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Lush Hair Lab Review

When someone asks me what I’m interested in, “besides fashion & beauty” my go-to answer is ‘branding’. Ever since my college days, I loved serious meaningful conversations about those cult favourite brands, of course, it made me sound smart too. And ‘Lush’ was definitely at the top! Most of my research on key marketing terms-… Continue reading Lush Hair Lab Review

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Himalya Herbal Skincare Regime

Hello Stylers, ❤ Winter is always difficult on my skin, with the constantly changing weather, not only my health but also my dear skin takes a hit. So I often tend to lean towards organic & herbal products which are suitable for  all skin types during this season. Himalaya is one such herbal brand filled… Continue reading Himalya Herbal Skincare Regime

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Hello Beauty Stylers, ❤ Hair removal is always a fuss, and a parlour visit for getting waxed is not my cup of tea. First of all, I’m highly allergic to any kind of wax treatment, so your concerned advice to stop shaving would go in vain. Secondly, the lazy girl in me likes to discover… Continue reading VEET SENSITIVE TOUCH BEAUTY TRIMMER REVIEW

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As a kid, I remember my mom always had an Aleo Vera plant around the house but never understood why she kept this ugly & prickly looking thing. Until I became more fascinated with DIY beauty projects and read more about natural home remedies for skin care.  The powerful medicinal aloe vera plant contains a soothing… Continue reading 7 BEAUTY HACKS USING ALOE VERA

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Hi Lovelies, As a beauty blogger, I’m always testing out new products & brands and my product theory is pretty simple: the product either works or it doesn’t. When it comes to Korean Skincare, be it sheet masks, cushion foundation, konjac sponges or lip tints – they have taken the beauty industry by storm. So… Continue reading WANNA GET FREEBIES? ‘SKIN18’ IS YOUR ANSWER

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MOR Apothecary Body Care Review | Makeup ETC

Today we’re bringing to you, the beauty bloggers & makeup artist cult favourite – Makeup Etc is a beauty boutique exclusively dedicated to bringing the hottest new beauty products to Dubai. Located in Palm Strip Mall, it stocks hard-to-find insider beauty brands from around the world. Not much of traveller? Worry not, an online web store… Continue reading MOR Apothecary Body Care Review | Makeup ETC

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Right back to beauty blogging after quite some time. Since summer is on the cards and is almost up in most places, a radiant glowing skin is on the radar for all girls. Before we get into the true nitty-gritty of this brand it is worth noting that it is new to UAE market and price more… Continue reading GLOWRADIANCE BRAND REVIEW

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Say hello to good hair days. For the first time, I have no idea how to start a post. I’m still ‘thrilled’ by the fact RT Hijab Styles is collaborating with my all time favorite brand ‘Lush'( the 15-year-old Rahma is dancing on the cloud nine). I fell in love with the brand ever since I first… Continue reading LUSH HAIR CARE REVIEW

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As I always say, perks of being a beauty blogger is learning about new brands and falling in love with them. All thanks to January’s Glambox – a monthly beauty subscription box in MiddleEast, I got to discover Maxon Hydramax Cleansing toner which according to me is a great backup for my personal favorite Bioderma Micellar… Continue reading MAXON CANADA REVIEW

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I love shopping but it gets better when my favorite store offers 75% discount. As the new year begins, there is no place you’d rather be – from the fireworks at Burj Khalifa to the DSF sale for the entire month of January, Dubai makes your stay worthwhile. Lately, I have been GAGA over Body Shop… Continue reading BODY SHOP SPLURGE

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For a while now, Konjac Sponge is one of the most talked about product on my blog. Last year in November, Tish Tash introduced me to Konjac Sponges and ever since they have been an obsession. I never looked back and these sponges became an essential in my everyday skincare routine. This probably the longest… Continue reading PRODUCT OF THE MONTH: JANUARY– KONJAC SPONGE

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Wonders of a Magical Winter has begun. It’s time to bring out those cherished winter essentials to save your skin during this cold chilly weather. Though drinking hot chocolate and making a statement with dark lips are a few perks of winter, it also means a whole lot of trouble and worry about your dry… Continue reading WINTER SKINCARE ROUTINE

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For those of us who blog part-time rarely think about the money associated. It’s the blogging perks that really make our blogging journey worthwhile and among that is encountering new brands & falling in love with them. I’m new to the Lovage Fan Club but a very loyal member after I tried their  Uplifting Collection –… Continue reading BIRTHDAY GIVEAWAY – LOVAGE COSMETICS

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  When I received November’s Glambox with a cheekY little discount voucher for Body Shop, glimpses of an empty wallet was all I could see. I desperately needed a refill for my Tea Tree toner; with that came the right opportunity to test out some new products on their shelves. What I didn’t realize for… Continue reading BODY SHOP DETOUR – MUST HAVE

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  It’s about DIYSs for me when It comes to scrubs, it feels so much better when you know exactly what’s going on your skin. Plus, who doesn’t like to save their money and use homemade stuff. I tried out three different recipes to match up to Lush Lip Scrubs. Seriously 60AED lip scrub vs entirely… Continue reading DIY LUSH LIP SCRUBS