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Good Evening Stylers,

So What can be more satisfying than finding a piece that screams your soul inside out?  This gorgeous A/W shirt has ‘me’ written all over it, honestly, I couldn’t hold my excitement when I got one of a kinda plaid shirt delivered at my desk. So not only is this my ideal pattern for this season, but also the cotton flannel fabric is the perfect to snuggle up in, during a movie or date night. Rather than the more obvious red plaid shirts, I just love to twist my ensemble around the shades of navy blue & military green. I love flannel prints & embroidered fabric from Tissura.

I knew this shirt deserved a part on my blog when I turned it around.  It has “University of Bloggers” printed on, I couldn’t believe my eyes or my luck. I was beyond thrilled to collaborate with Splash Fashion to showcase their new collection highlighting Bloggers and Vloggers.

I know my fellow bloggers are already going GAGA on this unique totally relatable fashion hit. Perhaps, now you know where to find it?

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Love Rahma



O.K so this is a post that has been waiting for a long time to be posted. On my recent Instagram post, many of you ladies wanted to see a modest lookbook for summer. So here is my successful merge in 7 different ways between style with modesty. I put this outfit together that would look great for a casual lunch date or even a night out. I’m usually into loud prints and bright colors so this is actually quite a big change for me.

Hijabi Style Inspiration & ideas for summer outfits
Modest Look Book for Summer 2016

Looking through this post, I hope you get inspired to try some of these outfits yourself. As summer is already saying a Bright & Sunny Hello to all in Dubai, my outfits would have more of pink, blues & white vibe throughout the post, but black is an essential for me in all seasons.

Pink Blue Hijabi Outfit combos
Sunny Pink Palm

Harem pants style for hijabi
Harem Connections

Modest Formal Hijabi Outfit in Black
Simple in Black

Denim Jacket Hijab Style
Leopard Love

Hijabi Outfit to wear at Ice Skating Ring
Skaters Paradise

How to style printed pants in modest manner for hijabi girls
Printed Pants & Blue

Printed Pants with sky blue hijab style
Cozy Casuals

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Much Love !!

Rahma <3


One of my favourite combinations to wear any time of the day is Navy blue and White. I have often noticed that hijabs within darker shades of blue go really well with brown skin girls. In this particular outfit, all I did was jazzed it up a notch with few long black and grey pearl chains.

#TIP During summers try wearing sleeveless flowy tops and use no snag hijab pins to attach a shirt or cardigan to the top on both sides of your shoulder.




Plaid shirt Forever 21
Lace Top Forever 21
Jeans Being Human
Necklace Ebay
Hijab I love modesty

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An under scarf can be defined as a small piece of fabric used by hijabis to cover their head. It is usually worn under a scarf or hijab. It comes in many different shapes, colors and designs and is useful for to keep slippery and sheer hijabs in place.

Bonnet cap is made of a jersey type cotton fabric and is also non slippery. It is placed over the head and fastened at the back using the ties attached at the end. It has a small opening at the back once tied, so you can let the hair through.