dubai-college-life-scenes-of-amity-univesity-dubai-1For every graduate, freshmen year holds unforgettable memories and the so-called orientation day; in general, comes with an overwhelming baggage of anxiety, intimidation and downright terror mode. While some disguise the ‘butterflies and nail biting’ behind a bold candid mask, others make desperate attempts to camouflage in the crowd of thousand students. But the third unknown category is those ‘crackerjacks’ who crave becoming the King but chicken out before the combat, I was among these.

Venturing into the university doors, life hack videos, tips & tricks to make a lasting impression and how to articles were all over my internet history, truth be told after graduation, it was never about survival, in fact, the whole three journey was a necessary boost for me to conquer my fears & becoming a better version of myself. An adventure made of entirely new people means a fresh new start which the high school ‘You’ desperately craved, savour this independent new world away from family and past notions.

Though I read thousands of articles on how to survive college, I never came across anything explaining what exactly to work on those three years for a better life in general. A few days back when I posted BEHIND THE SCENES OF DUBAI WORK LIFE AS A BEGINNER many of my university mates & juniors asked me to write something about College life.



Golden words always linger by your side, facing huge anxiety issues from childhood once a mentor told me it’s not what you say, it’s how you say. You can make a lie seem the truth just by being confident. I still do face anxiety –  a nerve-wracking pain in my stomach before talking to strangers or asking someone for help, but now I’m way better at hiding it away in a calm composed exterior.

Don’t be in the ‘know it all’ group, thrive for knowledge make the curious nature the crux behind your personality. When I walked out those campus door I knew ‘I may not be perfect but I’m good, I know something but l want that something to become everything’. And that’s what forces me to break barriers & reach for my dreams. #BossBabes


We are in an era where companies want fresh graduates to have corporate experience, so to avoid months of uncanny job search, get involved in your campus activities, assist professors on a research paper or write articles for the editorials and at the same time look for an internship from day one. An unpaid internship pays you in the desired exposure you will need to set your career straight.

Back in my college days, I remember a Professor saying: “I’m in this class of 60 students equally attentive to all but how each student uses my expertise for their betterment depends solely on them”. College Professors can be a source of inspiration to many and a great ice breaker for me was asking about their first job experience after graduation, believe me, the hideous work stories lined up next is beyond imagination. College is the right time to friend zone your teachers and get out of those comfy protective shells effectuate by your parents. Before becoming a connection on LinkedIn my professors were friends with me on Facebook.


A term interrelated to friendship, gratitude and compassion within nations. Studying on an international platform and befriending individuals with different nationalities and gender taught me how to accept a difference in opinion with positivity and eradicating that picky, judgmental, and flat out discriminating ways. Ironic that my university was actually named Amity.

Parents always tend to blame their kid’s fault on ‘unwanted friendships’ and the  nasty game of ‘peer pressure’ which destroys many talented youngsters. A student feels pressurised if the fine line between their subconscious Bad & Good decisions is blurred out, it’s never the friends to be blamed. Instead, college is a time where you can form great bonds with parents too.


It is a two-way street, putting forward your opinions and ideas is crucial but so it listening to add-ons to your idea by others. College life teaches you how to take negative comments as constructive criticism and work your way through it rather than against it.  Mandatory Behavioural Science & Communication Skills courses at my Univeristy taught me how to switch off my Anxiety & Depression Mode in Public while in Private my counsellor showed me how bottling up your feelings is neither good for your physical nor mental health, ask for help & express those feelings as this is the time where you can get the most help.


Life is not about those chunky library textbooks and 2 hours written examination, I was a finance major passed with distinction and today the only thing remotely financial in my life is managing my own money with an app called Coin Keeper. No one is going to ask for textbook definitions, but the examples your professors referred during their lectures are way more crucial for practical implementation.

Constantly updating and educating yourself with global news and even current affairs in your field of interest takes you a long way, it’s all about being Street Smart & performing Smart Work in today’s corrupt world.

Dear Freshers, It’s okay to Hate your College Life at the start and Dear Graduates, It’s okay to hate your Work Life.



  1. That was great, all you said made me think especially about bottled up feelings. I’m living proof, don’t stress it’s not worth it. Thanks