Colors! You have to Hit this Year!

NaErasescapadesColors, this whole universe is made up of colors. They define mood, culture, temperature, and most importantly seasons.

It’s literally been 9 months since the year 2017 started and it was an exciting year filled with surprises for each and every one of us. 

The Altruistic: Pastel Pink

This shade is a sober mix of pure white and red. It represents compassion, love and strength; hence we have given the title ‘altruistic’. It is a color of all seasons. When it comes to spring we picture beautiful scenery filled with cherry blossoms. When it is summer we can picture a delicious cone of strawberry ice-cream and when it is winter we can imagine the rosy cheeks of a toddler now that’s cute. Even our favorite candy is the color of pastel pink, cottony candy as cottony as the fluffy clouds. This is an amazing color that can be complemented with different colors according to the occasion.And here the hijab blogger- Rahma, has donned a pastel pink gilet along with a white top and blue jeans. It’s a perfect outfit for a lunch date with your friends and family.

Why Not? Pose with the billard table 🦄 #FashionBlogger 🦄

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The Foliage: Army Green

Green is a color of harmony, it symbolizes prosperity and progress. It’s a color which soothes the eye and calms the soul. There are many shades of green such as olive green, yellow green, fresh green, light green and army green. Here we are talking about Army green, a fierce yet promising shade. In context of fashion this color is famous. Camo print is quite famous with youngster nowadays and army green is a perfect color for camo prints. And again Rahma rocked this color as she paired a black Maxi dress with an Army green over coat. This look was perfectly coupled with a brown hijab. This look is a spot on for a cold winter college day!

The Angelic: White

Whether it’s vanilla ice-cream or moving clouds, Shaun the sheep’s wool or a bridal gown, everything looks so pure and beautiful because it is in the shade of white and this shade is heavenly. It symbolizes peace and purity. This shade is a basic shade in the fashion industry. From a hijab to a ring, from a basic tee to ballerinas, this shade is a favorite! Also Rahma the hijabi icon rocked this color; she paired a black maxi skirt with a plain white top along with a printed hijab. This look is our personal favorite 🙂 the whole look is a basic combination of black and white which is bang on! We must say she has a great sense of dressing. And this color is definitely one that you need to hit this year and every following year…its evergreen!

The Allure: Lavender

Lavender is a shade that depicts luxury and royalty.And one can effortlessly look like a princess by simply wearing this shade. This is a perfect shade for ball gowns and Maxi dresses. Lavender is a challenging colour to pull off but our very own style diva – Rahma looks absolutely alluring in a pinky- lavender Maxi dress. And she had beautifully matched this Maxi dress with a denim jacket and a purple hijab. The best part of this outfit is a ring bracelet in the shade lavender. She has used minimal accessories and that is the beauty of this look. Lavender looks as beautiful as it smells. It is a colour which can make you look totally different from the crowd, but definitely in a good way 😉 Lavender screams of luxury and this particular fabric is definitely on the pricey side of fashion market but the gorgeous flow and how it beautifully drapes around Rahma is such a statement piece. Click here to shop for luxury fashion fabrics like this dress. 

Zesty: Urban Orange 

When we first listen to the very words orange we dislike it we rather think of it as something that is not appealing but when we see it, the very color reminds us of autumn. The beautiful colors of autumn. Not many of us have tasted pumpkin spice latte but thinking about it sounds tasty. Just like these appealing things let’s see how orange-brown can be worn in the fashion world. You can style orange-brown pants with a navy blue shirt or even grey shirt. Here we are back with another look by Rahma, she has worn orange-brown pants with a white t-shirt and a brown hijab to add a bit more style she has worn an orange patterned gilet. This is a very different combination but styling it right will raise eyebrows in admiration!

This was our take on “Colours you need to hit this year!” hope you all liked this post as much as we enjoyed writing it. And do mention which color /shade you love the most. See you In the next post, until then happy styling 😉


Guest Writers: This article is written by the amazing duo- NaErasescapades. Naela Azhar Sharief and Maseera Ahmedi.


Bookish.ae review online library in dubai uae bookstagramHello Stylers,

As a content creator & lifestyle blogger, my work demands to be in front of the screen almost 10-12 hours a day .For years I vouched for EBooks, as they were easy to carry on my phone, readily available to download & super affordable. But my eyes & soul can’t take another minute of digitalizing my favourite pass time. So my long lost love for physical copies was renewed by a recent find in Dubai Digital market. Oh the Irony, my solution to digital detoxification was found on an online podium.

Bookish.ae review online library in dubai uae bookstagram

Introducing ‘Bookish.ae’ an online library that delivers your favourite books at your doorstep. In all certainty, I’m against splurging on physical copies which are read once and come to be a decoration piece at your bookshelf. Instead, a library offers an economical experience and if it delivers directly to your door, what’s the harm? #LazyGirlHacks

My every single visit to a bookstore ends with me walking out the doors empty handed but a mental checklist of hundred books to read, yet never spending a dime on a physical copy. Most books are generally priced between 40 to 50 AED at bookstores, which made me love bookish.ae way more. Bookish.ae provides an affordable membership starting with AED 49; each plan has a different number and types of books you can rent each month. So now instead of one, I get to read plenty within a month for the same price.

Check out these step-by-step instructions on how to join Bookish.ae.

Last month I subscribed to their Book Lover Membership which costs AED 99 for 6 months or AED 119 per month in which you can avail unlimited books per month (4 books at a time), a free joining gift on first delivery & membership program invites.

Though my ideal choice is young adult rom-com, this time I played around with my selection and rented out different authors & genres. And oh bouy I was surprised, in a very positive way. My first delivery included the following books

Bookish.ae review online library in dubai uae bookstagram

What I know for sure by Oprah Winfrey
Safe Haven by Nicholas Spark
The Cinderella Moment by Gemma Fox
Harry Potter and the Cursed Child by J K Rowling.


Affordable memberships with free home delivery
More than 5000s books  to choose from covering different genres & authors including ones from India & Middle East.
You don’t have to return a book at the end of the month as long as your membership is still active, and there are no late fees or due dates.



Unfortunately, they only Deliver in Dubai – The only con I could find after testing the service for one whole month.

Final Verdict

Hands down, this is the best innovation made for a book lover and lazy girls. Plus, with so much being digitalized, a physical copy brings in a sentimental value,  the way the pages feel in your hands, the rich scent of paper, the way they wear over time and gain character.

Bookish.ae review online library in dubai uae bookstagram

For more information, visit the Bookish.ae website or email them on info@bookish.ae for queries.




Living in UAE, you are overthrown by alternatives for Friday Plans particularly the options available for lavish brunch with family. Yet, when I received an invite from Downtown Palace, I was downright excited! Why may you ask? Though 21 years in UAE, it was my very first time visiting Traditional Arabic Architectural Palace known for its Award Wining luxurious Middle Eastern themes.

Ewaan Restaurant Review in Dubai Downtown Palace Hotel Zomato UAE Food Blogger Dubai Foodie Friday Buffet Brunch Arabic Traditional Cuisine

As we entered through the beautiful royal doors, the sumptuous spread at Ewaan left us astonished as ever. The buffet was mainly filled with over 200+ Arabic & Oriental dishes with live cooking stations. Brunch begins at 1pm and is usually jam packed with the hotel guests as well as the residents of UAE. Despite this being one of the busiest brunches that we have attended, the tables were not crammed together so we felt like we had a little bit of space and privacy amongst our dining group.

Ewaan Restaurant Review in Dubai Downtown Palace Hotel Zomato UAE Food Blogger Dubai Foodie Friday Buffet Brunch Arabic Traditional Cuisine


Ewaan Restaurant Review in Dubai Downtown Palace Hotel Zomato UAE Food Blogger Dubai Foodie Friday Buffet Brunch Arabic Traditional Cuisine Meat LoverEwaan Restaurant Review in Dubai Downtown Palace Hotel Zomato UAE Food Blogger Dubai Foodie Friday Buffet Brunch Arabic Traditional Cuisine Meat LoverThis mega-brunch is all  about the live cooking stations shockingly serving everything a meat lover wants, from Chicken to Duck, Fish, Lobsters, Veal & beef also a Sushi station you had it all under one roof. You are definitely spoiled with countless choices of meat.

The cooking station continuously grilled meat as per your liking & served it as hot! With various sauces & dips to try with. Focusing on the Arabic Traditions, the food flavours were mild but they did offer chilli sauce for the Indian Spice lovers too. The Pasta station has always been my favourite & at this particular one, I asked the cook to add veal on to my pink pasta sauce which turned out to be a perfect combination.

You know it's a big hot shot restaurant when the buffet includes the finest artisan selection of cheese & bread. After a…

Posted by RT Hijab Styles on Wednesday, October 19, 2016


Ewaan Restaurant Review in Dubai Downtown Palace Hotel Zomato UAE Food Blogger Dubai Foodie Friday Buffet Brunch Arabic Traditional Cuisine

Venturing into the dessert section, you will be left delighted with Arabic sweets particularly the popular Umm Ali. Another surprise for the inner child in you would be the live cotton candy station, chocolate fondue & crepes. Plus, you can help  yourself to mini modern dessert like chocolate, mango mouse & all flavours of cheesecakes.

Before making your way out do ensure that you stop by the outside terrace for outstanding views of their swimming pool – the perfect way to end such a luxurious brunch.

Ewaan Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Friday Brunch: 1.00 am to 4.00 pm


Glam Box DecemberGlam Box DecemberA beautiful year is about to end on a very happy note, all thanks to this month’s GlamBox, Unlike. last previous boxes, this month’s Glam box was on point and delivered extremely well to my expectations. Though, the surprise was busted when Glambox announced the items way ahead of its time, the discount vouchers were the show stealer for me.

For starters, I received my box on time at the correct address, so kudos to Glambox and finally I got my Body Shop item pending from last month – Oils of life Intensely Revitalising Facial Oil !!

Without further ado, check out the contents for Decembers which were profoundly my favorites.

Glam Box December

Biore Deep Cleansing Charcoal Pore Strip: These babies were absolute magic, I can’t stress how well they do their job. Will I buy them? Hell yea, these gems are No.1 on my shopping list.

FreshLook One-Day Contact Lens Gray: To be honest, getting something in my eye is a nightmare for me, so I’m a tad bit skeptical about if I should even try these.

Misa Nail Lacquer- 237 its you: Again I’m not a fan of nail polish, so I would surely pass this one to a friend.

Shea Butter DXB: Firstly, this 100% pure organic butter directly shipped from Africa is deeply nourishing and moisturizing. Oh but the smelling the butter is an awful and extremely obnoxious experience ever. So this one goes directly into my foot massage kitty.

Abeeco Bee Venom Mask: As many of you know, face masks are kinda my weakness, so Glambox surely got some brownie points for including this Mask/Night cream.

Loccaitane Extra Gentle Soap with Shea Butter: No one I know has ever complaints about this particular brand so adding a pure vegetable soap was such a Winner for an organic beauty product enthusiast like me.  In fact, it smells like lemongrass, one of my fav scents ever.

Parachute Gold Thick & Strong Coconut Hair Oil: Hands down, I had a quick visit back to their childhood, when all I did was cry getting that painful hair oil massage with Parachute. Though I hate the smell, but this oil is the best treatment for your damaged hair.

Body Shop  Oils of Life Intensely Revitalising Facial Oil: You may call me an impulsive buyer but I had that heart touching moment when you come across a product and you instant know that’s what I was looking for all these years – QUITE DRAMATIC!!! Honestly, that was my reaction the 1st time I applied this oil onto my face and today I’m a proud owner of BodyShops Oils of Life 30ml bottle priced @ 175 AED.

Glam Box December Vouchers


  • Shea Butter DXB 2 Jars for AED 200 Flyer – @sheabutter_dxb
  • 50% Off on Vaniday – @vanidayae
  • 25% Off on I Saw It First Online Clothing Store – @isawitfirst_shop
  • AED 150 off  towards any 60/75 minute service at on Dermalogica – @dermalogica_me
  • IBX Gift Voucher: 1 free IBX Treatment session with  any manicure or pedicure – @owtbeauty

What do you think of this month’s box?


If you’d like to find out more about Glam Box Middle East or sign up to their monthly beauty boxes you can visit their website or check out their Facebook page
*Disclaimer:  The subscription featured in this post is purchased with personal funds. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Glam Box or any other company.This post also contains a referral link. Using the link to register with Glam Box middle east a referral credit that support’s RT Hijab Styles further expenditures.



One of my favourite combinations to wear any time of the day is Navy blue and White. I have often noticed that hijabs within darker shades of blue go really well with brown skin girls. In this particular outfit, all I did was jazzed it up a notch with few long black and grey pearl chains.

#TIP During summers try wearing sleeveless flowy tops and use no snag hijab pins to attach a shirt or cardigan to the top on both sides of your shoulder.




Plaid shirt Forever 21
Lace Top Forever 21
Jeans Being Human
Necklace Ebay
Hijab I love modesty

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