blueeeBB creams have swiftly spread across all beauty market — from cult brands like Benefit to the best drugstore brands. And even us beauty bloggers (who are overly critical in their job) are always excited about the new releases in the bb cream product line. Garnier released their +SPF 50 UV Protection BB Cream in UAE in Summer 2015. I had high expectations from this particular product given how happy I was with Garnier’s Miracle Skin Perfector  which was my ultimate favourite product throughout the final year of my university.

+SPF 50 UV Protection BB Cream which retails at AED 42 is roughly double the value of their Miracle Skin Perfector costly merely AED 26. I prefer to give my honest opinion on each review irrespective of how negative they might turn up.

My biggest mistake was to assume that the +SPF 50 UV Protection BB cream would be anything close to its previous versions. The sales lady @ Carrefour assured that latest BB cream could be set with a pressed powder and give a matte finish (I have learnt the hard way, never to believe what they recommend). I have a combination to mildly oily skin, which can be easily tackled with Rimmel’s Pressed Powder.

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Miracle Skin Perfector Combination to Oily Skin

The product I believe was made to fulfil all my needs. It gave me natural look concealing all my blemishes and redness  with decent amount of coverage. Most of my foundations give up on my skin within a few hours making my skin oily whereas this BB cream lasts me a maximum of 6 hours with a setting powder. The BB cream comes in 2- 3 shades light, medium and dark (which is very limited). The medium shade was completely flawless for my complexion.

The consistency is considerably runny, which actually makes it easier to apply and blend seamlessly. It feels extremely light on the skin also providing SPF 20 protection. However, I’m not such a big fan of the packaging, as there is no pump the product spills everywhere and more than you need. So Just remember to keep the tube in an upright position.

+SPF 50 UV Protection BB cream

Let me start with the positive aspect of this product, the packaging is much better than the previous offering by Garnier. You have better control over how much product you want to squeeze out plus the product is thicker, similar to the consistency of a hand-cream. SPF 50 is a such a big deal to girls living in Middle East, where the harsh burning Sun can be your greatest enemy. Excellent for girls who are looking for quick protection of their face in mornings. It does blend naturally with medium and dark warm skin tone but does not stand true to its claim of “non-greasy”. Unlike the Miracle Skin Perfector, the texture is very greasy, heavy on your skin and makes your skin FREAKING ORANGE. And yes, I’m confused if it is the smell or the formula as a whole, that makes your eyes extremely watery.

If you have fair or cool skin tone, believe me just turn away from the product (DO NOT EVEN LOOK AT IT), thousand other products are waiting for you. As many of Garnier’s customer complained the very fair shade even leaves your skin orange, a definite NO-NO.


Final Verdict OF BATTLE

If you have a pale or cooler skin tone opt for Miracle Skin Perfector Combination to Oily Skin as the shades in that range are quite true to their specifications. However, if you really want sun protection and you have a warmer skin only than +SPF 50 UV PROTECTION BB Cream could be one of your choices. To increase it’s lasting power, use a primer underneath and avoid applying moisturizers.

To be honest, recently, I’ve started combining both the BB cream in 1:1 ratio, so that I get the dual effect of sun protection and the exact shade for my skin tone reducing the greasy oily texture.


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Disclaimer: This is a press release, aiming at promotion to a wider audience. I am not compensated in any way for the publication of this post by Garnier or any other company.


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