MuIV2JNGEREYHauls are always fascinating particularly the ones which cost mere AED 20 only. This post is inspired by the Dirham Store Challenge by my birthday twine Mona Gir. Thrift store challenges are all over the internet, so why should Dubai stay behind? Okay!! we may not have thrift stores, but UAE is covered with hundreds of 1 to 10 DIRHAM STORES which surprisingly have way too many pretty sweet deals!!

So with 20 AED in my pocket and literally nothing more as these stores are famous for impulse buying, I began my search for fun and colorful items to brighten up my dull life !!

So my lovely ladies here is my massive 20 dirham haul


1. Firstly, I got some pretty pink and purple heart-shaped paper clips for my wall decoration inspired by Nifty thrifty Goodwill DIY and honestly how cute are these? (3 AED)

2. I went ahead with the stationery section, which had so many wondrous stuff, the 5-year-old in me was so thrilled and wanted to get EVERYTHING!! I stuck to my plan and got me some animal printed STICKY NOTES. ( 2 AED)


3. My personal favorite is this super cheap white makeup brush holder which you can see nearly in every beauty guru’s vanity. (5 AED)

4. I also found this little pink pouch which has been my life saver for the last few days. I keep my coins and my go to lipstick in it so I don’t have to dig around my purse. (3 AED)


5. Lastly,  my most expensive yet most useful purchase, this surprisingly huge mug in which I drink almost every hot beverage I possibly can. (7 AED)

I definitely scored myself some pretty valuable deals for a grand total of 20 AED only. If you’d like to take up this challenge (do it), the rules are pretty simple: your budget is AED 20 or its equivalent in your currency and that’s it. Do tag me or comment below with what you find!

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