Happy End of the Year / Beginning of New Year

It’s time to bring back the old school favourites post, a list of my holy grail product for Twenty Sixteen, the ones I went back to all the times, throughout the year – my tried and true friends. So much has gone down on social media, in the beauty world in last 12 months, I wanted to show yo girls what I’m carrying forward from last year. So let’s just dive into it with no particular order.

lush hair care review

  1. Lush Hair Care

2016 started off on a beautiful note by a massive collaboration with a brand I obsessed over during my college years, I had an intensely satisfying moment when I got a surprise package from Lush with some of the most popular hair care items, there was no turning back from that moment onwards. For a hijabi whose hair is tied up and covered most of the day, Lush did a wonderful job in the hair repairing and strengthing process.

So the ones that stuck around making a place in my hair care routine and were repurchased every quarter was the Lush Big Sea Salt Shampoo and Jasmine and Henna Fluff Eaze Hair TreatmentAn obsession caught up with my brother as well who kept stealing them all year round. Click here for a detailed review on the former.

As for Jasmine and Henna Fluff Eaze Hair Treatment, I’ve passionately recommended this kick-ass hair care essential to EVERYONE, be it boy or girl. This deep conditioning treatment not only leaves your hair super shiny & smooth but has the most astonishing smell lingering on to you for days.

2. Fondue at Melting Pot

Before 2016, I had no idea of how incredibly exciting a fondue dining experience could be, I’ve an extra soft spot for Melting Pot as it was my very first restaurant review as a food blogger but I’ve kept going back to this dynamite with friends, family and even guests from aboard.

Putting the whole thrill of dipping assorted fruits and bread in hot chocolate and melting cheese into words is beyond my writing capabilities yet the restaurant has been mentioned in my Guilty Pleasure column twice. Click here to read the review. The whole concept of sharing the hot fondue with others on the table is so intriguing, especially on a date night.

3. Kempinski Ajman Friday Brunch

In 2016, I came face to face with a grand tradition of Friday Brunches, away from all the office drama, discovering new locations & exploring intriguing cuisines. I was at Kempinski Ajman almost 8 Fridays out of 53, which speaks a lot for itself. From their outdoor Garden brunch to indoor New York style Italian Brunch, Kempinski always had their A game on.

My top three picks at the Brunch would be the Chocolate Shawerma, the entire live cooking station headed by the Indian restaurant Bukhara and Dim Sum from the Asian/Chinese station. Hands down, this a quick getaway for your entire family filled with lots of food and fun.

Typo Shop.PNG

4. Favourite Store: Typo

Even years after finishing high school, my first stop at any outlet would be their stationery section. Some people don’t realise how these therapeutic little things bring back childhood memories. Typo is one such quirky store offering strange props for HomeDecor and vibrant collections of Planners & notebooks. My personal favourite is the flashy Summer Mermaid series.


5. Pumpkin Chai Latte Caribou

Obviously, fall comes with a bag full of delicious drinks and after trying a whole bunch of those, Caribou Caribou did win me over. Always on a hunt for different flavours in Chai LatteChai Latte, which seems to have very less options these days, I’ve found my ultimate favourite Hot Beverage with the smell of pumpkin and the cinnamon flavour.

the-3-bath-and-body-works-candle-dupes-56. Candles – Bath and Body Works

I am an Everything Fall kinda girl, fashion, drinks or scents you name it. From the ancient smell of cinnamon cookies to shades of military green and down to a beautiful climate filled with dried orange leaves everywhere. I just love the whole season and my love increased with a recent splurge in Bath and Body Works’ candle section.

I love BBW, but I always keep missing out the massive Sales but this year I was well prepared in advance. So I got my hands on some really great deals and amazing scented candles which my mum and I keep fighting over. Leaves & Marshmallow Fireside hits your room with the most lovely fall scent ever. Definitely “fall” all wrapped up into a scent if you could imagine that.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES7. Debby LipChubby Matte Lipstick in Shade 06 Magenta

Lifestyle Gulf was on a roll in 2016, launching plenty new brands among them was Debby, an Anglo-American Makeup Line which bounced across all favourites and reached my essential’s list within a week. The subtle pink purple Crayon shade was my go to lippy for a pop of colour last few months. Since the brand has arrived completely under the radar, and they definitely deserve some viewing!

img_81358. Max Factor Master Piece Nude Palette 03 Rose Gold

Another Beauty pick for 2016 is a newbie from Max Factor, 2016 was the year of Rose Gold, and this palette had a great mix of pink-leaning nudes and offered enough room to play.  With just 8 shades and a very travel-friendly size, you can go for a lovely, plummy, smoky eye. Credit needs to be given to the double-ended, sponge-tipped brush, which is not the usual rubbish you get in palettes and actually works really well especially for inner corners.

img_3615_facetune9. Favourite Mobile Applications

I’m not a pretty tech savvy person, but I love my handy mobile apps. As a content writer, most of my life & social media plans are scheduled away in my phone without which I’m completely lost. Yes!! I’m one of those 😛

As all Instagram fanatics, rave about one particular app FaceTune which you can find only in iPhone and cost AED20 or less, this editing app takes your ordinary pictures to Insta Perfect within minutes. My favourite feature would be the ‘Whiten’ tool.

Another App which deserves a mention is TV Show Time. I’m crazy when it comes to TV shows, while I love binge watching some others I follow some wholeheartedly and this app makes it so easy to get updates about the timings and when they are telecasted. Also, it has a community for each show where you can comment and meet people who love the same shows you do. I’ve a blog post lined up discussing all my favourite apps for the year.

tumblr_oamkjqiup81uiouizo1_128010. Tv Show – CW Dream Team Minus Arrow <3

With Arrow being a lost cause after the second season, I stumbled across The Flash which seemed okay at first. But was interesting and really catchy later on.. And the new addition of Supergirl to the team was a cherry on the cake. Recently, they had a huge collaboration of 4 episodes on CW with Arrow, Flash, SuperGirl and Legends of Tomorrow all together,

s-l100011. Car Freshener – Bath and Body Works

By God’s grace, I purchased my very first car in 2016 and was completely obsessed with getting freshly baked cookies or tropical fruit fragrance tied up to my car.  Bath and Body have the cutest, most adorable portable holders with some of the most delicious scents ever. My favourite would be the Caribbean Escape and Cinnamon Caramel Swirl which are right now on sale at AED 8.

Bookish.ae review online library in dubai uae bookstagram12. Books – What I Know for Sure.

In 2016, I experimented with my books a lot, I travelled away from Fantasy and landed on Adult Non-Fiction. I stumbled upon bookish.ae an online library in Dubai, a medicine to my book lover self. My first delivery included What I know for sure by Oprah Winfrey and I fell in love with her unique motivational writing style. Most importantly, taught me the greatest lesson of 2016, to be thankful for what you have. #Gratitude

What do with ALoe vera gel? Do it yourself hacks for face & body13. Skincare – Aleo Vera Gel from My skinChoice

One essential, I kept repurchasing throughout the year for a flawless skin was Aleo Vera Gel, from body scrub to sleeping mask, I used aloe in anything and everything. I also wrote a huge article on the same on my blog (Click here to read) which also got featured in Yoga Life magazine.

large.jpg14. White Shoes

This year, hijabis took over the high street fashion and runaways with grace, we saw girls conqueror over traditional norms in the industry and made their exquisite mark. “Kudos” My favourite purchase for the year for my white sneakers which I wore everywhere, super comfy and perfect match for all outfits.

ImPRESS Gel Manicure Nail Set Red, Black, Pink &amp; Blue Nail Art Design by Dubai Beauty Blogger UAE Makeup Artist15. Kiss Cosmetics Nail Kit

Nail art has always been a struggle, and getting a manicure done every two weeks at a salon is not my cup of tea. I’ve been playing around with many nail designs of Kiss Cosmetics & Imperial Nails this year and totally recommended it to all my friends. One, they are super easy and two, looks beautifully natural and gorgeous. Click here for review.

Capture.PNG16. Unicorn Watch by Lovisa

One big trend, that’s not only in jewellery but also home decor is Copper or Rose Gold. I absolutely adore it and super happy it is widely available everywhere with all different prices. As a Christmas present, I got a Rose Gold watch from Lovisa and I wore it everywhere the last two months. Super simple yet very relatable to my positive personality.

2016, honoured me with beautiful memories and ravishing products which I fell in love with completely. Comment below if you would like to see a monthly favorites post.

Until Next Time,

Rahma <3















  1. I love your compilation. Just started blogging a few months ago and hoping for all this fun and excitement in the coming year.
    Also, where can I get this aloe Vera gel. Have been looking for one since a long time.

  2. Awesome list! Thanks for mentioning Bookish.ae…and who doesn’t love Oprah? BTW, I just discovered Typo and how affordable it is! I think because the store looks cool and funky that people assume it’s expensive, but it’s not. It’s a great addition to the stationery scene in Dubai.