Last year went exceptionally well, with my blog receiving so much love from all you lovely ladies to meeting new people over a cup of tea, 2016 had 365 wonders of joy packed in it. A year of hard work, love, dedication and standing up for myself & what I believe in dearly. One major lesson I carry forward from last year is the huge impact of keeping optimistic people around you who create such positives vibes and change your outlook towards life for the better.  On 31st December 2016, while I scratched out every single goal I set for that year, I took upon new challenges for 2017.

The thing with making your goals public on social sites or talking more about them with your closed one is it often creates social expectations and rather develops a further commitment.

So here they are.

  1. Read a pile of 24 books and wander into different genres other than Fantasy & Romance.
  2. Face the fear: Perform at a Karaoke Bar
  3. Meet, play or at least touch a Gaint Panda because why not? They are freaking adorable !!
  4. I always played safe with my hair, this year I wanna do something wild with my hair colour & get some highlights too. Red? Pink? Purple? Ombre?
  5. Let the Anger out: Go on a BANG BANG spree at a Shooting range.
  6. It’s finally time to invest in a good DSLR camera for my blog & Instagram pictures.
  7. Save up a chunk to make a really good investment.
  8. Travel back to my homeland, INDIA. With almost 12 years of no contact the country, I would love to see how beautifully has it changed.
  9.  Study with me: Get 5 certifications or diploma in my career field and a new language.
  10. Work actively on a new book reading initiative with #DubaiReads Campaign and get other bloggers involved in it.
  11. Plan out a Staycation in Abu Dhabi with my mum, I so wanna break the 5-year record of not visiting the emirate.
  12. Keep it healthy: Have an “all veg” week each month. But Eggs are allowed !!
  13. Try 24 new recipes, I was on cooking rust last year, so it’s a must.
  14. Leave a 100% tip for the server at the restaurant.
  15. Walk for a charity/cause I believe in.
  16. Travel your goals: Make one international stop to Bali, Sri Lanka or any other country.
  17. Make it Happen: Go for a Friends Reunion.

Bonus: Find out my favorite Hot Beverage from Starbucks !!

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