junoon-dubai-2Wow, 2016 was an interesting year and I’ve been lucky enough to expand my network of people and quite grateful to experience beautiful new adventures every week. A year of massive ups and downs, while it went high as the glittering sky some days, others were a true example of a sinking titanic. I picturized a positive personality on screen but some behind the scenes were tragically negative too.

2016 was a year of powerful life lessons and I thought it might serve you well if I shared‎ 16 of them with you. So here you go:


Gratitude: Even in the darkest of times, you can always find something to be grateful for.


No matter how much you earn and where you live, a certain amount of your salary should be marked as charity to the needy.


Surround yourself with positive people and try to absorb that same energy within you every morning. It is hard to stay positive in dark situations yet, not impossible. Train your mind to have only positive thoughts which turn into a happy reality.


Crying is not a sign of weakness, pick your battles and people in front of whom you can soften up without feeling embarrassed.


No moment is as perfect as a hot cup of tea, warm fuzzy socks and an amazing book wrapped up in a cold winter night.


Talk more about your life goals with family & friends as it creates a social commitment and drives a dedicated energy inside you to achieve the target.


Your definition of perfection may be trash for one and treasure to some, all you need to focus on is giving your 100%.


Enjoying your own company helps you grow personally, eating your dinner out or listening to music on a long drive alone is a beautiful way to charge up the self-love train.


Pay extra attention to your savings and don’t waste money on mediocre stuff instead, invest in new adventures to build up happy memories.


Attend free seminars in your locality and discover new online courses to add on to your resume.


Going through 4 cups of coffee/tea to stay awake is not a big deal. When it is literally your lifeline or your new best friend.


Invest in good skincare over makeup, a healthy skin to start with is so much better than fixing a blemished skin.


Preaching self-control is easy, practising patience is hard but deciding how to act while waiting is the hardest. Everything has its own proper time, things you are desperately praying for will show up when you are clear cut ready for them.


After a hectic day at work, you go back home to a person who asks “How did your day go by?” consider yourself really lucky.


Success favours those who work hard and pray harder. You PLAN your goals, PERFORM to your best ability and most importantly raise your hands to PRAY for a reward. 


Taking a digital detox every now and then refreshes your soul & boost up new ideas.

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