubai adventures my dubai lifestyle blogger uae blog top lifestyle (4)
Photo Credits: ClearTrip.ae
I always play the tourist card in Dubai, well duh! the city is full of wonders – Dubai doesn’t do small, it’s a place of extremes. This weekend I got the chance to experience the magical deep waters of world’s largest aquarium #DAUZ (Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo) located in world’s biggest shopping mall. Perhaps, it’s the city’s glitz and glam, superlatives, and passion of breaking records we love.
While shopping in Dubai Mall, I always enjoyed DAUZ from the outside. So there I was at the entrance ready to unveil the hidden secrets of this place with my Explorer Tag on  (120 Dhs per person) which includes an aquarium tour and boat ride too. Surprisingly, the tickets price was decent. And if you use the Entertainer App: Enjoy a one buy get one free deal on the Researcher tag (100 Dhs per person).
Oh yes, the guest of honor for the day was my mom who is my biggest fan since day one (love you, mom!) Well, all my reviews are a joint collection of experience as I always take serious notes of my partner’s opinion (you never know what they might point out!)
You start off on the ground floor, with a complete panoramic experience of the aquatic life (mark your first encounter with sharks) while walking through the mystic blue tunnel. A perfect place to snap an insta-worthy moment!
After the tunnel, we proceeded to Underwater Zoo, on Level 2 of Dubai Mall which has EVERYTHING! (I mean in terms of marine animals, they even had Nemo & Dory). This is the part which is hidden from the public eye and worth every penny you pay. Quickly we joined others in a queue to our special stimulator submarine experience which was basically a major disappointment for any adult. (you don’t wanna follow a random looking turtle into the sea on the screen).


Unlocking more secrets of DAUZ,  we made our way to the glass bottom boat ride (your boomerang game goes strong here). Our super cute guide informed us with real facts & figures (who knew world’s largest aquarium contains 10 million liters of water with 33k aquatic animals, well I had no clue!). The ride was so fascinating,  I found myself giggling and going “Mom, look at this!” every few seconds.
May be my Aquarius star sign took a toll on me but I spent the entire day admiring each session of their underwater zoo (completely forgot about dinner) which is divided into three zones – Rainforest, Rocky Shore, and Living Ocean. Well, my information about aquatic animals was limited to penguins, dolphins, and Nemo, so you can only imagine my smile when I spotted water rats, sea horses, giant squids, Veiled Chameleon and our tiny friends – Neon Tetra, glass catfish, white cloud mountain minnow.
dubai-aquarium-and-underwater-zoo-with-rahma talwar rthijabstyles dauz dubai adventures my dubai lifestyle blogger uae blog top lifestyle (3)
Well, my information about aquatic animals was limited to penguins, dolphins, and Nemo, so you can only imagine my smile when I spotted water rats, sea horses, giant squids, Veiled Chameleon and our tiny friends – Neon Tetra, glass catfish, white cloud mountain minnow.
dubai-aquarium-and-underwater-zoo-with-rahma talwar rthijabstyles dauz dubai adventures my dubai lifestyle blogger uae blog top lifestyle (2)Though the main attraction is said to be the 40 year old King Croc from Australia, I couldn’t take my eyes away from those adorable penguins doing somersaults in the water. (Future husband, kindly note I may ask for a penguin on my birthday!)
Side Note: DAUZ did break my heart in one aspect, throughout the journey the photographers clicked us with random looking pose and asked us to collect them at the final counter. News flash! The photos cost double the ticket price, like are you kidding me? Not once, we were informed during the whole ‘say cheez’ extravaganza about the price (honestly, you do get a bit tempted but 300AED, No Never Nada!).
Overall,  we very much enjoyed our experience at #DAUZ (you know a place is amazing when it has a hashtag) and finally, something I can strike it off from my bucket list. For more details about their prices please visit http://www.thedubaiaquarium.com
PS: This is a collaboration that I did with Ewaan Properties. Having said that, everything that I stated here comes from personal stories. I am just a Small Town Girl joining the glitz & glam army of Dubai every now and then. Sharing my genuine opinion to help pick out your next adventure without revealing many secrets about the place.
Cheers Dubai!


Be Retro at Roxy

roxy cinema box park review rt hijab styles 3
Photo Credits: The ultimate guide for women in Dubai – She Wants Dubai 💕
Growing up we were crazy movie lovers, you know those insane families with a pre booked weekly cinema visits. Of course, I’m talking about a mystical time in UAE when tickets were as cheap as AED 15 and kids below the age 6 were honored with free entries. (Oh wow, how the time has changed) In fact, the whole IMAX, 4Dx, 3D choices (for good or worse) has remodified movie experiences altogether. Yet, I still believe in the magic of rusty old conventional 2D movies 📽
Now imagine a movie theater tricked out like an old school Retro boutique, with stunning vintage movie-themed decor, classic ticket booth, epic 70s and 80s movie posters at every corner (even the washrooms) and those legendary red seats & curtain (more like the luxurious red paradise of leather). The off screen magic did strike a cord, and I had to check out this place.
If you have been following my vlogs for a while, you know that not too long ago, I had a lavish date with my mom in Dubai from a 4 hour brunch at Carnival By Tresind which I featured on the #GuiltyPleasures Column ((lol I totally just made that up) to watching Beauty & the beast at Roxy Cinema, Box Park.
roxy cinema review blogger movie buff empire movies dubai uae
Believe me, all it takes to be in my good books is blankets and pillows. (lol, I’m such a couch potato 😚)
roxy cinemas
Vintage Ticketing Booth
roxy cinema box park review rt hijab styles 2
Photo Credits: Times out Dubai !
So what makes the perfect movies experience?
Personally, I think it’s a combination of a ‘Paisa Vasool’ (money worthy) entertaining movie, a relaxing adjustable seat with ample armrest (believe me, sharing is not caring in this particular case), pillows, and blankets are just icing on the cake but if you tell me I get to order snacks from the comfort of my seats. My answer? “Please take my money” 💰
I got to be honest, it felt amazing to experience the delightful gourmet menu, retro ambiance and a blanket (oh God, the amount of time I sneaked in a quilt in an obvious fluffy tote bag is quite embarrassing) while watching one of the finest actress ‘Emma Watson’ sing and dance along Disney’s live-action remake of Beauty and the beast.
The experience is unlike anything else! I’m surprised myself to admit this but watching movies in such a lavish place is quite pleasing. Of course, the oozing margarita pizza and hot nacho cheddar cheese box were something that made this small town girl extremely happy (You may ask why I call myself that, and the answer is quite simple though I live in the ever so busy UAE, unlike the crazy city life of Dubai, I was raised in the peaceful less crowded city called Ajman, which draws complete tourist like vibes).
Overall we loved our experience at Roxy Cinemas. I totally recommend it if you’re looking for a piece of Retro Culture in Dubai. And if you have second thoughts, my partner in crime who happens to be a Desi Mum approves of this lavish splurge (AED 99/per person)
Of course, it’s not your everyday place to watch a random movie but definitely a spot to create lovely memories with your better half but make sure you select a good movie with real high ratings.
If you want to check out the live reaction to this epic retro bar, check out my youtube channel, please!
Cheers Dubai!