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Growing up we were crazy movie lovers, you know those insane families with a pre booked weekly cinema visits. Of course, I’m talking about a mystical time in UAE when tickets were as cheap as AED 15 and kids below the age 6 were honored with free entries. (Oh wow, how the time has changed) In fact, the whole IMAX, 4Dx, 3D choices (for good or worse) has remodified movie experiences altogether. Yet, I still believe in the magic of rusty old conventional 2D movies 📽
Now imagine a movie theater tricked out like an old school Retro boutique, with stunning vintage movie-themed decor, classic ticket booth, epic 70s and 80s movie posters at every corner (even the washrooms) and those legendary red seats & curtain (more like the luxurious red paradise of leather). The off screen magic did strike a cord, and I had to check out this place.
If you have been following my vlogs for a while, you know that not too long ago, I had a lavish date with my mom in Dubai from a 4 hour brunch at Carnival By Tresind which I featured on the #GuiltyPleasures Column ((lol I totally just made that up) to watching Beauty & the beast at Roxy Cinema, Box Park.
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Believe me, all it takes to be in my good books is blankets and pillows. (lol, I’m such a couch potato 😚)
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Vintage Ticketing Booth
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Photo Credits: Times out Dubai !
So what makes the perfect movies experience?
Personally, I think it’s a combination of a ‘Paisa Vasool’ (money worthy) entertaining movie, a relaxing adjustable seat with ample armrest (believe me, sharing is not caring in this particular case), pillows, and blankets are just icing on the cake but if you tell me I get to order snacks from the comfort of my seats. My answer? “Please take my money” 💰
I got to be honest, it felt amazing to experience the delightful gourmet menu, retro ambiance and a blanket (oh God, the amount of time I sneaked in a quilt in an obvious fluffy tote bag is quite embarrassing) while watching one of the finest actress ‘Emma Watson’ sing and dance along Disney’s live-action remake of Beauty and the beast.
The experience is unlike anything else! I’m surprised myself to admit this but watching movies in such a lavish place is quite pleasing. Of course, the oozing margarita pizza and hot nacho cheddar cheese box were something that made this small town girl extremely happy (You may ask why I call myself that, and the answer is quite simple though I live in the ever so busy UAE, unlike the crazy city life of Dubai, I was raised in the peaceful less crowded city called Ajman, which draws complete tourist like vibes).
Overall we loved our experience at Roxy Cinemas. I totally recommend it if you’re looking for a piece of Retro Culture in Dubai. And if you have second thoughts, my partner in crime who happens to be a Desi Mum approves of this lavish splurge (AED 99/per person)
Of course, it’s not your everyday place to watch a random movie but definitely a spot to create lovely memories with your better half but make sure you select a good movie with real high ratings.
If you want to check out the live reaction to this epic retro bar, check out my youtube channel, please!
Cheers Dubai!



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