TTTTTTTTT201511132095126680Eventually, the joyful wintertime has descended upon us, the cozy-snuggly season of blazers, boots & fuzzy socks, however, every coin has two sides. As winter arrives, the struggle of dry skin begins and it’s more crucial than ever to moisturize your skin every day. Renowned skincare brand, Jergens, understands that while leading busy lives, moisturizing your skin can often be ignored. With Jergens’ broad collection of products containing the new Hydralucence blend technology, the formulas now go beyond just moisturizing, to leave your skin with a beautiful, envious glow. By creating a continuous layer of moisture on your skin to help prevent hydration loss, the new formulas eliminate dullness and dryness for visibly enhanced skin tone, texture, and radiance.

From my earlier post, you may already know that I’m a huge skincare & makeup junkie. I try so many products but only a few stick around on my vanity. And this brand has passed the test over generations in my family with flying colors. I recently got to try out the new formulas of Jergens which were as wondrous as always.


Inspired by local tradition, the Jergens Smoothing Oud Dry Skin Moisturizer, containing silk proteins, helps to hydrate and improve the skin’s texture while providing a beautiful fragrance. My mom’s eyes were hooked on this one, the moment she read Oud. The traditional Arabic fragrance which actually lasts for a very long time is well suited for both male & females, not too overpowering.

To prevent dryness, opt for a product that replenishes moisture and enhances sheen for a more radiant skin, such as the Jergens Shea Butter Deep Conditioning Moisturizer, revealing skin that’s deeply luminous and 3x as radiant. This Shea Butter lotion is so creamy & soft with a comforting & fresh fragrance. I just love anything ‘Shea Butter’ and Jergens won my heart over with this non-greasy, perfectly moisturized and soft to the touch lotion.


For fans of lazy girl hacks, Jergens Overnight Repairs is your survivor to fight against your dry & damaged skin. Every night use this lotion on my feet which blends very well and cover them up with socks, locking in the moisture while I sleep. It has a nice clean, yet light smell, perhaps from the evening primrose extract.

On my Saturday spa day my go to moisturizer is Jergens Cooling Sensation, with cucumber extract and an invigorating fragrance it softens and refreshes tired skin. The formula is made with cucumber extract and menthol known to be wonderfully refreshing and provide a cooling sensation to the skin.

Hydrated skin not only looks fabulous today but further aids to a radiant & youthful look inside out in the future. We know the importance of a soothing & refreshed skin and that’s why RT Hijab Styles & Jergens is partnering up to give one of you pretty ladies a goodie bag filled with Jergens comforting new Products. Head over to my facebook channel to enter the contest today.

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  1. tahira ali

    Olive oil is a great natural moisturizer that can be used to soften your skin or condition your fly-away, winter-ravaged hair

  2. For keeping my skin moisturized, I apply lotion right after shower to trap in the water and lock it in with the help of moisture-rick Jergen’s lotions. @LalaOtadoy @RowennaPedrazaGuevarra @GraceDomingo