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Good Evening Stylers,

So What can be more satisfying than finding a piece that screams your soul inside out?  This gorgeous A/W shirt has ‘me’ written all over it, honestly, I couldn’t hold my excitement when I got one of a kinda plaid shirt delivered at my desk. So not only is this my ideal pattern for this season, but also the cotton flannel fabric is the perfect to snuggle up in, during a movie or date night. Rather than the more obvious red plaid shirts, I just love to twist my ensemble around the shades of navy blue & military green. I love flannel prints & embroidered fabric from Tissura.

I knew this shirt deserved a part on my blog when I turned it around.  It has “University of Bloggers” printed on, I couldn’t believe my eyes or my luck. I was beyond thrilled to collaborate with Splash Fashion to showcase their new collection highlighting Bloggers and Vloggers.

I know my fellow bloggers are already going GAGA on this unique totally relatable fashion hit. Perhaps, now you know where to find it?

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Until Next Time,
Love Rahma


Modest Forever Series : Crop Top

How to style a crop top modestly with palazzo pants or white dress. Hijabi fashion modest blogger uae fashion model dubai vlogger

Hello Stylers,
So though I’ve been MIA from my blog for a while, a few fashion posts are lined up. As I always say Hijabi fashionista have their own individualistic unique style and some trends just pass around the corner, when not matched with our modest quota. And one such drift is the Crop Top mania. With Dubai being super hot, I rely mostly on cotton and high fashion fabrics from Tissura.
Introducing a perfect blend of fashion & faith, with a new clothing brand, Modest Forever. A monochrome crop top that can be styled in two very unique ways. Either pair it with palazzo pants or layer it over a dress.
P.S. A fashion photoshoot is sometimes a nightmare, with constant stares of travellers and little kids pointing & giggling at you. But you do what you gotta do.

Vibrant Abayas making a way back!

IMG_3562IMG_3559.JPGIMG_3564IMG_3702The icy air whistles around my ears, causing my skin to tingle and sting. Fingers and toes are numb, but it’s a good feeling. Snug inside my many layers of clothes, nothing can spoil the overwhelming feeling of being taken back to childhood. The airs smells pure and fresh. Everything seems quieter, almost muffled. There is a sense of serenity in the atmosphere.

But I feel something is missing.

I want to feel more like an individual. I want to show other women its ok to be different, there’s nothing to be afraid of.

Women can show their personality with how they dress, and still be modest. There’s nothing wrong with showing some personality! Winter, a time when the sky is often grey, pairs perfectly with the grey-toned MUTED COOL colors, such as slate blue, winter white, charcoal, mauve, burgundy, and an endless variety of pastels and „icy‟ colors.

Winter’s colors are like a snowscape: icy, muted, subtly greyed, and very subdued. Think of a winter sky: it is a grey-toned blue, much like slate blue. Winter is a time of greyness and cold, and we often withdraw into the warmth and security of our homes. There is less light, because the days are shorter. Winter colors have less brilliancy than the colors of Summer, and their soft tones are also more introversive or reclusive as we often are in winter. When it shows, there is stillness and calm that often prompts us to speak in a whisper. The “icy” and gentle pastels of Winter reflect this tendency.


Winter types should wear colors that are sharp and clear. White, black, navy blue. Shop for navy blue organza fabrics

The spirit of blue abaya is to bridge cultural gaps between the east and the west, to keep an open mind, to see the humor in difficult situations and “thinking outside of the box”.

Just like in any other types of fashion clothing, it is a must that you buy an abaya that is made using the best quality of materials. The most commonly used fabrics used for abayas include chiffon, crepe, silk, satin and georgette. Within the individual fabrics, there are still other types to choose from, including Japanese crepe or Saudi crepe. Be choosy while choosing the abaya!

Colorful Abayas are more in trend! The color makes them more unique & who doesn’t want to be unique. Following the trend is the new Fashion. The colour Blue, symbolizes confidence, loyalty & truth. The material of the abaya is of good quality & best for any season. Something that makes the Abaya special is the ‘Slit open cut’. The way Abayas are designed is unique. Tourists also get inspired by the way Abayas are designed & makes them want to wear too. Abayas play a significant role in Middle east countries.

Written by: Shaza Ahmed

Colors! You have to Hit this Year!

NaErasescapadesColors, this whole universe is made up of colors. They define mood, culture, temperature, and most importantly seasons.

It’s literally been 9 months since the year 2017 started and it was an exciting year filled with surprises for each and every one of us. 

The Altruistic: Pastel Pink

This shade is a sober mix of pure white and red. It represents compassion, love and strength; hence we have given the title ‘altruistic’. It is a color of all seasons. When it comes to spring we picture beautiful scenery filled with cherry blossoms. When it is summer we can picture a delicious cone of strawberry ice-cream and when it is winter we can imagine the rosy cheeks of a toddler now that’s cute. Even our favorite candy is the color of pastel pink, cottony candy as cottony as the fluffy clouds. This is an amazing color that can be complemented with different colors according to the occasion.And here the hijab blogger- Rahma, has donned a pastel pink gilet along with a white top and blue jeans. It’s a perfect outfit for a lunch date with your friends and family.

Why Not? Pose with the billard table 🦄 #FashionBlogger 🦄

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The Foliage: Army Green

Green is a color of harmony, it symbolizes prosperity and progress. It’s a color which soothes the eye and calms the soul. There are many shades of green such as olive green, yellow green, fresh green, light green and army green. Here we are talking about Army green, a fierce yet promising shade. In context of fashion this color is famous. Camo print is quite famous with youngster nowadays and army green is a perfect color for camo prints. And again Rahma rocked this color as she paired a black Maxi dress with an Army green over coat. This look was perfectly coupled with a brown hijab. This look is a spot on for a cold winter college day!

The Angelic: White

Whether it’s vanilla ice-cream or moving clouds, Shaun the sheep’s wool or a bridal gown, everything looks so pure and beautiful because it is in the shade of white and this shade is heavenly. It symbolizes peace and purity. This shade is a basic shade in the fashion industry. From a hijab to a ring, from a basic tee to ballerinas, this shade is a favorite! Also Rahma the hijabi icon rocked this color; she paired a black maxi skirt with a plain white top along with a printed hijab. This look is our personal favorite 🙂 the whole look is a basic combination of black and white which is bang on! We must say she has a great sense of dressing. And this color is definitely one that you need to hit this year and every following year…its evergreen!

The Allure: Lavender

Lavender is a shade that depicts luxury and royalty.And one can effortlessly look like a princess by simply wearing this shade. This is a perfect shade for ball gowns and Maxi dresses. Lavender is a challenging colour to pull off but our very own style diva – Rahma looks absolutely alluring in a pinky- lavender Maxi dress. And she had beautifully matched this Maxi dress with a denim jacket and a purple hijab. The best part of this outfit is a ring bracelet in the shade lavender. She has used minimal accessories and that is the beauty of this look. Lavender looks as beautiful as it smells. It is a colour which can make you look totally different from the crowd, but definitely in a good way 😉 Lavender screams of luxury and this particular fabric is definitely on the pricey side of fashion market but the gorgeous flow and how it beautifully drapes around Rahma is such a statement piece. Click here to shop for luxury fashion fabrics like this dress. 

Zesty: Urban Orange 

When we first listen to the very words orange we dislike it we rather think of it as something that is not appealing but when we see it, the very color reminds us of autumn. The beautiful colors of autumn. Not many of us have tasted pumpkin spice latte but thinking about it sounds tasty. Just like these appealing things let’s see how orange-brown can be worn in the fashion world. You can style orange-brown pants with a navy blue shirt or even grey shirt. Here we are back with another look by Rahma, she has worn orange-brown pants with a white t-shirt and a brown hijab to add a bit more style she has worn an orange patterned gilet. This is a very different combination but styling it right will raise eyebrows in admiration!

This was our take on “Colours you need to hit this year!” hope you all liked this post as much as we enjoyed writing it. And do mention which color /shade you love the most. See you In the next post, until then happy styling 😉


Guest Writers: This article is written by the amazing duo- NaErasescapades. Naela Azhar Sharief and Maseera Ahmedi.


Happy Tuesday!!

During my recent web scrolling, I discovered – an online fashion store with chic, on-trend pieces at an unbelievable price-point plus free shipping world wide (yes you read that correctly!). The perfect store to fill up my closet with fall appropriate items, from bomber jackets to slit dress and cute ankle booties without making my bank balance super sad. With such amazing value and awesome collection, I don’t think you can really go wrong with at all!


In addition to these lovely pastel items, Zaful also has a pretty decent selection of jewelry, accessories and a huge collection of unique and fancy clothes! If you love: online shopping, trendy clothing or you are just looking to revamp your wardrobe as I do, you need to check Zaful.

What do you think of my picks? 


Happy shopping! Cheers Dubai!
*This post was sponsored by Zaful. As always, all opinions are 100% my own!


2017 hijabi fashion trends with rthijabstyles rahma talwar - red tag fashion dubai store collaboration (4)Every time styling an outfit and prepping for an appearance comes into the picture, my mind runs a tag team tournament between realistic fashion inspo, my current mood and the amount of time & effort I’m willing to put in, that particular day. Let’s break it down to a simple math of 30min – complete makeover session for an event, a 10min Ronde Vu if I’m going to the mall or meeting a friend and a 2min quick outfit change (PJs to anything decent visible) to pick mom up from office. No greater pleasure than chauffeuring her around town (right).
Bloggers talk about ramp walks & fashion magazines a bit too seriously like…well, their best friends. Don’t get me wrong I adore the whole new take on Modest/Hijabi Runways shows (Hijabi hills aka Ruba Zia’s latest collaboration with D&G, Damn! I hear a glass being shattered somewhere) but it’s not something I could replicate and be comfortable in.
Though I call myself a fashion blogger, I don’t blindly follow trends, I carefully pick out my favorites and mold them into something modern-modest. Lately, my inspiration board is covered by local Instagram fashionistas & content creators who understand hustle and associated with Dubai’s steaming heat without risking style. Agreed, we all value our comfy cotton sun dresses & fabrics, (honestly this summer I purchased so many fabrics from Tissura Store)  but some trends got me quite excited this year.

Flare Sleeves

This year is all about letting your sleeves slay the fashion game. Those baby blue & white Bell sleeves, kimono sleeves or even the frill ones (just like an umbrella) are featured everywhere online and can be found basically anywhere. And there you go! As a hijabi, we don’t have to worry about layering with these long sleeves. The best thing about this shirt is that it’s super versatile and under 50AED (from Red Tag)! Yes, I’m always nervous to wear white (too clumsy), but who can beat a 50Dhs white shirt?
2017 hijabi fashion trends with rthijabstyles rahma talwar - red tag fashion dubai store collaboration (8)

Skirts + Stockings

Back in the day, I never fully enjoyed the Hi-Low skirts rave, because I refrained myself from stockings. This particular pink skirt took a back seat in my closet for almost 2 years but recently, modest fashion divas began rocking below the knee pleated skirts again and my skirt got a second life. Doesn’t a hot pink skirt with black velvet boots scream the perfect combination?


Bomber Jackets

Are you somebody who is into street style? Are you a fan of pastel colors? In my case, I love both! So you can imagine my jump when I got this unique one of a kind vintage looking bomber jacket (btw on a sale for just AED 52). So there I was. At Red Tag Store, completely obsessed with this 90s piece even before I tried it on.
You see, both black & rose gold are my kryptonite, I always go searching (splurging) for them and this particular piece reminded me of the famous Youtube Twins, Niki & Gabi. I mean it has Gabi’s punk, don’t give a damn kinda attitude and Niki’s elegant classy vibes.
Total Outfit Budget:
  • White Top: Red Tag Fashion, 49 Dhs
  • Skirt: H&M, 30 Dhs
  • Ankle Boots: JollyChic, 65 Dhs
  • Bomber Jacket: Red Tag Fashion, 52 Dhs
  • Jewelry: Lovisa MiddleEast
A hijabi lifestyle issues a standard guarantee of NO ‘bad hair day’ (kinda epic for #lazygirls like me) but we do go great lengths to carve out a modest outfit once we step out of the house (Mix -matching your hijab with the dress is a real struggle, my friend!)
On a closer inspection, while writing this blog post, I realized all these trends have resurrected from the gorgeous era of the 80s and 90s. Customized denim jackets to colorful mirrored glasses, ruffles to fishnet stockings, street and runways are bringing back trend from our parent’s beloved retro years (how cool is that?) and we get to spice them up with our creative mojo.
What about you? Have you tried these trends? If not you should totally give it a try!
With warm hugs!!

Slay it 2017 – Birthday Edition

slay-it-birthday-edition-modest-fashion-dubai-blogger-uae-model-hijabi-desi-blogger-delhi-blog-RED COAT splash fashion olive color hijab boy friend jeansMy fashion sense has always been something between two extremes – Glamorous Diva or Fashion Disaster. I don’t fall into the category of comfy casuals. Either I go all out with matching outfit, on fleek makeup and high heels or I became a raggedy monochrome disaster with panda eyes and slip ons. But I feel 2017 is the year of breaking the rules.slay-it-birthday-edition-modest-fashion-dubai-blogger-uae-model-hijabi-desi-blogger-delhi-blog-RED COAT splash fashion olive color hijab boy friend jeans

slay-it-birthday-edition-modest-fashion-dubai-blogger-uae-model-hijabi-desi-blogger-delhi-blog-RED COAT splash fashion olive color hijab boy friend jeansslay-it-birthday-edition-modest-fashion-dubai-blogger-uae-model-hijabi-desi-blogger-delhi-blog-RED COAT splash fashion olive color hijab boy friend jeansslay-it-birthday-edition-modest-fashion-dubai-blogger-uae-model-hijabi-desi-blogger-delhi-blog-RED COAT splash fashion olive color hijab boy friend jeans

“I shall Slay thee with my closet.”

January always feels like the chance to start fresh. Insert FASHION RESOLUTIONs

1.Indulge in Solid Colours

Over the year, I’ve bulked up my wardrobe with quirky patterns & fusion of vibrant colours. Instead, I wanna go crazy on colours like blush pink, caramel & rusty green.

2.Buy fewer things of better quality.

I’m all up for investing in strong statement pieces like Trench Coats, Ankle Booties or Vintage Purse which can stand alone or with a killer outfit.

3.NO to the Lazy Baboon zone

In 2017, I’m letting the Lazy bird go. You never know who you bump into a random shopping trip to the mall. So, I challenge myself to step out of my comfort zone & messy PJs and improve my Fashion Game on a daily basis.


slay-it-birthday-edition-modest-fashion-dubai-blogger-uae-model-hijabi-desi-blogger-delhi-blog-RED COAT splash fashion olive color hijab boy friend jeansslay-it-birthday-edition-modest-fashion-dubai-blogger-uae-model-hijabi-desi-blogger-delhi-blog-RED COAT splash fashion olive color hijab boy friend jeans

Outfit Details
| Pants: Splash Fashion | Coat: Splash Fashion | Top: Iconic | Shoes: Vans | Rings: Lovisa | Hijab: Carrefour |

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So I’m totally in love with the “Open Sleeves” trend, be it blazer or dresses, this iconic cut sleeve definitely ups your fashion game without any efforts. Featuring another unique piece from my Modest Forever Series, living up to the name, thankfully the dress comes with attached white full sleeves under, so you can avoid wearing an inner. Perfect material for summers to stay on point with your diva avatar.
As winter with winter knocking doors of Dubai, another fashion favourite bound to be all over the place is anything and everything made of velvet fabric. Wearing this summer favourite in winter with a tad bit of improvisation with my purple velvet cardigan robbed from a friend’s closet.
Modest outfit idea rt hijab styles | rahma Talwar | Dubai hijabi fashion modelModest outfit idea rt hijab styles | rahma Talwar | Dubai hijabi fashion modelModest outfit idea rt hijab styles | rahma Talwar | Dubai hijabi fashion modelModest outfit idea rt hijab styles | rahma Talwar | Dubai hijabi fashion modelModest outfit idea rt hijab styles | rahma Talwar | Dubai hijabi fashion model
Until next time,
Love Rahma <3
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Hello Stylers <3

Recently I was up for a shopping spree but a budget friendly one (I deserve some brownie points for being super careful) on a HongKong based website called Jollychic – famous for the stunning red logo, seasonal offers & countless commercials on facebook. As I’m a planning an overseas trip soon, I thought of trying out some new affordable online stores to get my bags packing.

Jolly chic shopping clothing haul dubai

After constant back and forth of adding items to my wishlist from their fabulous clothing lines & huge accessories collection, I happily settled on some travelling essentials & wardrobe staples. Though, I’m quite sceptical about online shopping from international stores mainly because of the delivery time, Jollychic did surprise me in this very department (definitely in a good way) by their amazing association with local & foreign shipping & logistics companies.

The final order was placed on 18th Sept at Jollychic and the items were delivered at my doorstep via Aramex on 30th Sept.

So here is a quick fashion haul of what I picked up and if you are interested in giving Jollychic a try, use my special coupon code ” rthijabstyles “ for a 10% off on your order. Plus, you can avail, free express shipping on purchases worth 99$ and up.

Plus Size Black Patchwork Lace Top

One can never have too many black shirts precisely because you can always dress them up for an event or snuggle in them during office hours yet look presentable. The outfits you can recreate with this simple top brings in a whole other level of possibilities.


Jolly chic shopping clothing haul dubaixUAE Modest Fashion blogger and MiddleEast hijabi influencer hijabi instagram model

6 Pcs Classic Sterling Geometric Pattern Handbag Set

I’ve been wanting to invest in a good travelling combo and this one was a love at first sight sort of thing. Replicating the oh so famous Gucci pattern, I thought this particular combo was rather classy & super convenient for vacations with so many choices from a wallet to an oval bag, clutch and much more.

UAE based hijabi stores & fashion haulUAE based hijabi stores & fashion haul

Grey Tassel Drop Women’s Handbag

When I added this particular dainty purse to my Jollychic cart, I’ll admit it was an impulse buy, mainly because of my huge fetish with tiny tassel bags & clutches. But this was beautiful little gem does compliment my recent ‘monochromic’ personality & oomphs up those boring rags I wear on my massive shopping fever days.


Love these items too? Get them here:
Well, that’s about it. Thanks for visiting my blog! Until next time…
Much Love, Rahma <3 
Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, however, the opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of JOLLYCHIC or any other company. 


Latest fashion trend making a buzz across the hijabi downtown is the contemporary long cardigan. How to style and wear to find the true bohemian, Coachella inspired kimonos to Abaya depicting floor length maxi cardigans or oversized chunky knitted woollen ones is the hottest news in the modest blogosphere. This post would be focusing the former and tips on the latter will be up soon.

Traditionally a layering staple, this super popular hijabi street fashion trend is turning heads around at every corner today. Ruling my wardrobe from last winter, these playful gems can be dressed up or down with a blink of an eye. Here are my personal favourite outfits I created with this exciting piece of clothing and my top 3 styling tip.

1. Three Color Rule: Sticking to the colour limit is always the safest bet but don’t be afraid to play around with colours, either with neutrals & monochrome tones or bright summer shades, color blocking is so in trend.

Hijabi Outfits Dubai Fashion with Long cardigans (8)Hijabi Outfits Dubai Fashion with Long cardigans (10)Hijabi Outfits Dubai Fashion with Long cardigans (21)
Hijabi Outfits Dubai Fashion with Long cardigans (12)Hijabi Outfits Dubai Fashion with Long cardigans (11)SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESHijabi Outfits Dubai Fashion with Long cardigans (5)SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES
2. Accessories can be your best friends in turning any ordinary boring attire into high street fashion. Perfect for a night out on the town or a black tie party, Statement Necklaces glams up any outfit without feeling like too much. In all seriousness, vintage jewellery that looks like it’s been robbed right off of Queen Mumtaz’s neck is very in right now.
Hijabi Outfits Dubai Fashion with Long cardigans (13)SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESSimple Eid Hijab OutitSimple Eid Hijab OutitModest outfit idea with long cardigan and turkish hijab styleModest outfit idea with long cardigan and turkish hijab style
3. Let your shoes do the talking: Footwear can play a huge role, converse tennis shoes have a more cute, hipster vibe while silhouettes are all about confidence, sexy and elegance.

Red Romance Maxi Skirt Hijabi Modest Style Outfit in Dubai RThijabstyles Rahma TalwarRed Romance Maxi Skirt Hijabi Modest Style Outfit in Dubai RThijabstyles Rahma TalwarSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESHijabi Outfits Dubai Fashion with Long cardigans (6)
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