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Good morning lovelies! I’d like to start this post by giving out a big warm cozy bear Hug to every single one of you for all the love that I’m getting lately on my Instagram. I never imagined that girls would care about my opinions and the fact that we are 21k strong on Insta in just two years of knocking content, is surreal!

That said, let’s get down to business with today’s beauty post provoked by Dubai’s horrible heat! Following one of my favorite desi mom’s advice — i.e; not to play with products that go on your face, I play awfully safe during summers. NO winged eyeliners, NO cut crease, NO crazy brands & experiments and a complete NO to the whole contouring dilemma.

Just to give you an idea about my definition of ideal skin for summers:

Natural-Matte Finish: I’m so not a fan of dewy makeup looks, I love a matte face with quick arched eyebrows, a pop of color on lips and maybe a highlight.

Perfect blend: With combination skin type (Oily T-zone and Dry/flaky on cheeks & chins) I prefer a skin care regime with minimum items that suit perfectly my skin type and strikes a hydrating finish.

Quick & Long Lasting: Hustling around the busy streets of Dubai, I’m not the one with super long makeup routine, I need something that lasts from day to night with minimal to NO touch ups.

SPF anything: I learned it the hard way, but sunscreen is super important even for brown skin like mine, but most lotions are super tacky and silly. Hence, I spray ons.

So how do I achieve it?  My routine is limited to few items (in fact, just seven simple steps) and is stuck to only one brand – Clinique. (Another desi mum advice! You see, my mum loved this brand for years and as they say like mother like daughter!)

clinique dubai marina mall new store in uae review clinique haul best products from clinique review beauty blogger dubai rthijabstyles rahma talwar review (1)Step1: Wake Up Duty! Starting off my morning with their Sonic Deep Cleansing brush (Though this purchase was heavy on my pocket, it handles my black heads wonderfully and also stopped those terrible breakout sessions) and extra gentle cleansing foam. Lately, I’m loving foam cleansers, because they are perfect for dry skin yet doesn’t leave your face dehydrated.

Step2: Moisture Everything! I tend to have a love-hate relationship with mosituzers, hence, I favor moisturizing water based gel which hydrates my skin enough without being too tacky or sticky.

Step3: Natural MakeUp All the Way!  I am no makeup guru or anything but I know what I like. To me, I can spare extra money, on a long lasting full coverage – light weight foundations — Beyond Perfecting Foundation which doesn’t cause breakouts and clog my pores. Apply some mascara for dramatic eyelashes and a pop of color using Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm and I’m done for the day!

clinique dubai marina mall new store in uae review clinique haul best products from clinique review beauty blogger dubai rthijabstyles rahma talwar review (1)Step 4: Sun Protection! I realized the importance of SPF once I started driving and saw an insignificant shift in my skin color. This oil free SPF 30 Body Mist is perfect for those last minute “oops, I need to apply SPF” moments.

Step 5: Take it Off! Returning after a hectic day, all I want is to crash on my bed yet with little energy left in me, I head off to my washroom for an effective night time routine. To me,  a makeup remover should quickly remove all traces of waterproof makeup with few swipes. And I did notice, a little Clinique’s Take the day off remover goes very far one does the entire job using only one cotton pad.

Step6: Night Time Sleepy Time! A freshly cleaned face is all I crave for a peaceful sleep, plus a fixed night care routine actually tackles acne problems too. I match my cleansing brush with Clinique’s Anti blemish solution cleansing foam. Technically all anti-acne related treatments leave ur skin super dry so restrict its use to once a day.

clinique dubai marina mall new store in uae review clinique haul best products from clinique review beauty blogger dubai rthijabstyles rahma talwar review (3)Step7: Miracle Happens! You know those nights when suddenly a pimple shows up and an important meeting is scheduled next morning (you might feel crying!). I found a perfect solution – Clinique Clearing Gel, a spot treatment which does wonders and you see true results within a night.

Super happy that they finally opened up an independent store in Dubai Marina Mall! The price? Well as everything good, the prices are super high but a flawless skin needs a stable investment.

Cheers Dubai!



Hello Stylers!! <3

As a blogger, you need to stay updated with all recent fashion trends & beauty launches, working your way to a picture perfect Instagram feed. Recently I’m more conscious about my expenses on materialised things, instead I try to invest in beautiful memories & refreshing experiences. With working around the clock to somehow balance my jobs, I tend to forget myself between the two on countless occasions. With a more penny-pinching personality, for a couple of days, I’m constantly embracing happy & unique adventures of life.

Instead of spending on makeup & skincare items, I’m indulging in plenty of affordable Spa sessions. Last week, I got invite to try a Balinese Massage at Polished Spa located on University City Road, Sharjah, luckily it’s just around the corner of my office. POLISHED Spa offers a plethora of treatments ranging from Signature body massage, premium facial, mani-pedi and Moroccan baths.

polished-spa-sharjah-review-balinese-massage-uae-beauty-blogger-4Upon entering the spa premises, I’m mesmerised with my personal favourite Lavender scents & offered detox water to instantly refresh the soul. Before heading for my massage, I was given a quick tour of the Orange & White interiorized Spa home to a relaxing Hair Styling Room, Reflexology counter & many more rooms.

polished-spa-sharjah-review-balinese-massage-uae-beauty-blogger-1My therapist directed me towards the changing & locker room where I could dump my belongings & quickly change into their comfy slippers & robe. Before starting off with the relaxing one-hour journey, she explained me the benefits of Balinese Massage which as per my understanding included a combination of rough techniques to relieve tensions & stress particularly suited for adults & sportsman.

As I was looking for a more ‘peaceful’ treatment, one where I don’t scream out every two minutes, I adopted to try Balinese techniques on my Back & for the rest of my body their signature relaxing massage. She began with submerging my feet in warm water mixed with lavender sea salts & essential oil.

polished-spa-sharjah-review-balinese-massage-uae-beauty-blogger-5Later I lay head down on the treatment bed & she began her magic with gentle stroking, percussion & application of essential oil all over my feet & legs. She proceeded on my back with a tad more pressure and went along the shoulder blades & arms. You can definitely feel the difference in techniques between the two, with a tedious 7-5 job my back really needed some serious hardcore traditional methods.

The therapist is happy to adjust her pressures, music & fragrance according to preferences. When I was told to turn over, the therapist placed an eye mask and continued her magic on my stomach and neck.

The treatment ends with a gentle head rub using rose oil and the therapist allows me to have a 15mins nap as I snuggled up on the bed with the soft towels.

She wakes me up with a hot cup of lemon tea and atlas it was time to take a shower. However, the essential oils felt such a heart-warming fragrance on my body that I wanted to enjoy it a bit more and decided to change into my clothes quickly.

I left Polished Spa with a relaxed body and soul, leaving all my stress & work tensions behind in that room. With such great massage experiences lined up along this entire month, I’m becoming a huge addict to regular spa visits for peaceful self-pampering sessions.

Plus, I love the fact that they have a loyalty program which offers free Mani-Pedi & Body Massage for collecting points.


For bookings or more information on POLISHED Spa, visit their website or Facebook

A Day Spa blended with passion! Get Pretty, Get Pampered, Get Polished @ 06-5435453.