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How is Anxiety Born?

So freakishly anxiety is the biggest buzz around town these days, maybe we realized how the devil operates or simply some movies draw out the compassion within us. I remember a time when I couldn’t even pronounce A-N-X-I-E-T-Y, let alone understand how these little 7 letters may define half of my life. Just a few… Continue reading How is Anxiety Born?

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Glam Up with Gosh Makeup Part 2

Good Morning Girls!! So let’s just brighten up today with a beauty review! Gosh is recently all over the blogosphere and continuously praised by Dubai Beauty Gurus, the makeup line coming from Denmark limits the chemical ingredients and focuses more on a flawless smooth skin with Paraben-free, fragrance-free & cruelty-free ingredients. In my last beauty post aka Glam Up… Continue reading Glam Up with Gosh Makeup Part 2

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So if I were to choose my favorite spots for Friday Brunch, I had to add Tresind to the top of the list. The whole molecular gastronomy concept is magically undertaken by plenty of restaurants in Dubai these days, but Carnival by Tresind takes the charm to the next level. Earlier this month, they kick-started a… Continue reading I LOVE FRIDAY BRUNCH – CARNIVAL BY TRESIND

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Glam Up with Gosh MakeUp

Ever since my teenage years, I’ve always been intimated by high-end brands and stuck to drugstore makeup lines, last year when a Denmark originated brand started creating a massive buzz in the blogosphere because of it’s ll natural ingredients which mean they’re Paraben-free, fragrance-free & cruelty-free, I went ahead with making my own purchases and fell… Continue reading Glam Up with Gosh MakeUp

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How To Ace a Media Event, If You’re an Introvert.

Not in a million years, I imagined being a blogger, would turn the tables around and get me cracking up with a network of such talented individuals. Though social anxiety drove me mad all my childhood, I always consider invites to Press Events an extra bonus for all the hard work. But much to my… Continue reading How To Ace a Media Event, If You’re an Introvert.

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Royal Tea Party @ Palace Downtown, Dubai

I was forever a daydreamer, hosting make-believe fancy tea parties for my soft toys and troubling my mom to bring down those elegant china dishes and order miniature cupcakes and cookies, pretending to be a royal princess. Though I’m a messy eater and surely not sophisticated enough for regal ballroom parties, I just had to… Continue reading Royal Tea Party @ Palace Downtown, Dubai

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  If you are brought up in the wild desert life of UAE, you’ve been through the complicated dilemma of where exactly is home – your apartment here or Grannys comfortable house back in the country? We all are addicted exciting around the clock city life. Then again, around the wildness, I discovered peace in… Continue reading #RoadTripAjman

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Scan Away with Merlin Digital

Planning to travel for a business meeting? Last month Merlin Digital introduced me to the handy dandy compact Wi-Fi Scanner, absolutely perfect for your desk or in your carry-on bag, as it is super lightweight and doesn’t require much space. What is it: Wifi Portable Scanner – a fast and convenient way to scan, and organize documents on… Continue reading Scan Away with Merlin Digital

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05 Undeniably Best Restaurants in Dubai That Deserve a Shoot Out

Yes! I’m often offered free food. Yes! I’ve gained weight during the past one year. And Yes! I love trying out new Restaurants. Food blogging – an insane delicious adventure discovering some of the best in Dubai, probably some perfect fits for foodies which deserve a shootout. I surely have ticked off ‘Try new cuisines’ from… Continue reading 05 Undeniably Best Restaurants in Dubai That Deserve a Shoot Out

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Last Minute Valentines Day Hacks For Single Girls in UAE

Valentines is overrated, a statement many single folks stand by this time of the year and while other love doves are fantasising what to wear on the fancy red hot dinner date, people like me just want to pass this day with a little bit of grace and mouthful of chocolates. Why? Because the red… Continue reading Last Minute Valentines Day Hacks For Single Girls in UAE

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9 Mobile Apps We Love (And You Should, Too!)

Being a content creator is not a job you can turn off at 6 pm, it’s fascinating, highly planned lifestyle, that I’m still getting used to even after one year on field. As a blogger, digital marketing specialist and more so an Instagram addict, I’m 24/7 behind the screen of my laptop or mobile. Yes… Continue reading 9 Mobile Apps We Love (And You Should, Too!)

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Lush Hair Lab Review

When someone asks me what I’m interested in, “besides fashion & beauty” my go-to answer is ‘branding’. Ever since my college days, I loved serious meaningful conversations about those cult favourite brands, of course, it made me sound smart too. And ‘Lush’ was definitely at the top! Most of my research on key marketing terms-… Continue reading Lush Hair Lab Review

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Slay it 2017 – Birthday Edition

My fashion sense has always been something between two extremes – Glamorous Diva or Fashion Disaster. I don’t fall into the category of comfy casuals. Either I go all out with matching outfit, on fleek makeup and high heels or I became a raggedy monochrome disaster with panda eyes and slip ons. But I feel 2017… Continue reading Slay it 2017 – Birthday Edition

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The Shocking Revelation of 2016

Wow, 2016 was an interesting year and I’ve been lucky enough to expand my network of people and quite grateful to experience beautiful new adventures every week. A year of massive ups and downs, while it went high as the glittering sky some days, others were a true example of a sinking titanic. I picturized… Continue reading The Shocking Revelation of 2016


Bath & Body Works Best Candles

There’s something about candles and the winters, right? This time of year, it really feels perfect. Making sure my place smells heavenly at all times is very important to me. I keep candles in almost every room of my house. Recently, the obsession took an extra hit with Bath and Body Works Dubai shopping festival… Continue reading Bath & Body Works Best Candles