In today’s modern age, anything & everything you need is just a click away. From delicious delicacy to uber taxi, mobile applications have revolutionised the way we schedule our life – so why shouldn’t the beauty world get a piece of the action? We are past those tedious days of bookings appointments over telephones, introducing a much fabulous, stress-free and on the go solution to schedule your beauty dates, Wellbey is a one stop for all your new beauty finds. Whether you desire a fine haircut, a relaxing yoga lesson, simply get your monthly mani-pedi done, find the right salon or spa at your nearby location within your budget via Wellbey site.

A few days back, I got to interview the dynamic duo behind the now popular site called Wellbey launched this January 2016, and what a refreshing & inspiring talk it was, here is how my little chitchat went ahead with founders – Christopher Latti & Stefan Berger.

 Christopher Latti & Stefan Berger founders of Wellbey
Tell us something about the team behind Wellbey and from where did the idea originate?
We started working together in 2 different startups but having known one another for over 15 years. Being brought up with international backgrounds, and having lived in multiple countries, we know the differences in markets here in MENA and abroad. And over the many years, we always had instances in Dubai of “How come we don’t have this in Dubai? Or that?”.
By seeing the growing popularity of people booking services online in other service industries such as airline, hotel, rentals – we thought why is there not a market to serve that for Beauty and Wellbeing which is so prevalent with the people in Dubai and the MENA region.   We came up with Wellbey when we saw this massive gap in the UAE and MENA market for Beauty and Wellbeing, and wanted to help make lives easier for people. With many friends over the years expressing their frustration with finding good salons, gyms and most recently yoga studios, we realised that with our know-how, we could provide a solution. That’s when Wellbey was born !
How big is the beauty market in UAE and what was missing from the traditional solutions?
The beauty and wellbeing market in the UAE is huge, with over 6,000 establishments, and with one of the highest growth rates in the world. The traditional solutions included general directories with inaccurate information and very frustrating non-user friendly websites. The recent startups that have launched are a step in a better direction, however, the majority of them focus on replicating ideas from overseas, whilst we are making Wellbey to be catered to this particular market.
With a focus on the customer along with our partners we only look to have a win-win situation for all, where everyone benefits.  By providing our partners with a platform to further track performance, advertise, and view analytics we can help businesses across the MENA reach their customer better and more efficiently.
Why should ladies use Wellbey, what makes it so unique?
Ladies should use Wellbey because it is a convenient, quick and reliable gateway to Beauty and Wellbeing. They can come on our site and find the best salons near them, read multiple reviews, search by map and book instantly by phone or online. We give our users options, and do not force them into any actions. We simply want to create the best platform where people can make informed decisions and find the best place for them to go to suit their beauty and wellbeing needs.  Recently launched, our users and visits have grown much higher than initially anticipated, and we’re really happy the response we’ve got from our customers so far!  Our main focus is always on the customer, and we want to provide the best experience possible from start to finish.
How has your growth been since launch and What does the future hold for Wellbey?
Growth has been really great, with great response from users. We learn the most from our users, so we constantly chat with them to get feedback on our site, as well as learn from the behaviour to improve Wellbey constantly. The future of Wellbey is to expand into the entire MENA region, as well as expand on the products we offer our clients, who are salons, spas, gyms, fitness centres, yoga studios.  Our partners also are very important to us,
What is your one tip for aspiring entrepreneurs?
Failure is not an end point, it really is just the beginning.  As an entrepreneur starting a company, it is almost guaranteed and essential you fail along the way, because with failure comes learning, and with learning comes invaluable experience. So, the one main tip really would be to never give up, and to try, try and try again. There is no such thing as a failure because you can always try again until you get it right. It will be tough, but the goal is to focus on always moving forward. Oh, and whatever age you may be, if you have the opportunity to start your own business right now, do it.
One more thing: Where did the name Wellbey come from?

Wellbey is all about Beauty and Wellbeing. We wanted a name which sounded very friendly, inviting, almost like a friend you could refer to when speaking to others. The name is also a combination of the words “Wellbeing” and “Beauty”, so we were happy when we came up with it, and everyone we spoke to loved the name too, so we knew it was the one.

For more information on Wellbey, have a browse through their official website and follow them on Facebook.


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