bath-and-body-candles-haul-uae-aed-25-sale-offers-dsf-best-bbw-candles-in-uae-autumn-collection-fall-candles-2017-1dbath-and-body-candles-haul-uae-aed-25-sale-offers-dsf-best-bbw-candles-in-uae-autumn-collection-fall-candles-2017-1There’s something about candles and the winters, right? This time of year, it really feels perfect. Making sure my place smells heavenly at all times is very important to me. I keep candles in almost every room of my house. Recently, the obsession took an extra hit with Bath and Body Works Dubai shopping festival sale.

From 90 down to 25 AED, that’s right, most of the Candles are luckily 75% off !!


Conveniently, the moment I took the driver seat of my car, the first stop was a BBW store in Sharjah and till today I make regular trips to slowly discover my favourite fragrances which surprisingly were quite different from the signature scents and staff recommendations. When it comes to scents, I’ve only two extremes either freshly baked cookies or tropical crisp fragrance with hints of lemongrass.

bath and body candles haul uae aed 25 sale offers dsf best bbw candles in uae autumn collection fall candles 2017  (7).pngbath and body haul candles top 5 for 2016 autumn fall collection uae aed price dsf sale


My no. 1 ultimate favourite fragrance from the store mainly because it’s a spicy warm welcoming scent like FALL all wrapped up in one tiny jar. Firstly, it smells nothing like leaves instead, it captures the true roots of Fall season –  a blend of Pumpkin Spice, Cinnamon, rich crispy apple notes. This is my and every YouTuber/vloggers go to candle from BBW.


2016 was all about Pumpkin Chai latte, I went seriously C-R-A-Z-Y over it to the extent I wanted my room to smell like one. Another fall favourite, a wonderful bakery scent with a sweet maple syrup overload and a splash of toasty side which fills your entire home in few minutes.



A classic, comforting scent to burn when guests are over, the Marshmallow, vanilla side is not too overly sweet and the ‘fireside’ is a very specific smoky ‘campfire’ sort of scent. There is no cigar or cigarette-ish smell; it’s not tobacco. A fantastic in-between sweet musky smell, great as a gift for guys too.

4. TWISTED PEPPERMINTTWISTED PEPPERMINT For a more chill wintery scent, I'd chose from the holiday edition- Twisted Peppermint. Definitely a strong distinctive through, anyone who enters your home will right away guess the flavour plus it's great to clear up sinuses. To me, it's a soothing blend of a cool minty fresh toothpaste with hints of warm sweet vanilla.
5. ISLAND MARGARITAbath-and-body-candles-haul-uae-aed-25-sale-offers-dsf-best-bbw-candles-in-uae-autumn-collection-fall-candles-2017-3



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