Hijabi Beach Outfit


Dressing to the beach as a hijabi can be kind of hard, especially if you experience summers in the Middle East. If you are one of those who want to know about how to handle the heat in summers while wearing a hijab? You are at the right place. Your outfit motto should be light & simple, not too many layers. My personal favorite for summer is kimonos and long lightweight fabric cardigans. Plus, instead of thick materials, try on jersey  hijabs which stay on better during that godforsaken windy times.

Last weekend I went to Kite beach Dubai dressing UP my outfit with floral cotton Kimono & paired it with a basic black jumpsuit. Thankfully, I wore an under scarf which kept my hijab steady all day long. My outfit details are mentioned below ❤


Kimono 65AED: Wadi.com | Purse 200AED: Vinci  |Shoes 45AED & Hijab 15AED: Carrefour | Ring 20AED: HnM | Bracelet 35AED: Splash Fashion

Until the next time !! Toodles ❤


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