Vibrant Abayas making a way back!

The icy air whistles around my ears, causing my skin to tingle and sting. Fingers and toes are numb, but it’s a good feeling. Snug inside my many layers of clothes, nothing can spoil the overwhelming feeling of being taken back to childhood. The airs smells pure and fresh. Everything seems quieter, almost muffled. There is a sense of serenity in the atmosphere. But I feel something is … Continue reading Vibrant Abayas making a way back!

Colors! You have to Hit this Year!

NaErasescapadesColors, this whole universe is made up of colors. They define mood, culture, temperature, and most importantly seasons. It’s literally been 9 months since the year 2017 started and it was an exciting year filled with surprises for each and every one of us.  "I like my money right where I can see it – Hanging in my closet" 💰 #modestblogger 🌸✨ Eid Shopping Destination … Continue reading Colors! You have to Hit this Year!


When shopping is an undeniable cure to your mood swings, getting on budget evidently turns out to be a necessity. Heaven to shopaholics, Dubai opens its doors to hundreds of international brands every year, simplifying our decision as clear as mud.  Many of my readers are under the misconception that I throw down the drain, pots of gold on my wardrobe when in fact I … Continue reading SHOPPING HACKS FOR UAE


For those of you that don’t know, I finished my college last year and looking back on those three memorable years I remembered wanting to make a lasting impression and at times tried too hard in the initial days. Each year I got better with my outfits and by the time my college was done I selected the simplest ensembles with a slight edge to make … Continue reading 40 COLLEGE OUTFIT IDEAS FOR HIJABI


A ‘Black Maxi Skirt’ is a staple piece in every hijabi girl’s wardrobe but at times, we underestimate the versatility of this  black beauty. When styled correctly, you could rock a black maxi skirt in every season and occasion. And what I love about Maxi Skirt is how beautifully it works its magic on all sizes and shapes. Maxi skirt, as we all know, is hands down one … Continue reading 20 WAYS TO STYLE BLACK MAXI SKIRT


In the absence of appropriate influential power, the initial journey of a hijabi can oftentimes become challenging and controversial. Ultimately their self-esteem drops down and they judge themselves based on how others perceive them.

Constantly remind yourself neither everyone is supportive nor all are criticizing and negative. At the very start of my transformation, I was not only inspired by the people surrounding me in my personal life, my inner circle but also by the hijabi community’s most eminent social media influencers. Here are some of my favorites YouTubers and bloggers who have motivated and strengthened my beliefs over the years.

Top 7 Hijabi's to Follow

1# Amenakin

Presently based in London with Indian origins, she is the founder of the store Pearl Daisy and the creative mind behind the revolutionary Hoojab. She has inspired thousands of girls not only by her hijab and makeup tutorials but also by showcasing her entrepreneurial skills. Do look forward to her videos featuring her husband Osama which are endearing and displays the immense support and encouragement offered by her spouse.

Top 7 Hijabi's to Follow

2# Ruba Zai

She embarked her expedition on you-tube as a teenager under the name Hijabi-Hills. Today Ruba Zai has taken the whole modest fashion game to the next level by representing the country Holland internationally. Within one year of her career, being featured in magazines, TV shows and Radio like Elle America, Hoda magazine and MBC2 is a huge accomplishment. She collaborates with the owner of SADOQ Muslimah Fashion Wear for emphasizing and promoting modesty in her fashion style.

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