last-minute-valentines-day-hacks-for-single-girls-in-dubai-uae-ajmanValentines is overrated, a statement many single folks stand by this time of the year and while other love doves are fantasising what to wear on the fancy red hot dinner date, people like me just want to pass this day with a little bit of grace and mouthful of chocolates. Why? Because the red roses and massive teddy bear stamped all across social media are again going to be heartbreaking. Furthermore, the single girls climb up the ladder of craziness with their Anti-Valentines party pictures, which sometimes are just painful spiteful for the anxiety driven group.

So, if you are single, anxious to go for a girls night out and of course on a tight budget. I got you ladies covered up. Okay! in all honesty, I never celebrated this so called Loveday with a boy but I do know how to get through this without being a sore loser. Here is a lisr of amazing things you can do under 100 AED.

last-minute-valentines-day-hacks-for-single-girls-in-dubai-uae-things-to-do-alone-on-valentines-day-watch-movie-with-friends-on-du-tuesday-vox-cinema-uae-dubai-free-movie-ticket1. Movie Date Night
The easiest way to spread some cheer this V-day is a movie night, especially because it is Du Tuesday at Vox cinema and let’s take a minute to be thankful for this awesome campaign. Action (Return of Xander cage) to horror (Ring 3) we have plenty to select from, if your date is a kid why not the  Lego batman Movie. Into Hindi movies? Jolly LLB 2 looks super interesting!!
Location in Ajman: Vox City Center Ajman
last-minute-valentines-day-hacks-for-single-girls-in-dubai-uae-things-to-do-alone-on-valentines-day-ice-cream-and-tim-hortons-coffee-cold-stone-evening-date-with-friends-on-a-budget-using-entertaine2. Coffee or Ice Cream Date
If you really are in a money crunch and love chatting hours with a bestie, this is perfect and who doesn’t like coffee and ice cream in the cold weather? So my recent personal favourite combo is Tim Hortons and Cold Stone mainly because I can buy one get one free offer with my entertainer app.
last-minute-valentines-day-hacks-for-single-girls-in-dubai-uae-things-to-do-alone-on-valentines-day-show-kindness-celebrate-v-day-with-poor-tumblr-donation-charity3. Share an act of kindness
Looking to gain some rewards and a fun time? Become a Santa Claus by dividing your budget (ex: 100AED) into 5 or 10 groups (ex: 20 or 10AED) and make cute little pouches filled with chocolates and candies. Next, you roam around town and hand it over to someone in need. And if you have a friend by your side it is double the fun.
last-minute-valentines-day-hacks-for-single-girls-in-dubai-uae-ajman-spa-tumble-manicure-pedicure-pink4. Spa Day out
What girl doesn’t want perfect nails? A great way to enjoy V-Day is a mani-pedi appointment with your mum. Let’s be real, we all love our spa days. If you are alone, why not opt for a massage instead some great places offer within the bracket of 100 AED.
Mani-pedi: 85 per person in Nayomi Salon
Swedish Massage only for AED 87 with a groupon at Body & Soul Health Club Ajman
last-minute-valentines-day-hacks-for-single-girls-in-dubai-uae-things-to-do-alone-on-valentines-day-ajman-dubai-shesha-place-ideas-mint-grape-shisha5. Chill at Sheesha cafe
Nothing really beats chilling out in a cool lounge with a ridiculously beautiful view, soft lighting and the refreshing Grape-Mint shisha vibes. Head to Ajman Beach for a variety of great cafes with a touch of traditional Arabic cuisines or if in Dubai, Bertin Bistro offers one of a kind Sheesha flavours.
last-minute-valentines-day-hacks-for-single-girls-in-dubai-uae-things-to-do-alone-on-valentines-day-netflix-chill-and-chocolate-tumblr6. Chocolate and Candies
Every year I indulge in some luxurious chocolates on V-day because why not? Forget about your diet & NETFLIX AND CHILL with a box of your favourite dessert, maybe Cinnabons or Thai Icecream?
Best Dessert Parlour in Ajman: Yum in Tum, House of Chocolate and Curlberry Arabia
last-minute-valentines-day-hacks-for-single-girls-in-dubai-uae-things-to-do-alone-on-valentines-day-dinner-date-tumblr-lunch-with-mum-tumblr-inspired-luxury-hotel7. Dinner Date with Mum
Spoil your mum this V-day with her favourite cuisine within your budget. Do some much-needed research on zomato to find perfect spots for a mother-daughter date. Recently my mum and I found Chicken Tikka on Ajman Beach which serves amazing Chicken Fajita as Sizzler for AED 30 only.
last-minute-valentines-day-hacks-for-single-girls-in-dubai-uae-things-to-do-alone-on-valentines-day-in-home-spa-tumblr-lush-bath-tub-bubble-bath-tub-lush8. In-home Spa
Sometimes you can’t make efforts to go out and don’t have the energy to deal with people. Basically, you need an Anti-human VDay solution, get those favourite beauty masks out, a lush bath bomb, warm cup of tea and your favourite book. Spend a good amount of time in your tub with hot water and bubbles all around.
last-minute-valentines-day-hacks-for-single-girls-in-dubai-uae-ajman-girl-driving-car-tumblr-things-to-do-alone-on-valentines-day9. Long Drives with podcasts
For some reason, no one understands why I like taking long drives alone. I can see how from an outsider’s perspective it might seem like a lonely endeavour, but actually a much-needed disconnection from the world. Instead of music, I love listening to podcasts on my way to places. I recommend “” for motivation or “East India Comedy” or “All India Bakchod” for comedy.
Bonus 10: If you feel lonely, why not DM me, we can have a Quick chat.

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