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TERRA BELLA BOX MAY 2016 WORLDWIDE BEAUTY SUBSCRIPTION BOXTERRA BELLA BOX MAY 2016 WORLDWIDE BEAUTY SUBSCRIPTION BOXTERRA BELLA BOX MAY 2016 WORLDWIDE BEAUTY SUBSCRIPTION BOXWith so many beauty products going onto my skin constantly for reviews, it was high time to invest in some Natural skincare gems. That’s when I discovered TERRA BELLA BOX, a subscription service that sends you 3-4 natural beauty & bath products each month to your doorstep for $32.95, which includes free shipping in the U.S.

Every box helps to support local small businesses which use cruelty-free ingredients and develop ethical products. In this Green Box of Glow, you’ll receive cleansers, moisturisers, masks, exfoliators, hand and nail products, hair products, bath products and such.

TERRA BELLA BOX MAY 2016 WORLDWIDE BEAUTY SUBSCRIPTION BOXOnce you upon the box you get an info card with each product description & retail price.

Klen Shower Steamer in Happy ($3.99) With constant travelling because of my two jobs, I hardly get any time for a bath or to use my beloved Lush bath bombs. For a little pampering session, a shower streamer is the best choice. Just pop this little guy on the tub floor, with a few drop of water and let the magic begin. Your whole washroom will be filled with Jasmine fragrances with few seconds.

 TERRA BELLA BOX MAY 2016 WORLDWIDE BEAUTY SUBSCRIPTION BOX meraki-botanicals-rose-lemongrass-toning-mist-reviewMeraki Botanicals Rose Lemongrass Toning Mist ($20) – Ever since I got this beauty, I have never left home without it. Everything about this toner from the fragrance to the ingredient combination refreshes your mind & soul in this hot summery weather of Dubai. It is great for spritzing in the middle of the day for a cool, calm effect.

TERRA BELLA BOX MAY 2016 WORLDWIDE BEAUTY SUBSCRIPTION BOXWoolin & Co. Handcrafted Soap in Ylang Ylang & Geranium ($7) – Who doesn’t love some floral scented natural soap on their vanity right? I have included this gem in my Eid Giveaway, enter here to win the gift hamper.

TERRA BELLA BOX MAY 2016 WORLDWIDE BEAUTY SUBSCRIPTION BOXPurelygreat Lavender Cream Deodorant ($15) – Using a spatula or my fingers to apply deodorant does creep me out majorly but does the job right!! The Jasmine fragrance does last forever, a great natural alternative.

Orglamix Blacquer Shadow & Liner ($18) – Though it is a 3-in-1 cream, I only use this multi-pearl formula on the outer corner of my eyes for a natural smokey look. Coconut oil makes it too creamy for my oily eyelids and as an eyeliner, it’s staying power is very limited.

Orglamix Eco Chic Bent Eyeliner Makeup Brush ($7.50) – I always wanted to test out a curved eyeliner brush, it does take some practice to get that perfect wing but it’s not impossible.

The overall value of the box is approximately 70$, it’s a great gift for someone who is just getting into a vegan lifestyle or opting to use only natural skin care.

 If you are interested in subscribing you can find them here !!

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New Subscription Box in UAE for desserts | Gingerbread box reviewAttention Foodies! Today, I bring you a completely new deliciously mystical subscription box catering to your sweet tooth. You know my love for monthly boxes so you can imagine my excitement when I found out that a premium dessert box was on the leash. Say hello to The GingerBread Box for the ultimate ‘sugar rush’ experience in UAE.

Though I couldn’t make it to the Taste of Dubai event, dear Safiyah from The Gingerbread Box sent over a hint TOD goodness to my office. The Gingerbread Box is a mystery box subscription with 3-5 gourmet & artisan sweet treats designed to satisfy the most ridiculous of cravings & take you on a journey to sugar heaven.

Subscription packages are monthly, three or six months with prices ranging from AED 89-99 per month (shipping included). Price worth paying for the ultimate ‘cheat day’ experience with premium brands, gourmet bakeries, and chocolate connoisseurs.

New Subscription Box in UAE for desserts | Gingerbread box review

So how are the desserts? Here’s a quick rundown of everything that was included in this Taste of Dubai inspired subscription box.

COOKIES & CREAM GOURMET POPCORN BY POPCORNPOLIS: This popcorn is ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY AMAZING. Yes, I am typing in all caps. As soon as you open the bag, you smell OREOS. The popcorn is FRESH and crunchy. The crushed oreo cookies that’re layered on just taste SUPERB! I can’t stop raving about it. You can taste each and every layer. It’s a delight to munch on. I’ll definitely order more and so glad I was introduced to this company.

CHOCOLATE CAKEPOP BY CUP N CAKES DUBAI: It’s cakepopolicious – Not only was this chocolate cakepop appealing but also finger licking delicious. The melted milk chocolate colored in red was enough to fly me off to the wonders of Candyland.

LEGENDARY BROWNIE BY OUSHE GOURMET BAKESHOP: These chocolatey rich & moist brownies taste so good & melt in your mouth right away. It smelled absolutely intoxicating and felt like a party in my tummy.  I’d say it’s more like fudge – but for that reason, it makes one of the most delicious brownies I’ve ever had

ASSORTED COOKIES BY BOULEVARD GOURMET: The fresh cookies were the biggest hit in my office, a royal treat indeed from Radisson Blu Hotel in Deira Creek. GingerBread Box delivers as it claims of serving Premium desserts.

SMORES JAR BY LOOSHIS: Unlike the traditional messy Smores that I love, these came in a jar (the mini mason jar caught my attention from the very first moment), maybe the idea behind was to introduce us me to a more civilized way of eating them. Though it was filled with Nutella, peanut butter, marshmallow goodness, it has to be my least favorite treat among the lot mainly because of the packaging.

 New Subscription Box in UAE for desserts | Gingerbread box review

Should I Buy This Box?

Verdict: This was a pretty solid box from TGBB! All of the treats were delicious, but I particularly enjoyed the Cookies & Cream Popcorn and Chocolate Cakepop. In terms of cost, this subscription doesn’t offer extremely superb value for 99AED, But I think it’s a lot of fun to explore new brands launching in UAE via GingerbreadBox. Honestly, receiving a giant box of sweet every month always puts a smile on my face!

The Gingerbread Box

Subscribe by the 29th of March to get your sweet fix by the first week of April 2016! Also, get a 20% off on your first purchase with an exclusive discount code “TASTE20” valid until 29 March 2016.

Email them on or visit their website.

Disclaimer: The Gingerbread Box featured in this post is complimentary for review consideration. However, the opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Gingerbread Box, Taste of Dubai or any other company.


Hi my lovely ladies,


So a New Year has begun and resolutions of staying healthy and fit are stated by most of the women around the globe. But you all know resolutions are meant to be broken, but not this year. Yet again I bring another subscription box to you. The excitement of unwinding a mysterious box to me in itself is a great gift.


Say hello to an easier and more accessible healthy lifestyle this year all by the help of “Fruitful Day”. Fruitful Day provides healthy, delicious, fresh fruit that people can feel good about eating. They keep things simple by delivering guilt-free snack box directly to your workplace; making the day a little brighter for you, your team and your company.
Fruitful day sent over to me a small discovery box which according to me was not in any terms “small”, containing 25 servings of fruits, this was enough to fill tummies of around 9 colleagues of mine. No doubt the best part of this box was all fruits were washed and cut in bowls or biodegradable non-toxic re-useable zipper bags. I discovered the following in my box, out of which Mango and blueberries were my personal favourite.
Fruitful day subscription box in uae.| How to stay healthy in Dubai| UAE new subscription box | Best fruits to eat in UAE 



Red Apples  Lebanon

Granny Smith Apples France

New Season Navel Orange Egypt

New Season Grapefruit Turkey

New Season Mandarin Lebanon

Pears Lebanon

White Grapes South Africa

Black Grapes (Seedless) India

Kiwi Italy

Mango Kenya

Blueberry Chile

Banana Philippines

Pomegranate Turkey

Pineapple Mauritius

Pomelo Lebanon

Watermelon India

Papaya & Lime Thailand & Vietnam

Lychee South Africa

Strawberries Egypt

Avocado Lebanon

Available in two sizes of fruit subscription box – small and large – we can choose to have a staple box (starting from AED 95) or discovery box (starting from AED 125).The former is a simple box including all of the old favourites that you know and love whereas the latter is surprise box filled with different fresh fruit, in season and nurtured lovingly by farmers in the different regions.


Click here, to order your Fruitful Day Subscription Box today.



If you’d like to find out more about them check out their InstagramFacebook and Twitter profile. 

Disclaimer: The January Fruitful Day edition  is complimentary for review consideration. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Box Therapy.



Happy Weekend to all !!! Don’t you just love birthdays?! I definitely do, that special attention and pampering by others is just out of the world. What if you could experience a glimpse of that extraordinary feeling every month. Why are you waiting for others, let BOX THERAPY pamper you like never before this month. Receiving gifts is adored by all girls, and so an element of excitement filled the room as I held the box in my hand and advanced to unwrap.Trust me, their boxes are an explosion of total awesomeness resolving around a mind-soothing theme each month. Unlike, other subscription boxes, BOX THERAPY discloses detailed information about their past boxes which are truly a bundle of joy. It may seem a tad bit expensive, as each box is AED 162 yet the content truly are worth AED600 and more. From Beauty to home decor, fashion to nutirtion, box therapy is an aid to your mind, soul and heart.

Click here, to register today for the November Subscription Box today, you can even fill up a detailed lifestyle profile, so all the contents are according to your preferences and tastes.


Generally, all my online purchases are delivered to my home directly so that after an exhausting day I have something to get excited about other than my bed. As always, BOX THERAPY perfectly justifies his month’s unique Autumn inspired theme. The moment I saw their info card all I could think was Falling leaves, seasonal candles, hot pumpkin spice lattes and fuzzy socks and I was so happy to see my blue box of delights. Without further ado, I give you BOX THERAPY OCTOBER 2015 Edition:


GlamBox Middle East October 2015Another box from the almighty “Six-month subscription to my Glam Box” delivered personally to my office. After a frustrating and depressing start to this beauty subscription last month, would Glambox be able to live up to my expectations was a question running through my mind will I unwrapped this month’s box.

GlamBox Middle East October 2015October Glambox goodies, all I have to say is, not as disappointed like last month. The collection this month was based around heat protection which I genuinely cherished, living in UAE. Introducing the content of this month’s Glam Box 2015: