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6 Reasons To Try This New Hotel In Ras Al Khaimah

Acacia hotel review ras al khaimah by lifestyle blogger rahma talwar rthijabstyles (2)Another Weekend, Another Staycation! Why not play #TouristInMyCity Again?

If you love water adventures have a taste for navigating through different cities, Acacia Hotel, RAK is the place to go! This swanky new 4-star hotel under Bin Majid Resorts & Properties has the most amazing deals for a perfect weekend this summer. Our trip was in celebration of my brother’s 25th birthday, so taking pictures took a back seat (poor blogger me!).

Our stay was an all inclusive package, which I highly recommended because at the entrance we were greeted by a big envelope filled with different coupons & discounts.

Check out time already? Bye Bye @binmajidhotelsandresorts ✨

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1. All inclusive drinks: You can pamper your self and enjoy your entire time with a glass in one hand. From Hot Beverages (Coffee & Tea) to Cold Fizzy Drinks & various type of Alcohols, we had access to all 24/7. Pretty Cool!

2. Water adventures: With an all inclusive deal, you not only get to enjoy Acacia’s outdoor pool but also receive Beach access, Water slides & go Kakking coupons to use in Bin Majid’s Resort property – Beach Hotel, 10 minutes away from the hotel.

3. Sheesha fans: Acacia’s outdoor pool is the ideal perfect spot for you to soak up the sun, sip on the free amazing cocktails all day long & appreciate your holiday with a sheesha pipe. Though the setting is perfect for Sheesha lovers, unfortunately, only 3 flavors of Sheesha might annoy some (including, my brother!)

4. No Fights over Remote: I dunno about you, but I always end up fighting over TV in hotels (Ironically, I prefer laptops to watch stuff at home!) It was a nice surprise that our room had two set of TVs yet somewhat weird that we couldn’t find a flat Iron (That’s such a huge disappointment for someone like me, who is so particular about her perfectly ironed hijabs)

5: Affordable prices: A relatively new addition to RAK, the hotel offers super inexpensive all inclusive deals for adults & kids. You can find some great ones on Cobone or Groupon starting from only AED 250.

6. Free WiFi: What makes me furious is when luxury hotels for the sake for “Free WIFI” offer super crappy slow speed ones in return for your personal information (Emails & Mobile No, where they bombard you with useless deals over the next few months). Thankfully, Acacia (was different) facilitates decent WiFi speed without any privacy interruptions.

Any Drawbacks? All our meals were set at Al Nakhla Restaurant and honestly, the food was nothing to rave about or had anything new & exciting. Again, the pastry selection at Garden Brew Cafe was boring & similar to the desserts offered for lunch buffet at Al Nakhla. However, we did come across a promising Japenese Restaurant – Okura in the basement which we may try on our next visit. Plus, Hamra Mall is just 10 minutes away so food was not a major issue for us.

Location: Al Jazirah Al Hamra – Ras al Khaimah
Social: Instagram / Facebook / Twitter
Website: https://www.binmajic.com/acacia/rak
Phone: +971 7 235 2233

5 Ways To Survive Writer’s Block

Writer’s block – inevitably every content creator’s biggest nightmare. Your creative mojo unexpectedly embarks on a ridiculously long vacation and refuses to hand you inspiration on a golden platter.

The other day I helplessly stared at a blank computer screen unable to frame a proper sentence for my blog (you can imagine the frustration level). On the same day, my rather impatient brother accused me of being too uptight, well I wanted him to eat a decent toasted sandwich (thank you very much for being a good sister) and he was running late (again). But his statement did strike a cord!

I had a fun conversation with myself which went something like this “You’re holding on too tight to get that perfect article even before you touch a keyboard. Loosen Up Sister!”

Believe me, it’s a formula for disaster if you start writing with an intention to get everything just right at the first step (pure stupidity!). I find myself doing it sometimes, and later on hitting my head against the wall thinking: “When are you going to learn Rahma?”  Before exploring some solutions, here is why Writer Block magically befalls upon the best of content creators.

  1. Lack of ideas.
  2. You have great ideas, but not enough content – Lack of Research
  3. You have ideas & content, but unable to communicate your thoughts –Perfectionism

If you’re a regular blogger, this hustle is not new and your passion for writing wobbles under the gun. Therefore, I decided to share some useful tips based on my experience to tackle this combat like a badass storytelling pro.


Creativity is slightly delicate, to get that motor running fast without any harsh brakes, we need to feed it with new ideas, revamped old thoughts, maybe odd fantasies (and that’s how golden eggs are delivered, lol!). The obvious choice is reading more – visit your favorite blogs or pick up your local newspaper & magazines (and by that, I mean a cosmopolitan where surprisingly I find pretty cool ideas relate to Dubai & its Epic lifestyle spectrum). 

Why not travel to a different world with a new book by your favorite author? Stick to stand alone novels only, you might get pulled into a demanding series!

Not a fan of reading? Visual content (maybe a TED talk on youtube) or experiment with a quirky mood board (Honestly, Pinterest is so unappreciated around this part of the globe) can also brew up some freshness during a breakdown. 


Sometimes a distraction free zone instigates originality when your eyes are NOT fixed on the phone seated right beside your laptop and notifications building up your anxiety slowly. As a blogger, I can safely say, we are obsessed with our phones, forever anxious about emails and fixated on social media. In fact, I took good 3 hours to jot down all points for some articles, something easily achieved in 1.5 hours, if I wasn’t in a back and forth combat between both the screens. A strict workflow delivers, no seriously, download that chrome extension now (and block out all social media sites) and focus on one task at a time – be more productive for 50 mins with 10 mins break.


As I mentioned before, high expectations with the first draft is a complete Nada! Sometimes, agonizing over the perfect first line or an impeccable introductory paragraph blocks creative thinking. Write as if you’ve already introduced the idea and don’t be afraid to get the good stuff rolling out first, then later come back to frame it. Before you realize, you’ll have a completed post that’s only missing an intro.

Do not act as an editor from the start, be a writer –  draft plenty and edit finally.


Sometimes to get those golden eggs, you need to let go and move on to something new. Rather than relying upon comfort food, jumbo caffeine shots and ‘Netflix & Chill’ because you can’t write, direct your positive energy on something productive, revisit older blog posts, correct links & tags, basically revolve your task around some blogging affairs!

End of the day: ‘You didn’t give up on your blog, instead pampered your little baby!’

Stay attached to your blog always! It’s not going to help if you put yourself down for having a block. It happens to the best of writers! So just take a break and have a KitKat (haha!)


Prior to working on a new idea, it’s always good to gain some insights, read a few articles on it – research is the key. Before your fingers do the work, exercise your brain in the relevant topic. 

While brainstorming ideas, some prefer to scribble down points on a paper, I find recording my thoughts & research (one-on-one imperfect conversation with my readers, no heavy vocabulary, no grammatically correct sentences – a simple conversation) considerably useful. My first draft is a voice over which then gets converted into text and later checked for grammatic/spelling errors. Sometimes a blank page gets filled by a simple chat with yourself. 


When can you expect the best work from a writer? Most probably when he/she is feeling! You see, creativity operates broadly in conjunction with your emotions. An angry writer can pen down some sincerely moving posts (hence, my Behind the scenes of Dubai work life post) while a cheerful, happy & content one (in my case, a tummy filled) blogger can bring out their creative mojo with a favorite cup of coffee and a clean desk. 

Writing is a passion, but I take my two year old blog as an open book Literature exam, where each new post is better than the last one in terms of my writing style. I constantly try to learn the difference between passive & active style, adverbs &adjectives and more importantly how to find my voice in between all this commotion. 

Cheers Dubai,


Slay it 2017 – Birthday Edition

slay-it-birthday-edition-modest-fashion-dubai-blogger-uae-model-hijabi-desi-blogger-delhi-blog-RED COAT splash fashion olive color hijab boy friend jeansMy fashion sense has always been something between two extremes – Glamorous Diva or Fashion Disaster. I don’t fall into the category of comfy casuals. Either I go all out with matching outfit, on fleek makeup and high heels or I became a raggedy monochrome disaster with panda eyes and slip ons. But I feel 2017 is the year of breaking the rules.slay-it-birthday-edition-modest-fashion-dubai-blogger-uae-model-hijabi-desi-blogger-delhi-blog-RED COAT splash fashion olive color hijab boy friend jeans

slay-it-birthday-edition-modest-fashion-dubai-blogger-uae-model-hijabi-desi-blogger-delhi-blog-RED COAT splash fashion olive color hijab boy friend jeansslay-it-birthday-edition-modest-fashion-dubai-blogger-uae-model-hijabi-desi-blogger-delhi-blog-RED COAT splash fashion olive color hijab boy friend jeansslay-it-birthday-edition-modest-fashion-dubai-blogger-uae-model-hijabi-desi-blogger-delhi-blog-RED COAT splash fashion olive color hijab boy friend jeans

“I shall Slay thee with my closet.”

January always feels like the chance to start fresh. Insert FASHION RESOLUTIONs

1.Indulge in Solid Colours

Over the year, I’ve bulked up my wardrobe with quirky patterns & fusion of vibrant colours. Instead, I wanna go crazy on colours like blush pink, caramel & rusty green.

2.Buy fewer things of better quality.

I’m all up for investing in strong statement pieces like Trench Coats, Ankle Booties or Vintage Purse which can stand alone or with a killer outfit.

3.NO to the Lazy Baboon zone

In 2017, I’m letting the Lazy bird go. You never know who you bump into a random shopping trip to the mall. So, I challenge myself to step out of my comfort zone & messy PJs and improve my Fashion Game on a daily basis.


slay-it-birthday-edition-modest-fashion-dubai-blogger-uae-model-hijabi-desi-blogger-delhi-blog-RED COAT splash fashion olive color hijab boy friend jeansslay-it-birthday-edition-modest-fashion-dubai-blogger-uae-model-hijabi-desi-blogger-delhi-blog-RED COAT splash fashion olive color hijab boy friend jeans

Outfit Details
| Pants: Splash Fashion | Coat: Splash Fashion | Top: Iconic | Shoes: Vans | Rings: Lovisa | Hijab: Carrefour |

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dubai-college-life-scenes-of-amity-univesity-dubai-1For every graduate, freshmen year holds unforgettable memories and the so-called orientation day; in general, comes with an overwhelming baggage of anxiety, intimidation and downright terror mode. While some disguise the ‘butterflies and nail biting’ behind a bold candid mask, others make desperate attempts to camouflage in the crowd of thousand students. But the third unknown category is those ‘crackerjacks’ who crave becoming the King but chicken out before the combat, I was among these.

Venturing into the university doors, life hack videos, tips & tricks to make a lasting impression and how to articles were all over my internet history, truth be told after graduation, it was never about survival, in fact, the whole three journey was a necessary boost for me to conquer my fears & becoming a better version of myself. An adventure made of entirely new people means a fresh new start which the high school ‘You’ desperately craved, savour this independent new world away from family and past notions.

Though I read thousands of articles on how to survive college, I never came across anything explaining what exactly to work on those three years for a better life in general. A few days back when I posted BEHIND THE SCENES OF DUBAI WORK LIFE AS A BEGINNER many of my university mates & juniors asked me to write something about College life.



Golden words always linger by your side, facing huge anxiety issues from childhood once a mentor told me it’s not what you say, it’s how you say. You can make a lie seem the truth just by being confident. I still do face anxiety –  a nerve-wracking pain in my stomach before talking to strangers or asking someone for help, but now I’m way better at hiding it away in a calm composed exterior.

Don’t be in the ‘know it all’ group, thrive for knowledge make the curious nature the crux behind your personality. When I walked out those campus door I knew ‘I may not be perfect but I’m good, I know something but l want that something to become everything’. And that’s what forces me to break barriers & reach for my dreams. #BossBabes


We are in an era where companies want fresh graduates to have corporate experience, so to avoid months of uncanny job search, get involved in your campus activities, assist professors on a research paper or write articles for the editorials and at the same time look for an internship from day one. An unpaid internship pays you in the desired exposure you will need to set your career straight.

Back in my college days, I remember a Professor saying: “I’m in this class of 60 students equally attentive to all but how each student uses my expertise for their betterment depends solely on them”. College Professors can be a source of inspiration to many and a great ice breaker for me was asking about their first job experience after graduation, believe me, the hideous work stories lined up next is beyond imagination. College is the right time to friend zone your teachers and get out of those comfy protective shells effectuate by your parents. Before becoming a connection on LinkedIn my professors were friends with me on Facebook.


A term interrelated to friendship, gratitude and compassion within nations. Studying on an international platform and befriending individuals with different nationalities and gender taught me how to accept a difference in opinion with positivity and eradicating that picky, judgmental, and flat out discriminating ways. Ironic that my university was actually named Amity.

Parents always tend to blame their kid’s fault on ‘unwanted friendships’ and the  nasty game of ‘peer pressure’ which destroys many talented youngsters. A student feels pressurised if the fine line between their subconscious Bad & Good decisions is blurred out, it’s never the friends to be blamed. Instead, college is a time where you can form great bonds with parents too.


It is a two-way street, putting forward your opinions and ideas is crucial but so it listening to add-ons to your idea by others. College life teaches you how to take negative comments as constructive criticism and work your way through it rather than against it.  Mandatory Behavioural Science & Communication Skills courses at my Univeristy taught me how to switch off my Anxiety & Depression Mode in Public while in Private my counsellor showed me how bottling up your feelings is neither good for your physical nor mental health, ask for help & express those feelings as this is the time where you can get the most help.


Life is not about those chunky library textbooks and 2 hours written examination, I was a finance major passed with distinction and today the only thing remotely financial in my life is managing my own money with an app called Coin Keeper. No one is going to ask for textbook definitions, but the examples your professors referred during their lectures are way more crucial for practical implementation.

Constantly updating and educating yourself with global news and even current affairs in your field of interest takes you a long way, it’s all about being Street Smart & performing Smart Work in today’s corrupt world.

Dear Freshers, It’s okay to Hate your College Life at the start and Dear Graduates, It’s okay to hate your Work Life.



After days of endless hectic blogging schedules, a much need Staycation was bound to follow. De-stressing yourself by getting away from all the office buzz & deadlines is so crucial to keep you sane. A few weeks back I was blessed with a luxurious stay at Hilton Hotel located in the heart of Al Qasba, Sharjah.

Hilton Hotel Sharjah Lobby Review Staycation by Dubai Based Blogger RT Hijab StylesHilton Hotel Sharjah Lobby Review Staycation by Dubai Based Blogger RT Hijab StylesHilton Hotel Sharjah Lobby Review Staycation by Dubai Based Blogger RT Hijab Styles

Upon arrival, we were warmly greeted by the team who ensured the check in process was smooth. The staff later carried our bags to the room, while I spent my own sweet time clicking pictures of their grand lobby area.

Hilton Hotel Sharjah Lobby Review Staycation by Dubai Based Blogger RT Hijab StylesAt both sides of the lobby were set Al Dallah & Citrus Lobby Lounges ideal to relax and enjoy a light naughty snack.

Our Twin Deluxe Lagoon room on the 7th floor was well-equipped with two twin-sized beds, and 32″ plasma TV, which comes with kid channels – very handy for rainy days. The comfy bed and white sheets made sure we had a good night’s sleep. You can find a work desk with multiple plugging stations, as well as an in-room safe, mini bar and coffee/tea making facilities in the room.

Hilton Hotel Sharjah Room Tour Review by UAE lifestyle Blogger RT Hijab StylesHilton Hotel Sharjah Room Tour Review by UAE lifestyle Blogger RT Hijab StylesHilton Hotel Sharjah Room Tour Review by UAE lifestyle Blogger RT Hijab StylesHilton Hotel Sharjah Room Tour Review by UAE lifestyle Blogger RT Hijab StylesHilton Hotel Sharjah Room Tour by UAE lifestyle Blogger RT Hijab Styles

The bathroom is a beloved feature of the room, with its bright interior and elegant white marble tiles the huge bathtub, partitioned toilet, and not to mention designer toiletries from Peter Thomas Roth ensured us, a royal stay at Hilton.

Hilton Hotel Sharjah Room Bathroom Tour by Beauty Blogger RT Hijab StylesHilton Hotel Sharjah Room Tour by UAE lifestyle Blogger RT Hijab Styles

The closet was huge, accompanied with iron and hair dryer and it also holds a built-in locker. For an extra regal touch, the room includes plush bathrobe and slippers. But my favourite part was the magnificent view of the Khalid Lagoon and the city skyline at night. You could see the water dance from way above.

Hilton Hotel Sharjah Room Tour Review by UAE lifestyle Blogger RT Hijab StylesAfter getting settled in the room comfortably next on our agenda was to take a walk around the Waterfront. Right around the hotel is Elevation burger known for its healthy organic ingredients and moving forward, you find Dominions Pizza as well. On the other hand for entertainment, you have NOVA cinema at walking distance.

Hilton Hotel Sharjah Room Tour Review by UAE lifestyle Blogger RT Hijab StylesWe quickly fell asleep watching the Disney channel in our soft comfy giant single beds & separate comforters. I desperately loathe sharing my blanket.

Next morning, we went to Mojo Restaurant for our complimentary breakfast and bouy I was so surprised!! While the selection was really impressive & alluring to the eye, the friendly staff was the highlight of my brunch. Beverages including tea, coffee & juices are served by the staff themselves.

Hilton Hotel Sharjah Mojo Restauranrt Review Staycation by Dubai Based Blogger RT Hijab StylesHilton Hotel Sharjah Mojo Restaurant Review by UAE lifestyle Blogger RT Hijab StylesHilton Hotel Sharjah Mojo Restaurant Review by UAE lifestyle Blogger

Live cooking stations are my lovely to experience especially if it’s all about crepes & paired with the handy mini Nutella packs. Though the chefs were making Eggs, my eyes were stuck to the beautifully cooked French-style pancakes.

Hilton Hotel Sharjah Mojo Restauranrt Review Staycation by Dubai Based Blogger RT Hijab Styles
Fruit of the Month – Watermelon

Hilton Hotel Sharjah Mojo Restauranrt Review Staycation by Dubai Based Blogger RT Hijab Styles

Hilton Hotel Sharjah Mojo Restauranrt Review Staycation by Dubai Based Blogger RT Hijab Styles
WaterMelon Muffins

Lastly, summers are all about Watermelon and so was our summer morning. You find a whole section dedicated to the fruit, from smoothies to muffins, watermelon was star of the show.

Hilton Hotel Sharjah Mojo Restauranrt Review Staycation by Dubai Based Blogger RT Hijab StylesUntil this day, the yummy crepe was all I can recall about the hotel. I do recommend this hotel to any family or couple looking for an easy, affordable getaway.

Check-in: 2 pm while the Check-out is12:00 pm. The per day rate of the Deluxe Twin room starts from AED 350 which includes free WIFI and breakfast at Mojo Restaurant.


Mojo Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Location: Hilton Sharjah, Corniche Road, Al Majaz 3, Sharjah, U.A.E +971-6-5192222

If you enjoyed reading my posts, you can also follow me on Instagram (@rthijabstyles) for more photo updates.

Disclaimer: The stay & meal featured in this post were offered to Rt Hijab Style’s author complimentary for review purposes, however, no monetary compensation was given. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Hilton Resorts & Spa or any other company.


Glam Box DecemberGlam Box DecemberA beautiful year is about to end on a very happy note, all thanks to this month’s GlamBox, Unlike. last previous boxes, this month’s Glam box was on point and delivered extremely well to my expectations. Though, the surprise was busted when Glambox announced the items way ahead of its time, the discount vouchers were the show stealer for me.

For starters, I received my box on time at the correct address, so kudos to Glambox and finally I got my Body Shop item pending from last month – Oils of life Intensely Revitalising Facial Oil !!

Without further ado, check out the contents for Decembers which were profoundly my favorites.

Glam Box December

Biore Deep Cleansing Charcoal Pore Strip: These babies were absolute magic, I can’t stress how well they do their job. Will I buy them? Hell yea, these gems are No.1 on my shopping list.

FreshLook One-Day Contact Lens Gray: To be honest, getting something in my eye is a nightmare for me, so I’m a tad bit skeptical about if I should even try these.

Misa Nail Lacquer- 237 its you: Again I’m not a fan of nail polish, so I would surely pass this one to a friend.

Shea Butter DXB: Firstly, this 100% pure organic butter directly shipped from Africa is deeply nourishing and moisturizing. Oh but the smelling the butter is an awful and extremely obnoxious experience ever. So this one goes directly into my foot massage kitty.

Abeeco Bee Venom Mask: As many of you know, face masks are kinda my weakness, so Glambox surely got some brownie points for including this Mask/Night cream.

Loccaitane Extra Gentle Soap with Shea Butter: No one I know has ever complaints about this particular brand so adding a pure vegetable soap was such a Winner for an organic beauty product enthusiast like me.  In fact, it smells like lemongrass, one of my fav scents ever.

Parachute Gold Thick & Strong Coconut Hair Oil: Hands down, I had a quick visit back to their childhood, when all I did was cry getting that painful hair oil massage with Parachute. Though I hate the smell, but this oil is the best treatment for your damaged hair.

Body Shop  Oils of Life Intensely Revitalising Facial Oil: You may call me an impulsive buyer but I had that heart touching moment when you come across a product and you instant know that’s what I was looking for all these years – QUITE DRAMATIC!!! Honestly, that was my reaction the 1st time I applied this oil onto my face and today I’m a proud owner of BodyShops Oils of Life 30ml bottle priced @ 175 AED.

Glam Box December Vouchers


  • Shea Butter DXB 2 Jars for AED 200 Flyer – @sheabutter_dxb
  • 50% Off on Vaniday – @vanidayae
  • 25% Off on I Saw It First Online Clothing Store – @isawitfirst_shop
  • AED 150 off  towards any 60/75 minute service at on Dermalogica – @dermalogica_me
  • IBX Gift Voucher: 1 free IBX Treatment session with  any manicure or pedicure – @owtbeauty

What do you think of this month’s box?


If you’d like to find out more about Glam Box Middle East or sign up to their monthly beauty boxes you can visit their website or check out their Facebook page
*Disclaimer:  The subscription featured in this post is purchased with personal funds. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Glam Box or any other company.This post also contains a referral link. Using the link to register with Glam Box middle east a referral credit that support’s RT Hijab Styles further expenditures.



Eid Mubarak to all my lovely ladies.  

Peace be upon you all! <3

Here is my first day’s Eid Outift for Eid Al-Adha 2015. Generally I tend to select a maxi dress or long gown for Eid but this year, I went for an Arabian style printed Abaya from Designers Wardrobe gifted by my mommy.The quality, flow and material did not fail to impress me as it was so soft and unbelievably comfortable, perfect for the summer. I wore light blue jeans from Being Human underneath. white flats and my go to Vincci black purse.
Eid Abaya Outift


Nowadays Maxi dresses are totally in fashion and the easiest way to achieve a modest look. Whether a single colour or patterned maxi dress, they are an absolute necessity in every woman’s closet throughout all seasons. They can be worn as a glamorous party wear to a casual college outfit. The only trick you need to focus is on the details of the rest of your outfit and pattern of your maxi dress.

Maxi dresses come in different material like velvet, jersey or even lace. In this article, I discuss pattern maxi dresses and how to style them.

Jacket: Splash Fashions Shoes: Shoe Mart

Tip 1: Choice of material

As summer approaches, soft jersey fabric is the best among the lot, to wear as that will skim your body, move with you, and be super comfortable – it’s a winner in that hot burning climate. Also, select flowy dresses with drape beautifully over your body.

#Tip 2: Layer with Solids
Always pair a pattern maxi dress with a solid cardigan, jacket or blazer to get different looks. A sky blue jeans jacket gives a perfect casual chic look (people may tend up thinking you took hours coordinating your outfits).

These long cardigans are much in trend. So grab them as soon as you get a chance.






Tip 3: Slightly formal

You could always work up a solid colour maxi dress with a black blazer and belt for a professional look. However, refrain from printed pattern at your office girls.

Tip 4: Balance it out

When dealing with patterns I always try to wear a plain hijab to give more attention to patterns. Try matching it either with the colour of your cardigan or the pattern of your maxi dress.

Tip 5: For petite woman

Select a maxi dress with small, consistent pattern or strips – just keep in mind the size of the print should be no larger than your fist polka dots are perfect. On the other hand, say a big no to anything that divides your body into sections and even to large prints.

When you have a multi-color maxi dress, opt for a black, white or neutral cardigans. Focus on matching your hijab and jewellery.

Tip 6: Accessorise your look

Try adding chunky bracelets and rings to your outfit and ditch those huge statement necklace as it causes distractions.

Tip 7: Shoes are Important.

Earlier maxi dress was considered casual wear but today it can be easily transformed into an elegant workplace or party wear just adding heels and clutch glamming up the outfit. Nude or neutral tone are perfect for maxi dress as they go along with the maximum of colours.

All maxi dresses were bought from a local store in Ajman, UAE.

Maxi dresses have always been my favourite go-to item when I’m lazy. So I’ll be posting a lot about how to style different maxi dress. So stay tuned!!