Good morning lovelies! I’d like to start this post by giving out a big warm cozy bear Hug to every single one of you for all the love that I’m getting lately on my Instagram. I never imagined that girls would care about my opinions and the fact that we are 21k strong on Insta in just two years of knocking content, is surreal! That said, let’s get … Continue reading 7 STEP SKINCARE ROUTINE FOR SUMMERS — CLINIQUE

Lush City Walk Hair Lab Review Free hair treatment - Dubai beauty blogger - uae hijabi stylist - best hair care shampoo conditioner and hair oil treatment for hijabi rehab shampoo review gift lush box

Lush Hair Lab Review

When someone asks me what I’m interested in, “besides fashion & beauty” my go-to answer is ‘branding’. Ever since my college days, I loved serious meaningful conversations about those cult favourite brands, of course, it made me sound smart too. And ‘Lush’ was definitely at the top! Most of my research on key marketing terms- CSR, Word of Mouth, A/B Testing, was backed up by … Continue reading Lush Hair Lab Review

Himalya Herbal Skincare Regime

Hello Stylers, ❤ Winter is always difficult on my skin, with the constantly changing weather, not only my health but also my dear skin takes a hit. So I often tend to lean towards organic & herbal products which are suitable for  all skin types during this season. Himalaya is one such herbal brand filled with nature’s beautiful Ayurveda secrets. Today I’m going to share … Continue reading Himalya Herbal Skincare Regime


Hello Beauty Stylers, ❤ Hair removal is always a fuss, and a parlour visit for getting waxed is not my cup of tea. First of all, I’m highly allergic to any kind of wax treatment, so your concerned advice to stop shaving would go in vain. Secondly, the lazy girl in me likes to discover products which are effective, time saving and most importantly requires … Continue reading VEET SENSITIVE TOUCH BEAUTY TRIMMER REVIEW

What do with ALoe vera gel? Do it yourself hacks for face & body


As a kid, I remember my mom always had an Aleo Vera plant around the house but never understood why she kept this ugly & prickly looking thing. Until I became more fascinated with DIY beauty projects and read more about natural home remedies for skin care.  The powerful medicinal aloe vera plant contains a soothing translucent gel that can be applied directly on wounds & burns to … Continue reading 7 BEAUTY HACKS USING ALOE VERA


Hi Lovelies, As a beauty blogger, I’m always testing out new products & brands and my product theory is pretty simple: the product either works or it doesn’t. When it comes to Korean Skincare, be it sheet masks, cushion foundation, konjac sponges or lip tints – they have taken the beauty industry by storm. So here is introducing Skin18 an online portal for all your skincare needs … Continue reading WANNA GET FREEBIES? ‘SKIN18’ IS YOUR ANSWER