Once you have entered the extravagant world of beauty and fashion, you instantly realize that makeup brushes are so essential to get those well-defined and precise makeup looks. However, we often tend to neglect the significance of after-care of these brushes. A prime reason behind breakouts is that nasty little brush lying on your vanity which you regularly use without proper cleaning. We cleanse our face at least twice on a daily basis, but how often do we show such love and affection towards our brushes?

On countless occasions, we might have skipped this process and even opted to use our fingers for application just because brush cleaning is an annoying task and the thought of hurting our precious brushes is painfully scary. In addition, brush cleansers and those new in market Sigma brush cleaning mat are just overly priced. Recently, I came across an easy DIY to create both of these items helping you to safely clean your brush.


Items you need:

  • Glue Gun
  • Clip Board or any piece of thick plastic
  • Olive oil
  • Facial Cleanser or Dish Soap
  • Towel
  • Dirty Makeup Brushes


To create your natural brush cleanser, mix a facial cleanser or dish soap, recently I started using Dove conditioning facial cleanser which I received in my September Glam Box and extra virgin olive oil in 2:1 ratio. The dish soap is to disinfect and clean your brushes whereas the olive oil reconditions the makeup brushes.

Next, to make your very own Cleansing mat, use a hot glue gun to replicate the above template on a plastic clipboard which I actually got from a Dirham Store in UAE for just AED 5. You can even use plastic lids of Tupperware from your home instead. Each section in the pattern has different uses. The straight and zigzag lines are for rinsing your brushes and especially great for fan brushes as you do not want to swirl them around. The second section, the large dots are used for washing and deep cleansing your brushes particularly your blush, powder and contour brushes basically any large brush. The last section with tiny dots is focused for your eye makeup brushes. For the purpose, of this post I showed my makeup brush cleansing using water in two glasses placed on my study table instead of my sink. I highly recommended that this task should be performed solely in your washroom sink with the generosity of your running tap water. I have attached a template of the pattern I used for designing my brush cleansing mat below.




Once your cleansing mat and brush cleanser is all set, wet a single or couple of eye-shadow brushes together in warm water, never you hot water. Dip the brushes gently in your cleansing mixture and swirl your brush in the appropriate wash section moving it back and forth for a few seconds. Wet your brush again under running water and sweep them across the rinse section. Squeeze your brush heads with either your hands or a towel to remove excess water and reshape them before laying them out to dry. DIY MAKEUP BRUSH CLEANSING MAT

How To Dry Your Brushes Safely.

Finally, do not lay your brushes in an upright position or lay them flat on the ground because the water drips down into the glue that holds the bristles together at the base causing the hairs to comes off. Preferably lay them in slanting position as shown in the picture. Do not place them in direct sunlight to fasten up the process, ultimately it hurts your brushes.



  1. Thats actually a brilliant idea to make your own cleaning mat! And its so simple too! Thabks for sharing :-D. Now im going to go get a clip board and a glue gun lol.

    • It just took my 30 minutes and 15 AED to customize my own mat !! Better than the 120 AED sigma mat 😂

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  3. Assalamualaikum, can you please write a blogpost of all the brushes you have and for what you use them? I have a brush with white handle and black spots…you have pictured the same in this article, but I do not know which brand it is or how it ended up in my house. Where did you purchase them and for what price?

    Waiting for your reply eagerly.

    • W/salam!! Sure will try incorporating your requested blog post within this or next months schedule.

      I got those polka dot printed brushes from a Dirham Store in Ajman for about 10dhs.

    • You can find the gun glue in any dirham store, may be splash, tesco or day to day. You can also find it in Lulu center stationery side.

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