How is Anxiety Born?

So freakishly anxiety is the biggest buzz around town these days, maybe we realized how the devil operates or simply some movies draw out the compassion within us. I remember a time when I couldn’t even pronounce A-N-X-I-E-T-Y, let alone understand how these little 7 letters may define half of my life. Just a few years ago, we didn’t have counselors wandering the school doors … Continue reading How is Anxiety Born?

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Glam Up with Gosh Makeup Part 2

Good Morning Girls!! So let’s just brighten up today with a beauty review! Gosh is recently all over the blogosphere and continuously praised by Dubai Beauty Gurus, the makeup line coming from Denmark limits the chemical ingredients and focuses more on a flawless smooth skin with Paraben-free, fragrance-free & cruelty-free ingredients. In my last beauty post aka Glam Up with Gosh MakeUp I told you guys, I will be reviewing … Continue reading Glam Up with Gosh Makeup Part 2

Glam Up with Gosh MakeUp

Ever since my teenage years, I’ve always been intimated by high-end brands and stuck to drugstore makeup lines, last year when a Denmark originated brand started creating a massive buzz in the blogosphere because of it’s ll natural ingredients which mean they’re Paraben-free, fragrance-free & cruelty-free, I went ahead with making my own purchases and fell in love with it’s seaweed collection. Earlier this month. I … Continue reading Glam Up with Gosh MakeUp



So if I were to choose my favorite spots for Friday Brunch, I had to add Tresind to the top of the list. The whole molecular gastronomy concept is magically undertaken by plenty of restaurants in Dubai these days, but Carnival by Tresind takes the charm to the next level. Earlier this month, they kick-started a Friday Brunch, which is more like a mega feast to … Continue reading I LOVE FRIDAY BRUNCH – CARNIVAL BY TRESIND

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Royal Tea Party @ Palace Downtown, Dubai

I was forever a daydreamer, hosting make-believe fancy tea parties for my soft toys and troubling my mom to bring down those elegant china dishes and order miniature cupcakes and cookies, pretending to be a royal princess. Though I’m a messy eater and surely not sophisticated enough for regal ballroom parties, I just had to jump on the chance to bring back those childhood memories … Continue reading Royal Tea Party @ Palace Downtown, Dubai