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Scan Away with Merlin Digital

merlin digital portable scanner review (1)

Planning to travel for a business meeting? Last month Merlin Digital introduced me to the handy dandy compact Wi-Fi Scanner, absolutely perfect for your desk or in your carry-on bag, as it is super lightweight and doesn’t require much space.

What is it: Wifi Portable Scanner – a fast and convenient way to scan, and organize documents on the go that records up to 1200dpi Images on an SD card within 5 seconds, powered by batteries or USB.

“Scan whatever you want… wherever you want.”

How it works: The reason I like this scanner so much is because it is so easy to use. I really hate scanning images. It’s not fun. Sitting at the computer, cropping, editing, and finding a place to save all of them. It’s a hassle. It takes away most, if not all, of the hassle involved in scanning pictures, notebooks, or documents.

merlin digital portable scanner review (1)It’s so easy to use. Pop in the SD card, select your resolution (300dpi, 600dpi or 1200dpi), put in what you want to scan, and tada, the auto feed functions does the magic.  A live preview of what’s going on in the scanner shows up on the small screen so you know you scanned what you intended to. It’s nice to be able to sit down on the couch and fly through an entire album of old family photos with minutes.


  • Small, fun & lightweight
  • Built in Wifi option help syncs the device to both Android & IOS via the FREE DirectScan App
  • Quick scans with no comprise on quality. – 1200dpi Images
  • Black & White or Color images option
  • You can select if you want a PDF or JPG format.


  • Requires 6 AAA Batteries and quickly drains the power. However, if you plug in using the USB, you don’t require the batteries to operate.
  • A bit tedious task to connect the Scanner with an iPhone.

Overall, Wi-Fi Scanner is the perfect solution to get rid of paper piles at your home or office. Thank you, Merlin Digital.

Until next time, Much Love

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