IMG_3562IMG_3559.JPGIMG_3564IMG_3702The icy air whistles around my ears, causing my skin to tingle and sting. Fingers and toes are numb, but it’s a good feeling. Snug inside my many layers of clothes, nothing can spoil the overwhelming feeling of being taken back to childhood. The airs smells pure and fresh. Everything seems quieter, almost muffled. There is a sense of serenity in the atmosphere.

But I feel something is missing.

I want to feel more like an individual. I want to show other women its ok to be different, there’s nothing to be afraid of.

Women can show their personality with how they dress, and still be modest. There’s nothing wrong with showing some personality! Winter, a time when the sky is often grey, pairs perfectly with the grey-toned MUTED COOL colors, such as slate blue, winter white, charcoal, mauve, burgundy, and an endless variety of pastels and „icy‟ colors.

Winter’s colors are like a snowscape: icy, muted, subtly greyed, and very subdued. Think of a winter sky: it is a grey-toned blue, much like slate blue. Winter is a time of greyness and cold, and we often withdraw into the warmth and security of our homes. There is less light, because the days are shorter. Winter colors have less brilliancy than the colors of Summer, and their soft tones are also more introversive or reclusive as we often are in winter. When it shows, there is stillness and calm that often prompts us to speak in a whisper. The “icy” and gentle pastels of Winter reflect this tendency.


Winter types should wear colors that are sharp and clear. White, black, navy blue. Shop for navy blue organza fabrics

The spirit of blue abaya is to bridge cultural gaps between the east and the west, to keep an open mind, to see the humor in difficult situations and “thinking outside of the box”.

Just like in any other types of fashion clothing, it is a must that you buy an abaya that is made using the best quality of materials. The most commonly used fabrics used for abayas include chiffon, crepe, silk, satin and georgette. Within the individual fabrics, there are still other types to choose from, including Japanese crepe or Saudi crepe. Be choosy while choosing the abaya!

Colorful Abayas are more in trend! The color makes them more unique & who doesn’t want to be unique. Following the trend is the new Fashion. The colour Blue, symbolizes confidence, loyalty & truth. The material of the abaya is of good quality & best for any season. Something that makes the Abaya special is the ‘Slit open cut’. The way Abayas are designed is unique. Tourists also get inspired by the way Abayas are designed & makes them want to wear too. Abayas play a significant role in Middle east countries.

Written by: Shaza Ahmed

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