Good morning lovelies! I’d like to start this post by giving out a big warm cozy bear Hug to every single one of you for all the love that I’m getting lately on my Instagram. I never imagined that girls would care about my opinions and the fact that we are 21k strong on Insta in just two years of knocking content, is surreal!

That said, let’s get down to business with today’s beauty post provoked by Dubai’s horrible heat! Following one of my favorite desi mom’s advice — i.e; not to play with products that go on your face, I play awfully safe during summers. NO winged eyeliners, NO cut crease, NO crazy brands & experiments and a complete NO to the whole contouring dilemma.

Just to give you an idea about my definition of ideal skin for summers:

Natural-Matte Finish: I’m so not a fan of dewy makeup looks, I love a matte face with quick arched eyebrows, a pop of color on lips and maybe a highlight.

Perfect blend: With combination skin type (Oily T-zone and Dry/flaky on cheeks & chins) I prefer a skin care regime with minimum items that suit perfectly my skin type and strikes a hydrating finish.

Quick & Long Lasting: Hustling around the busy streets of Dubai, I’m not the one with super long makeup routine, I need something that lasts from day to night with minimal to NO touch ups.

SPF anything: I learned it the hard way, but sunscreen is super important even for brown skin like mine, but most lotions are super tacky and silly. Hence, I spray ons.

So how do I achieve it?  My routine is limited to few items (in fact, just seven simple steps) and is stuck to only one brand – Clinique. (Another desi mum advice! You see, my mum loved this brand for years and as they say like mother like daughter!)

clinique dubai marina mall new store in uae review clinique haul best products from clinique review beauty blogger dubai rthijabstyles rahma talwar review (1)Step1: Wake Up Duty! Starting off my morning with their Sonic Deep Cleansing brush (Though this purchase was heavy on my pocket, it handles my black heads wonderfully and also stopped those terrible breakout sessions) and extra gentle cleansing foam. Lately, I’m loving foam cleansers, because they are perfect for dry skin yet doesn’t leave your face dehydrated.

Step2: Moisture Everything! I tend to have a love-hate relationship with mosituzers, hence, I favor moisturizing water based gel which hydrates my skin enough without being too tacky or sticky.

Step3: Natural MakeUp All the Way!  I am no makeup guru or anything but I know what I like. To me, I can spare extra money, on a long lasting full coverage – light weight foundations — Beyond Perfecting Foundation which doesn’t cause breakouts and clog my pores. Apply some mascara for dramatic eyelashes and a pop of color using Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm and I’m done for the day!

clinique dubai marina mall new store in uae review clinique haul best products from clinique review beauty blogger dubai rthijabstyles rahma talwar review (1)Step 4: Sun Protection! I realized the importance of SPF once I started driving and saw an insignificant shift in my skin color. This oil free SPF 30 Body Mist is perfect for those last minute “oops, I need to apply SPF” moments.

Step 5: Take it Off! Returning after a hectic day, all I want is to crash on my bed yet with little energy left in me, I head off to my washroom for an effective night time routine. To me,  a makeup remover should quickly remove all traces of waterproof makeup with few swipes. And I did notice, a little Clinique’s Take the day off remover goes very far one does the entire job using only one cotton pad.

Step6: Night Time Sleepy Time! A freshly cleaned face is all I crave for a peaceful sleep, plus a fixed night care routine actually tackles acne problems too. I match my cleansing brush with Clinique’s Anti blemish solution cleansing foam. Technically all anti-acne related treatments leave ur skin super dry so restrict its use to once a day.

clinique dubai marina mall new store in uae review clinique haul best products from clinique review beauty blogger dubai rthijabstyles rahma talwar review (3)Step7: Miracle Happens! You know those nights when suddenly a pimple shows up and an important meeting is scheduled next morning (you might feel crying!). I found a perfect solution – Clinique Clearing Gel, a spot treatment which does wonders and you see true results within a night.

Super happy that they finally opened up an independent store in Dubai Marina Mall! The price? Well as everything good, the prices are super high but a flawless skin needs a stable investment.

Cheers Dubai!


Glam Up with Gosh Makeup Part 2

Gosh Makeup Review Mineral Powder Shopping Haul contour kit foundation plus 008 honey gosh arabiaGood Morning Girls!!

So let’s just brighten up today with a beauty review! Gosh is recently all over the blogosphere and continuously praised by Dubai Beauty Gurus, the makeup line coming from Denmark limits the chemical ingredients and focuses more on a flawless smooth skin with Paraben-free, fragrance-free & cruelty-free ingredients.

In my last beauty post aka Glam Up with Gosh MakeUp I told you guys, I will be reviewing some awesome sauce Gosh Products (the products they used for my makeover), which Oh My Gosh are the best thing in the beauty world. If you’re looking to fill your makeup bag without breaking the bank – you should really pick up a few GOSH products.

“Did you know that GOSH were an almost completely vegan friendly beauty brand?”

Gosh Makeover Dubai Beauty Review UAE Youtuber Vlogger 0.jpg

GOSH Cosmetics Foundation Plus+ 008 GOLDEN TAN

The new highly concentrated foundation formula is designed to give full coverage and honestly, at first, I was quite disappointed with size but you’ll need only the tiniest amount to cover a full face. The formula is easily blendable and gives a dewy hydrating finish. With my dry skin going worse this summer, this formula with ingredients like hyaluronic acid and algae, basically allowed me to wear makeup without any flakiness and still had a nourishing long lasting finish.

GOSH Mineral Powder 006 HONEY

I hate wearing makeup during summers, it’s just not for me, but when I want to look somewhat presentable,  I typically reach for this baby. Now I never tried a mineral powder before and didn’t know what exactly it did. But this ‘powder‘ is so lightweight and as you start applying it to your skin it becomes almost cream like giving you that wonderfully smooth finish. – It’s actually pure magic 😝

Gosh Makeup Review Mineral Powder Shopping Haul contour kit foundation plus 008 honey gosh arabiaI really appreciate the packaging & seal, you can control how much powder comes out and even close it completely while traveling.

GOSH Contour’N Strobe Kit 002 MEDIUM

It’s quite a basic kit and perfect for beginners or girls looking for a natural everyday look. Plus the packaging is quite strong & handy, I have often thrown it in my purse when in a hurry and no scar whatsoever. The texture is extremely soft and blends on the skin.

Gosh Makeup Review Mineral Powder Shopping Haul contour kit foundation plus 008 honey gosh arabia

Contour: It has two shades (shimmery & matte) I use the lighter shade on my forehead and nose while the darker one to define my cheekbones.
Blush: Often, I ignore applying a blush, in the fear of having pink clown cheeks but The dusty rose pink shade looks super natural on my skin tone.
Highlight: Going with the natural look, the highlight has just the right amount of shine. But if I do have time, I rather apply my liquid highlighters.

GOSH Giant Pro Double Liner 001 BLACK

Gosh Makeup Review Mineral Powder Shopping Haul contour kit foundation plus 008 honey gosh arabia

Now the only reason, I picked up this black beauty was because the makeup artist used it so flawlessly on me during my makeover. But oh my god, though the formula is so good & rich in color, it’s so hard for me to apply it with accurate precision. Again, this product is quite traveling friendly, as you use the kajal as an eyeshadow for smokey eye and the liquid pencil liner for the perfect winged cat-eye (only if you can master the sorcery of jumbo pencils) 

GOSH Eyebrow Pencil 05 DARK BROWN

As I mentioned in my last post, I’m really bad when it comes to taming my eyebrows. But I’m quite surprised with this one, I usually use powder but frankly, a pencil is way easier and precise for a beginner like me. Since this eyebrow pencil is waterproof, it stays all day long and I don’t need a touch-up! Plus, Looks super natural and gives a soft look to the eyebrows.

Personally, in my opinion, the brand is worth every penny, from foundation to eye product one better than other. And if you are looking for a good skin base – premier, foundation, concealer & powder, Gosh maybe a bit pricey but the different textures & number of shades it has, you are bound to get the perfect one for you.


Disclaimer: The products mentioned in this article were sent to Rt Hijab Style’s author by Gosh. However, this is a press release, aiming at the promotion to a wider audience. No compensation was provided in any way for the publication of this post by Gosh  or any other company.


   Until, Next Time, Love Rahma

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Glam Up with Gosh MakeUp

Ever since my teenage years, I’ve always been intimated by high-end brands and stuck to drugstore makeup lines, last year when a Denmark originated brand started creating a massive buzz in the blogosphere because of it’s ll natural ingredients which mean they’re Paraben-free, fragrance-free & cruelty-free, I went ahead with making my own purchases and fell in love with it’s seaweed collection.

Earlier this month. I got contacted to have a makeover done by them, and if you watched my vlog, you know your girl, had the best time of her life.I have the ugliest eyebrows in the history of mankind, (due to religious reasons I don’t get them plucked) bushy & untameable, or that’s what I thought. Until Gosh’s makeup artist did the magic and I had the honor to use #EyebrowsonFleek on my Instagram. 😍

Gosh Makeover Dubai Beauty Review UAE Youtuber Vlogger ggGosh Makeover Dubai Beauty Review UAE Youtuber Vlogger fDuring my visit to the Lifestyle store in Mall of Emirates, I got to know more about the brand and their awesome range in foundations, premiers & mascaras. Truth be told, when a brand offer makeup premiers to suit all 3 skin types (dry, oily & combination) it deserves all the shootouts & crazy fan following. Also, the mascara line up by huge, each one did something special & different.

I was suggested products which would go well with my dry skin, and to my surprise, Argan Oil was a promising ingredient in most. I walked out the store with a few products and hopefully, I will be reviewing them soon.

Until, Next Time, Love Rahma

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Note Cosmetics Launch Cove Beach Dubai Turkish Makeup Line Paraben Free BrandYet Again Lifestyle Gulf opens its doors to another Paraben free Make Up line, this time, all the way from Turkey. Beauty Lovers, Bloggers & Experts were super excited with the Grand Launch of Note Cosmetics known for its environment-friendly & natural ingredients. Also, their product and price range matches our budget friendly pocket.

A few days ago I attended the Lavish Launch of Note on a Runaway at Cove Beach, Jumeirah Beach Hotel Dubai with my partner in crime ‘RiyaHearts‘ as a part of their Top Notch Media. Note Cosmetics unleased 4 beautiful distinctive looks on the runway to showcase their versatile collection.

Note Cosmetics Launch EventLifestyle #lifestylegulf #notecosmetics #noteontherunway

Posted by RT Hijab Styles on Wednesday, August 10, 2016

At the launch, we got a few goodies and I was quite impressed with the quality of the product & the packaging as well.

Long Wearing Lipstick in Shade 11 Funny Lips (AED 39)

The vibrant pink colour is perfect for summers and with Macadamia Oil & Shea Butter Extracts, the creamy texture is moisturising & comfortable on lips. The special formulation with palmitoleic acid prevents drying and cracking leaving a silky smooth finish. It has a butter cupcake scent as well – nothing too strong but it’s definitely there and I personally fancy it.

Creamy Lipstick in Shade 206 Fashion (AED 49)

Pencil Crayon Lippies are the new thing for lazy girls (no lip liner needed), the hydrating formula and gorgeous color payoff  leaves an intense bold satin red color in a single application. It didn’t bleed on the corners of the lips as some of the dark shades usually do.

Luminous Silk Quattro Eye Shadow in Shade 04 Pink SwatchLuminous Silk Quattro Eye Shadow in Shade 04 Pink (AED 54)

Enriched with Vitamin E, this eyeshadow quad is definitely a keeper. You can get both a subtle look and really smokey eye dramatic look with the beautiful combination of Shimmery Mauve, Champagne, Dusty Silver & Matte Purple. Each color blends away really well & soft texture feels amazingly comfortable on eyelids. The Shimmery Champagne shade gives a gorgeous pearly finish highlighting inner corner of your eyes.

Note Cosmetics Launch Cove Beach Dubai Turkish Makeup Line Paraben Free Brand  (1)Icon Nail Enamel in Shade 517 (AED 19)

I’m not a huge fan of Nail Polishes and often try to refrain myself from painted nails. But this shade is definitely a winner for bright summer days. Available in around 50 shades, Note Cosmetics has a lot to offer in the Nail Art Department.

Disclaimer: The products mentioned in this article were sent to Rt Hijab Style’s author by Note Cosmetics. However, this is a press release, aiming at the promotion of their Paraben Free Range to a wider audience. No compensation was provided in any way for the publication of this post by Note Cosmetics or any other company. 




Never underestimate the power of a bright pink lipstick.

Top 5 pink drugstore lip shades for Dubai summers by UAE makeup artist and Indian beauty blogger from brand Rimmel London, Bourjois Paris & Nyx Arabia

If you’re reading this now, odds are you’re asking the same question, “What is that perfect shade of Pink?” The weather is getting warmer, which means it’s time to pack up the dark vamp toned lipsticks and switch back to bold bright shades. All my pinks, coral & neutral lippies are stored for summers as the sunny weather really brings out the pigment. My favourites run the down from 79 Dhs to 32 Dhs, these easy to find picks have got you covered this season in full swing! Next time you hit the drugstore hope you get the perfect pink.

Top 5 pink drugstore lip shades for Dubai summers by UAE makeup artist and Indian beauty blogger from brand Rimmel London, Bourjois Paris & Nyx Arabia
Drugstore Pink Lip Shades in Swatches

Top 5 pink drugstore lip shades for Dubai summers by UAE makeup artist and Indian beauty blogger from brand Rimmel London, Bourjois Paris & Nyx Arabia

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lipstick – 05 Ole Flamingo: Usually I stay miles away from Hot Pink lippies, but this soft matte deep pink gem is my exactly kinda fuchsia. The soft, velvety formula & incredibly intense pigmentation of Bourjois Lipsticks hits the top of my chart every single time. The sponge doe-foot applicator attached to it makes application super easy & precise. Unlike the others, this Velvet Matte range does not dry out the lips, or exaggerate cracked lips. The beauty of this shade is you can easily carry out for a daytime look as well, with a gentle swipe and build up the colour for a bold pretty pink for night time.

Rimmel London Lasting Finish Matte by Kate Moss – 103: The colour is perfect during the day time, especially if you are looking up a daily wearable shade for the workplace. Finding a good neutral shade for Brown skin can be frustrating, the nude-pink matte lippies, is just enough pink to give a little pop of colour to my lips. The staying power is fairly decent, but you will need to reapply every 2-3 hours. As for the texture, initially, it is somewhat moisturising but leaves an unappealing grainy residue after few hours.


Rimmel London Lasting Finish Matte by Kate Moss – 106: Though being from the same range, the texture is so different; it has a slightly satin finish contradicting the name itself. But the fun raspberry, pink-based red shade looks so attractive on any skin tone. It has a floral fruity scent, but this does not last more than a few minutes. You can experience minor bleeding if you do not use a good lip liner.


NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream SMLC 11 Milan: First and foremost this particular colour looks different from person to person depending on the skin tone. On me, it is a bubblegum pink, with a bluish undertone. The scent of NYX matte liquid lipstick range is phenomenal, vanilla buttercream cupcake on your lips is like a dream come true. Out of the lot, these are super affordable, but usually, sell out pretty fast, so grab them straight away. The unique formula is creamy mousse-like however feels like a very light additional layer on your lips (the only drawback). I top this lippie with San Paulo for a slightly dark shade, which looks so good on Brown Indian Skin tone.


NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream SMLC 08 San Paulo: Trying out new Nyx lip creams are always on my wishing list and this particular shade has been on my favourites list for a very long time mainly because it looks gorgeous when the rest of the face is with minimal or no make-up. The texture is like soft, light whipped cream and it feels like dessert on the lips! This product would certainly be worth repurchasing. The colour is a beautiful, warm plummy rose shade which is very rich and highly pigmented. Plus the price is right!

Until next time, Much Love

Rahma Talwar

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It’s about DIYSs for me when It comes to scrubs, it feels so much better when you know exactly what’s going on your skin. Plus, who doesn’t like to save their money and use homemade stuff. I tried out three different recipes to match up to Lush Lip Scrubs. Seriously 60AED lip scrub vs entirely homemade lip scrubs, I will always place my bets on my creation.

Christmas is coming soon and your bank balance is gonna reduce to zeros by the end. So many gifts for so many people. Try filling up your loved ones Xmas socks this year by making these lovely lip scrubs for soft kissable lips. It’s great for your mother, friends or even girlfriends (additional points for such a thoughtful gift)


20151209788228633.jpgAs 2015 comes to an end, I really wanted to share with you lovely ladies some of my favourite lippies. But this time I’m not alone, the gorgeous Indian Beauty Nihara Hareesh from Lifestyle Glossary has decided to join me on this journey of Reds, Pinks, Browns. Without further ado, I bring to you my most cherished colors & textures this year.


1.NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in ‘San Paulo’: If you are a fan of liquid lipsticks, this is a divine choice, the entire range of NYX is super pigmented and long lasting. For starters, this shade smells heavenly like cupcakes on your lips. It is subtle pink with a hint of berry making it perfect for brown skin girls. AED 32

2.Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in ‘Beau Brun’ 12: Jeez! I don’t even know where to begin to express my obsession with this lipstick. This lipstick glides on like butter and is incredibly light on your lips but not a huge fan of the smell. This shade is a mixture of red & brown tone great for your everyday workplace look. AED 79

3. Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in ‘Rum Raisin’ 535: The most wearable of the bunch, perfect for everyday use. This soft brown-peach color compliments my skin tone perfectly. The pigmentation is great and the formulation is creamy and moisturising though the staying power is not the best, the color is so versatile and flattering that it has been in my makeup bag ever since I bought it. AED 52

4. Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in ‘Cutting Edge’ 120: This purplish-plum vamp color is the best choice for your evening parties and outings. The fragrance is of baby shampoo or oil which doesn’t bother me at all, with a tinge of shine and spectacular pigmentation, you only have to reapply this after 5-6 hours. AED 42

5. Vipera Elite Matt Lipstick Copper ‘African Tulip’  106: I recently discovered this brand and was massively impressed by this gorgeous dark red-berry-brownish shade. I just found my happy color for Fall and Winters this year which instantly brighten ups my face, a great color payoff with a long-lasting matte finish. The major turn off was the smell – reminds me of those icky childhood cough syrups. AED 54


6. Avon Ultra Colour Matte lipstick in ‘Matte Ruby’: Another brand discovery, I was sent this in the October Therapy box handpicked to suit my skin tone. A bright cool toned red with a tinge of fuchsia undertone giving it an exciting pink-red shade. AED 49

What drugstore lipsticks are your favourites? Am I missing out on any good ones?






‘Nivea Sensitive 3-in-1 Micellar Cleansing Water’


In every beauty blogger’s life, on some pleasant yet extremely rare occasions we come across a product which deserves our utmost appreciation and to honour these splendid beauties, I have created a whole new category of Product of the Month. Each month you will be able to add one new product to your wish list as cutting through to reach the top spot will not be any easy.


blueeeBB creams have swiftly spread across all beauty market — from cult brands like Benefit to the best drugstore brands. And even us beauty bloggers (who are overly critical in their job) are always excited about the new releases in the bb cream product line. Garnier released their +SPF 50 UV Protection BB Cream in UAE in Summer 2015. I had high expectations from this particular product given how happy I was with Garnier’s Miracle Skin Perfector  which was my ultimate favourite product throughout the final year of my university.


Once you have entered the extravagant world of beauty and fashion, you instantly realize that makeup brushes are so essential to get those well-defined and precise makeup looks. However, we often tend to neglect the significance of after-care of these brushes. A prime reason behind breakouts is that nasty little brush lying on your vanity which you regularly use without proper cleaning. We cleanse our face at least twice on a daily basis, but how often do we show such love and affection towards our brushes?

On countless occasions, we might have skipped this process and even opted to use our fingers for application just because brush cleaning is an annoying task and the thought of hurting our precious brushes is painfully scary. In addition, brush cleansers and those new in market Sigma brush cleaning mat are just overly priced. Recently, I came across an easy DIY to create both of these items helping you to safely clean your brush.


Items you need: