If you are into eating clean but you love burgers, then this recommendation is especially for you.

Some time last month, we were at Dubai Festival City for the movie premiere of Valerian (btw, exceptionally amazing VFX) and took a quick detour before the movie to fill our tummy. Whether you are into gluten free eating or love organic burgers,  I am sure you would know about this quirky cute little franchise from States – Bare Burger.

I’m more of a Pizza enthusiast, so this review is more from my brother’s side, who usually does not approve burgers joint so easily. His experience interning at McDonalds revealed some seriously hidden secrets of a food joint which gives him a certain edge as a food critic.

We have a soft corner for Mexican food (lol, we love anything Spicy) and decided to try El Matador Chicken Burger (guess what, they came deer & camel meat too) and Macho Fries (honestly the quantity is huge!) filled with creamy guacamole & jalapenos. My brother definitely criticized me for ordering an old school favorite – Chicken Strips but news flash, the organic buttermilk ranch & smoked sauce that came with it, were real winners.

Another burger, we were keen on is the super famous Onion ring topped Supreme – a juicy beef delight with gluten free buns. Not only was the meat, veggies & even Ketchup organic, but you might be surprised to know about an Organic Cola made with Sugar Cane (my mind was blown!)

Overall, I totally recommend it if you’re looking for an organic, safe food option in Dubai. Though it’s not an everyday place for lunch, the value for money is reasonable in terms of quantity.

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