2017 hijabi fashion trends with rthijabstyles rahma talwar - red tag fashion dubai store collaboration (4)Every time styling an outfit and prepping for an appearance comes into the picture, my mind runs a tag team tournament between realistic fashion inspo, my current mood and the amount of time & effort I’m willing to put in, that particular day. Let’s break it down to a simple math of 30min – complete makeover session for an event, a 10min Ronde Vu if I’m going to the mall or meeting a friend and a 2min quick outfit change (PJs to anything decent visible) to pick mom up from office. No greater pleasure than chauffeuring her around town (right).
Bloggers talk about ramp walks & fashion magazines a bit too seriously like…well, their best friends. Don’t get me wrong I adore the whole new take on Modest/Hijabi Runways shows (Hijabi hills aka Ruba Zia’s latest collaboration with D&G, Damn! I hear a glass being shattered somewhere) but it’s not something I could replicate and be comfortable in.
Though I call myself a fashion blogger, I don’t blindly follow trends, I carefully pick out my favorites and mold them into something modern-modest. Lately, my inspiration board is covered by local Instagram fashionistas & content creators who understand hustle and associated with Dubai’s steaming heat without risking style. Agreed, we all value our comfy cotton sun dresses & fabrics, (honestly this summer I purchased so many fabrics from Tissura Store)  but some trends got me quite excited this year.

Flare Sleeves

This year is all about letting your sleeves slay the fashion game. Those baby blue & white Bell sleeves, kimono sleeves or even the frill ones (just like an umbrella) are featured everywhere online and can be found basically anywhere. And there you go! As a hijabi, we don’t have to worry about layering with these long sleeves. The best thing about this shirt is that it’s super versatile and under 50AED (from Red Tag)! Yes, I’m always nervous to wear white (too clumsy), but who can beat a 50Dhs white shirt?
2017 hijabi fashion trends with rthijabstyles rahma talwar - red tag fashion dubai store collaboration (8)

Skirts + Stockings

Back in the day, I never fully enjoyed the Hi-Low skirts rave, because I refrained myself from stockings. This particular pink skirt took a back seat in my closet for almost 2 years but recently, modest fashion divas began rocking below the knee pleated skirts again and my skirt got a second life. Doesn’t a hot pink skirt with black velvet boots scream the perfect combination?


Bomber Jackets

Are you somebody who is into street style? Are you a fan of pastel colors? In my case, I love both! So you can imagine my jump when I got this unique one of a kind vintage looking bomber jacket (btw on a sale for just AED 52). So there I was. At Red Tag Store, completely obsessed with this 90s piece even before I tried it on.
You see, both black & rose gold are my kryptonite, I always go searching (splurging) for them and this particular piece reminded me of the famous Youtube Twins, Niki & Gabi. I mean it has Gabi’s punk, don’t give a damn kinda attitude and Niki’s elegant classy vibes.
Total Outfit Budget:
  • White Top: Red Tag Fashion, 49 Dhs
  • Skirt: H&M, 30 Dhs
  • Ankle Boots: JollyChic, 65 Dhs
  • Bomber Jacket: Red Tag Fashion, 52 Dhs
  • Jewelry: Lovisa MiddleEast
A hijabi lifestyle issues a standard guarantee of NO ‘bad hair day’ (kinda epic for #lazygirls like me) but we do go great lengths to carve out a modest outfit once we step out of the house (Mix -matching your hijab with the dress is a real struggle, my friend!)
On a closer inspection, while writing this blog post, I realized all these trends have resurrected from the gorgeous era of the 80s and 90s. Customized denim jackets to colorful mirrored glasses, ruffles to fishnet stockings, street and runways are bringing back trend from our parent’s beloved retro years (how cool is that?) and we get to spice them up with our creative mojo.
What about you? Have you tried these trends? If not you should totally give it a try!
With warm hugs!!

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