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When shopping is an undeniable cure to your mood swings, getting on budget evidently turns out to be a necessity. Heaven to shopaholics, Dubai opens its doors to hundreds of international brands every year, simplifying our decision as clear as mud. 

Many of my readers are under the misconception that I throw down the drain, pots of gold on my wardrobe when in fact I might be the long lost daughter of Uncle Scrooge. Luxury high-end clothing Brands and loyalty to them has always seemed sketchy to me, I prefer grabbing the right item at the right time and price.

Here are some tips for shoppers in UAE to spend less and buy more:


Loyalty programs and Newsletters: Generally before investing in a new brand, surf the net and hunt down its loyalty programs and subscribe to their SMS updates and email alerts to get advance intel about discounts and sales way ahead of your friends.

If you are new to Dubai, enrol in the starters kit including Club Apparel and Shukran Rewards. Moreover, Shopping Informer tracks down all on-going sale in UAE within seconds basically a bright red cherry on the cake for all shopaholics.


Thrift Stores and Warehouse Sales: I love shopping at off-brand stores, all you need is a keen eye for good quality items; for Dubai resident, the Almighty famous Karama market is home to quality knock offs. While people in Ajman, shops like Top Shoes, City Mart, Magnum Plaza and even Ittihad Center banks great deals. Further, those shabby minikin wholesale/retails stores around Factory Mart are worth a look. Also, the Ajman Festival across City Center,

For the ultimate economical shopping experience, Dragon Mart (Dubai) and China Mall (Ajman) holds wonderful surprises. The latter includes Splash Fashion’s Discounted Warehouse upon contact they told me the discounted items not sold in their regular stores are shipped back to Ajman warehouse and sold with a further reduction.


Tailors and Alterations: Recycle your boring outfits for a bohemian vibe with colourful lace and fringes from any craft store found in Ajman Or Dubai Bazaar by the help of a superb tailor or an easy to use hand stitch machine, click here to buy one.

Also stores like Splash, Max and HnM have in store custom tailoring facilities to alter your clothes to perfection free of cost.


Shop online: Recently, my fascination with e-shopping reached sky whopping high with a debit card in my hands. Landmark Shop periodically host Weekend Bonanza or offer additional Shukran points, and being the penny pincher I am, I visit the store armed with my cell phone, try the clothes out and order the same online or play around with colorways, patterns and sizes.

Many sites offer free delivery if you spend a certain amount, say you are buying a 50 AED shirt just get another to reach the 100 AED mark, simply return one and ‘BOOM’ money saved but the catch ensure the site has free return/ money back policy!! Landmark does offer this excluding sales, genius right !!


Shop for opposite seasons from bigger international brands. You might find chunky sweaters in my shopping bags during summers and a floral maxi dress in winters. Brands like American eagle, Cotton On and New Look usually put up out of season clothes on clearance and that’s the only time my card swipes on such high-end stores.

You can’t miss Half Price Mondays at Dubai Outlet Mall when most collections are 50 to 75% off.


Selling off old clothes: A fun way to spend your Friday afternoons is quibbling at Dubai Flee market, home to second-hand goodness. You can always fund your new purchases by selling off your old boring clothes at flee or on Sites like Shedd, Dubizzle and Facebook Classified Groups. Also, these options do full justice of locating branded goodies at a cheaper price.


Shop Alone: Cruising with friends at mall gets intimidating and scary, often I have picked out things from high-end stores due to fear of getting judged. Being alone allows you to be as tightwad as possible and walk off the store without any bags & obligations. The only person I’m comfortable shopping with is my mum as she is all fine with my thrifty shopping habits.


Accessories: A fashion faithful to glam up your attire is accessories, I’m talking about scarfs and jewellery making a standout addition to your look from the early centuries and with awesome, good quality pieces at AliExpresss (be sure to add your postbox number) & Jollychic you can always within budget.

Tip of the Day: To last fake jewellery longer coat them with a clear nail polish to limit any rusting.

As for shoes and purses, these are worth a hefty investment no questions asked, except how can you save up money? Steve madden, Nose and Vincci hold quarterly sales and that’s when you hit those brands.


Shop without occasions: A smart shopper is one who undertakes random shopping splurge particularly during sales to find fancy cocktails dresses. Chances are a graduation party, friend’s wedding or a birthday is right around the corner and with a great dress already in your hand you have enough time to search for complimenting accessories.


SUPER SALE: If you are new, Dubai hosts some of the biggest sales all around the globe and the best time to hit high-end brands is during the Dubai Shopping Festival (December to January), Black Friday (Early January), Ramadan, Big Summer Sale going on at World Trade Center.


Often I’m told I never repeat my dressings though the only thing I change is how I dress my staple pieces for the occasions. It’s all about how you carry your ensembles.

For more updates & hacks follow me on Instagram @Rthijabstyles


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