How to style Graduation Outfit HijabiSo I graduated! Another prominent milestone of my life has been accomplished. The indignation of countless research papers, sleepless nights & hours of sleeping with eyes open in the last three years was honoured with a prestige degree last night. In the time, I was in my college, education was merely a minor part of my journey. Instead, my most cherished moments would be the ones spent outside my classroom. When you step into the corporate world, that’s when you realize, the lessons taught outside the textbooks will be the most fruitful ones. No matter where we end, there are challenges ahead of us. This journey taught me how to overcome each barrier with head held high and my heart wide open. Life may get hard and people may turn bad but Be kind! Be Respectful! Be Humble! = Be DIFFERENT !!

If you are on the final stage or just beginning your university life, all I would say is to ENJOY and cease every opportunity you get with your friends. Never miss out a party or an outing, build as many memories you can. Take infinite photographs but do not forget to have fun in between those moments just to get the perfect pose.

Inspire people around you and encourage them to excel, it’s a quality very few possess nowadays. And I consider myself extremely blessed to have discovered such friends in my college life who saw my full potential & truly motivated me to pursue my dream!! Today if I’m a blogger and excelling in this field, a huge part of this was made true only by the people I found in last 3 years.

How to style Graduation Outfit HijabiHow to style Graduation Outfit HijabiHow to style Graduation Outfit Hijabi  How to style Graduation Outfit Hijabi  How to style Graduation Outfit Hijabi

If you stuck around till here, thank you, I just wanted to give you girls some insights about my outfit and tips to keep in mind while dressing up for graduation. Most of my pieces were courtesy @Centerpoint.

To be honest, this was the third dress I bought solely for the purpose of my graduation party. I fell in love with it, the moment I stepped in Centerpoint and later this beautiful dark gold hijab called after me from the Lifestyle rack which was actually a huge pain to set. I kept all the accessories within the same shade of my dress from the bracelet to sparkly golden clutch.

  • Dress – Splash Fashion AED 100
  • Clutch –  Splash Fashion AED 79
  • Hijab – Lifestyle AED 28
  • Shoes – Splash Fashion AED 90
  • Bracelet – Lifestyle AED 14
  • Ring – Aldo AED 25

As for the tips, if you are a hijabi DO NOT forget to take along with u a couple of straight hijab pins or safety pins to fix that god forsaken Graduation Cap. Secondly, if you are one of those who use a flower clip to tie your hair, remember to clip it down, or the setting the cap will again be a pain. Chiffon & Satin hijabs would be a great choice over pashmina hijabs as the latter gives too much volume on top. And for my non-hijabi folks you will need lots of bobby pins and hair clips.

So here you go, a brief sketch of what I had to say about Graduation and stay tuned for another giveaway soon on the joyful occasion of my graduation !!