Body Shop Must Haves UAEWhen I received November’s Glambox with a cheekY little discount voucher for Body Shop, glimpses of an empty wallet was all I could see. I desperately needed a refill for my Tea Tree toner; with that came the right opportunity to test out some new products on their shelves.

What I didn’t realize for a very long time was the fancy treatment Body Shop’s staff gives their customers, I was thrilled to see a staff member constantly at my disposal, advising me products as per my inquiries. She unquestionably was the most well-informed sales lady – from the prices to each product’s key ingredients.

Further on, this comes as no surprise to girls who make regular visits to Body Shop that the staff member insists on a facial massage. I’m so glad I took the chance, she used all the Best Sellers for the facial, leaving my skin calm and with an instant glow.

Kudos to the Sudan-based BODY SHOP Staff member ‘Alla’  of Ajman City Center for such a heart-warming welcome and for one of a kind facial massage”. 


Body Shop Must Haves UAE

OILS OF LIFE – INTENSELY REVITALISING FACIAL OIL: I never tried a facial oil before so trying it for the very 1st time turned out to be a luxurious experience. The oil is very relaxing and light weight on the skin, the most excellent feature of this product is the smell – earthy and natural, as I said it gives you a feeling of a deluxe spa treatment. Though it’s on the pricey range @170 AED, for me, this oil has become a necessity mainly because of how it makes me feel.

Body Shop Must Haves UAE


ALEO CLAMING TONER: I have this fascination with Aleo vera which drew my attention to this Toner. As it is made for sensitive skin and alcohol-free my expectations from this one was pretty high and may I tell you it certainly lived up to them. As the title mentions “calming”, this toner is soothing without any irritation or tingly feeling, unlike the tea tree oil toner from Body Shop. Brownie points to Body Shop for not adding any kind of smell to this gem. AED 59


CAMOMILE SILKY CLEANSING OIL (AED 64): The hype of this product has been all over the Internet for a few years and I complete understand why, using an oil based cleanser is so comforting on your eyes – no irritation no raccoon eyes. Even the waterproof mascara and long lasting makeup items starts to come off instantly, leaving your skin clean and hydrated.

TEA TREE OIL FACIAL TONER (AED 45): You know my love for this toner, if you have been here from the start though it is tingly on your skin, it definitely is proven to reduce by acne and blemishes. Click here to read my review.

GLAZED APPLE BODY & ROOM SPRAY: I picked this green magical holiday themed fragrance at the clearance for only AED 49. Though it doesn’t last longer than 2 hours, I’m a huge fan of this Green Apple – Sweet Candy – Refreshingly Yummy Fragrance in general. This one is so perfect for kids and people with sweet tooth.

*The only complaint I always had with Body Shop is they never displays their prices, ultimately making my shopping experiences a tad bit annoying. 


SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESBody Shop Must Haves UAEBody Shop Must Haves UAEBody Shop Must Haves UAE

So what are you opinions on the body shop? What are you FAVOURITE products that you recommend that I try out for myself? Let me know in the comments below! Thanks for reading!


*Disclaimer:  The product featured in this post is purchased with personal funds. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of ‘The Body Shop; or any other company.


    • You wont be disappointed at all, minimize your usage to one drop per application <3 You will be golden <3

  1. It would be impossible for me to name just one product. I love TBS too much 👌💕