UntitledAs-salaam Alaykum to my lovelies !!

I hope you enjoyed your National Day holidays as much as I did. Actually more than I did, I spent most the time catching up on my sleep and chit chatting with my mum. If you live in UAE, you must have come across the latest colorful abaya trends which I completely adore and indulged myself in completely. From blues to golden, whites to brown I own it all !!! “Not boasting”


Lipstick: Vipera Matte Lip 106 African Tulip
Love how beautifully Jersey Hijabs Drape without any efforts.

So here is my tip, whenever you visit Ajman, a tiny little city hidden behind the glory of DUBAI, head over to the carnival right opposite Carrefour and trust me, you girls are gonna thank me so much. Click here for the location. This place has insane collections of Abaya, from patterns to colors to different materials they have it all. And guess what, they only cost AED 100, like seriously your bank balance is gonna be so pleased.


To answer a question even before it rises, the abayas are of very good quality, it is the place and bulk collection that forces the shop keepers to sell it at a lower price. Those same abayas are retailed double the price outside. Okay, but we may have a tiny bit of a downfall that all abaya’s are 54 or above sizes but when will your handy-dandy tailors come to use?

For this National Day Party at my office, I selected a beautiful brownish-nude Abaya from Ajman to keep myself warm I paired it with the softest Velvet legging from Splash Fashions. And for my hijab I went with my current fav black jersey Hijaab or may I say the “lazy girl hijab”

That’s all for today, but I’m leaving with a promise to post tutorials for my Jersey hijab styles and as well as a sneak peak into my Abaya closet.



  1. Omg … Only AED 100.it’s beautiful.. if you do don’t mind could you share exact location ?

  2. lovely……want to comment back after buying…how do i????