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Glam Up with Gosh Makeup Part 2

Good Morning Girls!! So let’s just brighten up today with a beauty review! Gosh is recently all over the blogosphere and continuously praised by Dubai Beauty Gurus, the makeup line coming from Denmark limits the chemical ingredients and focuses more on a flawless smooth skin with Paraben-free, fragrance-free & cruelty-free ingredients. In my last beauty post aka Glam Up… Continue reading Glam Up with Gosh Makeup Part 2

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Glam Up with Gosh MakeUp

Ever since my teenage years, I’ve always been intimated by high-end brands and stuck to drugstore makeup lines, last year when a Denmark originated brand started creating a massive buzz in the blogosphere because of it’s ll natural ingredients which mean they’re Paraben-free, fragrance-free & cruelty-free, I went ahead with making my own purchases and fell… Continue reading Glam Up with Gosh MakeUp

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Lush Hair Lab Review

When someone asks me what I’m interested in, “besides fashion & beauty” my go-to answer is ‘branding’. Ever since my college days, I loved serious meaningful conversations about those cult favourite brands, of course, it made me sound smart too. And ‘Lush’ was definitely at the top! Most of my research on key marketing terms-… Continue reading Lush Hair Lab Review

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Hello Beauty Stylers, ❤ Hair removal is always a fuss, and a parlour visit for getting waxed is not my cup of tea. First of all, I’m highly allergic to any kind of wax treatment, so your concerned advice to stop shaving would go in vain. Secondly, the lazy girl in me likes to discover… Continue reading VEET SENSITIVE TOUCH BEAUTY TRIMMER REVIEW

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  Hello Stylers, ❤ French Fashion & beauty always had an effortless edge to it, mastering the elegant & luxurious poise from the moment French ladies wake up, forever had me intrigued. My obsession with French beauty started with a Chanel lipstick, but it’s Fabulous French skin care that really stole my heart. Recently I got a… Continue reading FRENCH BEAUTY BRANDS

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We all have our favourite online retailers. Whether they are our favourites due to the website layout, the products they sell, the beautiful images they use or their little discounts & offers at checkout, we find ourselves choosing a selection of faves and sticking to them. And Aplava is definitely one of my faves beauty stores… Continue reading APLAVA.COM REVIEW

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In today’s modern age, anything & everything you need is just a click away. From delicious delicacy to uber taxi, mobile applications have revolutionised the way we schedule our life – so why shouldn’t the beauty world get a piece of the action? We are past those tedious days of bookings appointments over telephones, introducing… Continue reading BEAUTY NEWS : WELLBEY LAUNCH

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With Eid being just around the corner, scheduling Salon appointment is a top priority at every girl’s agenda. With the ongoing rush at beauty salons, I prefer to book my treatments way ahead of time, but not having a go to salon often puts me in a very tricky position. Recently I came across Wellbey,… Continue reading MY WELLBEY JOURNEY

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Hi Lovelies, As a beauty blogger, I’m always testing out new products & brands and my product theory is pretty simple: the product either works or it doesn’t. When it comes to Korean Skincare, be it sheet masks, cushion foundation, konjac sponges or lip tints – they have taken the beauty industry by storm. So… Continue reading WANNA GET FREEBIES? ‘SKIN18’ IS YOUR ANSWER

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Hi lovelies, Time to make the ultimate decision of whether to renew my Glambox subscription box or not. The last six month of this GLAMourous journey has its very own ups and downs. Though I have enjoyed some of the products and vouchers, the overall experience was bizarre. I love the concept of subscription boxes but… Continue reading GLAMBOX | FEBRUARY 2016

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Happy Valentines Day lovelies!!! It’s time for a special self-pampering session. Every year I pledge to love myself more and have some personal ‘me time’. What I mean by that is spending bonkers of money on Beauty Salons & Spa, this year Vaniday dropped a bombshell and made the lovely red hearts day better than expected. Vaniday… Continue reading VANIDAY ‘VALENTINE’

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January GLAMBOX time! If you’re new to Glambox, it’s basically a monthly subscription box that sends you 4-5 grooming, beauty, and lifestyle samples for just AED80/month. When you sign up you take a style quiz and they send you products that best fit your profile. Both well-known and up-and-coming brands are included, all in generously sized multi-use… Continue reading GLAMBOX | JANUARY 2016

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A beautiful year is about to end on a very happy note, all thanks to this month’s GlamBox, Unlike. last previous boxes, this month’s Glam box was on point and delivered extremely well to my expectations. Though, the surprise was busted when Glambox announced the items way ahead of its time, the discount vouchers were the show… Continue reading GLAMBOX | DECEMBER 2015

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  It’s about DIYSs for me when It comes to scrubs, it feels so much better when you know exactly what’s going on your skin. Plus, who doesn’t like to save their money and use homemade stuff. I tried out three different recipes to match up to Lush Lip Scrubs. Seriously 60AED lip scrub vs entirely… Continue reading DIY LUSH LIP SCRUBS

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GlamBox November 2015 : Horrible Experience

Hope you lovelies had a great weekend! Subscription boxes are my favorite thing in the world, like come on a bundle of joy packed and delivered at your door is perfect to the ‘T’ for pampering yourself. From the past 3 months, I have been looking forward to the opening a ravishing pink box of… Continue reading GlamBox November 2015 : Horrible Experience